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  What Do Women Want?

Sounds like interesting research. A psychology prof. at Queenâ..s University, Kingston shows porn to men and women and guages their reactions to find out what they like.

Except, this is no ordinary porn...

Meredith Chivers is a creator of bonobo pornography.

I hear this is illegal in Georgia.

What Do Women Want? - Discovering What Ignites Female Desire -

â..I feel like a pioneer at the edge of a giant forest,â. Chivers said, describing her ambition to understand the workings of womenâ..s arousal and desire. â..Thereâ..s a path leading in, but it isnâ..t much.â. She sees herself, she explained, as part of an emerging â..critical massâ. of female sexologists starting to make their way into those woods. These researchers and clinicians are consumed by the sexual problem Sigmund Freud posed to one of his female disciples almost a century ago: â..The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is, What does a woman want?â.

  NFB: Lonely Boy

Wolf Koenig's 1962 short cinema vérité film about Paul Anka.

  Harper's Last Days

Another funny remix of "Downfall (Der Untergang)". This time, it's Stephen Harper.

YouTube - The Harper Dictatorship

Strong words from Diane Francis.

Canada's conservatives: study in stupid - Diane Francis

What is wrong with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his henchmen? I know Stephen and like him even though he has always been too doctrinaire and cold-blooded for politics. But now we know just how unsuitable he is. He has concocted a crisis that is taking away attention from dealing properly with the worldwide crisis that's about to hit Canada like a hurricane in the new year. He should leave office and the sooner the better. But he won't. Instead he will meet with the Governor-General to try and convince her to dissolve parliament until the New Year.

Hereâ..s my question:
All the blah-blah aside, the essence of this nonsense is why would Harper ever dream that the other three parties would vote in favor of his triple-suicide bill designed to kill off publicly-funded campaign allocations? Were the Tories inhaling in caucus? Or was Harper just in touch with his Grinch? Or is he an Anglo-Saxon Machiavelli?

Interesting set of options for Harper, with pros and cons. I give you #1 and #10. Andrew Steele - Harper's Options

1. Preemptively Remove Michaëlle Jean

This is the true nuclear option for Harper: a preemptive strike against Jean to remove her from office, and replace her with a governor-general sympathetic to the argument that the people should decide in an election.


So, the Governor-General has the authority to dismiss the Prime Minister BUT the Prime Minister may have the authority to dismiss the Governor-General first by requesting the Queen dismiss her.


To call this option risky is a grave understatement. Not only would it threaten the role of the monarchy in Canada, but parliamentary supremacy back to the Magna Carta would be called into question.

10. Step Down as Conservative Leader

Little binds the three opposition parties together.

There is a joint programme, but the real glue of this coalition is a unanimous belief on the opposition bench that Stephen Harper must go.

Were Harper to resign as Conservative Party Leader and an interim leader like Chuck Strahl, Jim Prentice or Tony Clement lead the Conservatives, it is entirely possible the coalition would fall apart and that person might be able to receive the confidence of the House.

It is clearly not in the political interest of the Liberals to form common cause with the Bloc or the NDP.

Their motivation is the belief that Stephen Harper must no longer be Prime Minister.

Such a move might avert political catastrophe for the Conservatives and for the Liberals.

An obviously right-wing troll who knows nothing about Canadian legislature gets their comeuppance when they posted the following editorialized entry on the current political situation.

Canada the victim of power-grabbing politicians. | MetaFilter

Canada the victim of power-grabbing politicians. December 2, 2008 12:31 PM

Canada is going through a bloodless coup less than two months after its last election. The world-wide financial crisis has proved too tempting a target for the three parties that didn't win the election and they have decided to overthrow the Conservative minority government based on the latest financial report. This hasn't been done in Canada since World War I.

Not only is it a perfectly legal procedure, a non-confidence vote has been done many times, and a coalition government was attempted in 1985 with Trudeau and Broadbent. It's also been done at the provincial level, and unofficial coalitions are practically commonplace in Canada. Sort of like when you're playing RISK.

What's probably not legal is trying to prorogue the legislature just because you're likely to lose a non-confidence vote. What makes you a douchebag is when you try to do this when you condemned it only 4 years earlier.

Hah. Totally called this one. Hawking's coming to Waterloo.

Stephen Hawking coming to Waterloo, Ont.â..s Perimeter Institute

Professor Stephen Hawking has been appointed a distinguished research chair at Waterloo, Ont.'s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

"The appointment marks a new phase in our recruitment that will see leading scientists from around the world establish a second research home at Perimeter Institute. I am delighted that Stephen has agreed to accept the first of a projected 40 such visiting chairs," Dr. Neil Turok, the institute's director, said in a statement released Thursday.

