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Finished up Kurt Vonnegut's Galápagos tonight. Great book, and told in a really interesting and intrusive way, reminiscent of J.M. Barrie. I especially liked the way he used an asterisk to denote who was just about to die. Heh, it's like, "that *minivan driver who cut me off today." I've been meaning to read more Vonnegut ever since my brother got obsessed with him some years back. Maybe that's why I got turned off of him in the first place...

I was just thinking about last night, hanging out in the computer room with my friend, working on his computer while he was looking up anime-releated stuff on the internet. Reminds me of when I was back in high school (I was the bridge between between the nerds and the cool people -- sort of the "Geek Ambassador"). In between finding drivers for the 3D video card, and Gatchaman soundtrack downloads, I felt a brief, but tangible wave of nostalgia. Me, I can't stand G-Force anymore (I mean it was kinda cool when I was six, but I'm all grown up now), but for some people, it's still that driving force (heh heh).

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