Day one of the chaos started today, as R accepted a temporary assignment as a puppy-sitter. Yes, for the next week or so, my cats will be terrorized, but my house will be less attractive to burglars. The dog has an insanely loud bark, especially considering it's a 1-year-old dachshund female, named Penelope. Yes, she was in the house no more than 5 minutes when she started chasing the cats around. Both stood their ground for a little while -- until they realized they didn't have any claws. Now one's hiding behind the furnace, and the other's under the chesterfield.

The dog's pretty cute, I have to admit. She's all excited about this new venue, and has an unlimited well of energy to expend. Which is more than I had last night. I mistakenly thought I could tire her out with a marathon game of "fetch", but it only backfired, making me tired of playing with the dog, and making the dog think I'm her best friend. Now she mostly ignores R and tries to hang around with me. This is doubly distressing, since R's the dog lover, and I'm a little wary of the whole dog-sitting concept.

My allergies have been going crazy too. I just got used to having two cats (yes, it takes my allergies years to get used to something), and now there's this other creature running around. I had to dope up on antihistamines last night, and this morning I'm feeling like a triple zombie, served in a hurricane glass.

And it's not doing the cats any good. Geez, they're neurotic enough without this happening. It's a lot like those Clyde Cat and Mr Frisky cartoons; I was pretty sure I saw China upside down, and sticking to the roof when the dog blew past. Hopefully the dog will calm down a little bit, and the cats will come out of hiding. I don't particularly like the idea of putting both their food and the litterbox in the furnace room, but it may yet come to that.

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