We've reached a binary day, 011001. As such, it's customary for us to all take a good stiff drink. HUZZAH! What is more of a reason, though, is that I'm up for a couple of days holiday. Yep, a 4 day weekend, followed by another 4 day weekend. I really worry about leaving my co-workers to take all the grunt work, but they'll see it through. Going to work on my BSD box and get a halfways-secured site server online. Sure beats running this thing
on a Windows 2000 laptop. Downright embarrassing I tell ya.

I've got my ICQ up and running right now, but it's pretty quiet. Most of my geeky friends are off doing something else right now, leaving me to wade out in cyberspace alone.

Speaking of cyberspace, there was an interesting concept about the first instance of cyberspace and it had to do with the advent of the telephone. When you talk to someone else in a normal conversation, the conversation takes place in a room, or in the street, or in the tub, what have you. However, where does the conversation take place when you are on the phone to another person in another house, city, or country? There is this concept of a conversation taking place, but it isn't taking place anywhere in the real world. That's how cyberspace came about. Perhaps it wasn't called "cyberspace", but that was the gist of it. Makes for interesting thinking.

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