I was at a bellydancing party with a bunch of R's friends over the weekend. There was this corn snake in a terrarium, and after a few drinks, someone extracted the little guy (actually, it was a female snake), and started putting it on various people (oh, those wacky bellydancing folks). At some point, the snake (Lily) ended up on my shoulders, and began poking at my neck (a creepy sensation indeed), as if it were trying to burrow into my head. Suddenly, a big flap of its skin began folding back and it began shedding.

People were congratulating me on being a safe warm place for the snake, and everyone closed in to get a good look at the moulting process, most having never seen it happen live before. Thankfully, the owners finally extricated the beast from the inside of my sweatshirt, and put it back in its house. There we all got to marvel at the beauty of nature -- insofar as it was a snake shedding its skin.


Yes, this was me in the picture. And yes, it was actually kind of cool. I was glad I could get a view of it.

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