Pretty interesting stuff. If you don't know, Synesthesia is a mixing of the senses. People with Synesthesia can perceive words and letters as colours, taste textures, and see colour in music. In this newly discovered form, visual movement triggers a perception of sound.

Seeing is Hearing: New Type of Synesthesia Discovered: Scientific American

In the peculiar neurological condition known as synesthesia, a personâ..s senses meld together, so that a synesthete might â..hearâ. colors or â..tasteâ. shapes. Now scientists have stumbled on a previously unknown form of synesthesia in which visual flashes or movements trigger perceptions of sound.

California Institute of Technology neuroscientists Melissa Saenz and Christof Koch confirmed the existence of hearing-motion synesthesia, as they dubbed it, by creating a task at which the synesthetes would have an advantage. The researchers presented four self-professed synesthetes and 10 nonsynesthetes with 100 pairs of Morse codeâ rhythmic sequences, each composed of either auditory beeps or flashes of white on a black background. The participants judged whether the two sequences in each pair were the same or different.

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