Dr. Hawking -- who is the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, a position once held by Isaac Newton -- will conduct regular stays at the institute beginning in the summer of 2009.

  A chiropractor?

Good god, Harper's gone and appointed a chiropractor (Cambridge MP Gary Goodyear) as the new Minister of Science and Technology. Oh yeah, he's also an acupuncturist.

Luckily, the Liberals have appointed an astronaut as their Science and Technology critic. - Opinions - Harper's cabinet full of promise

A very Seinfeld-esque concept: hold an election about nothing, for no reason.

A 300 Million Dollar Election About Nothing, Held for No Reason |

An election about nothing, held in a hurry to avoid the effect of a worsening war and a coming recession. Held in the hopes that it would earn Mr. Harper a majority just before the door to that possibility slammed shut for perhaps a very long time.

And what did it cost us? Apparently, 300 million dollars. An amount that, Iâ..m told, comes from an estimate of a million dollars per riding. That number is now leaking into the media, but strangely enough, not to object, but instead merely to describe. How tremulously Canadian. And it came from a Government that earned its stripes pretending that we donâ..t have millions of dollars to spend on needy projects.

  Origins of the "Cougar"

Oh great, so it's a Canadian term. I guess that makes about as much sense as anything.

COED Magazine - Origins Of The Cougar

A little trivia for you: The origins of the term â..cougarâ. dates back to the 1980â..s when members of the Vancouver Canucks used it in the locker room as a derogatory name for the teamâ..s older groupies. But the concept has been around much longer.

Hot, tight-bodied older women have always fueled younger menâ..s sexual fantasies since our fathers were our age. (Just watch 1967â..s The Graduate to see Dustin Hoffman seduced by pop-cultureâ..s first cougar.) But now that every â..The Viewâ.-watching wildcat is lusting after boy-toy ass, a new breed of sexed-up older ladies is upon us - and no man is safe.

  You are all on notice

I am not the only one upset with the voting fiasco last night. Not only did less than 60% of Canadians show up to vote, but a newbie CRAP candidate beat out our riding's incumbent by a mere 73 votes (why they aren't furiously demanding a recount, I don't know).

Canadian Cynic: The Morning After The Blight Before

Here's the deal Canadian politicians, you are all on notice. Fat Steve you and your gang do not have the confidence of Canadians. After two solid years of negative ads, belittling Dion, you could not win a majority. Why? Because we do not trust you with one. And let the sky bully save you if you think you can pull another snap election out of your ass. The record low turn out last night speaks to the general sense of contempt that our politicians have come to deserve in the last few years. Stephane Dion and the Liberals, you made Jason Cherniak cry. I hope you're happy. Listen up you determined losers, Bob Rae and Iggy are not, I repeat, not the future. They are oblivion. The Liberal task is now to remake the party from the bottom up. If you sad sack dinks ever hope to return to power you have to figure out how to run a campaign and deliver a leader with a team that Canadians see as a viable alternative to the Cons. You are a pack of passive goofs. Stephen Harper is the fat kid who pushed you around at recess.

This is long overdue. I've walked the Golden Gate bridge and it's a sublime and fantastic architectural masterpiece, overwhelming in its sheer scope. It's no wonder suicides are drawn to this nexus like flies to the bug zapper. Sorry, tried to come up with a better simile, but failed.

What is most astounding, however, is the interesting statistic that placed Toronto's Bloor St. Viaduct as North America's #2 place to commit suicide. And that we've stopped them completely by erecting a barrier there. Fascinating stuff:

The bridge district should follow the example of Toronto, which held a design competition in an effort to arrive at a satisfactory barrier for the Bloor Street Viaduct (formerly the No. 2 suicide magnet in North America). Architect Derick Revington's award-winning design (the $6 million "luminous veil" barrier) has been described as "lifesaving art." It was completed in 2003 and has entirely halted suicides at that location.

Bridge directors vote for net to deter suicides

Golden Gate Bridge directors voted decisively Friday to try to stop people from jumping to their deaths from the landmark bridge by hanging nets along the sides of the span.

The Board of Directors voted 14-to-1 to install the stainless-steel net system, which would be placed 20 feet below the deck, and would collapse around anyone who jumped into it, making it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to leap to their death. The lone "no" vote came from Director James Eddie of Mendocino County, who said his constituents did not consider a barrier necessary.

I'd just like to point out that Andrew Telegdi, Liberal MP, Kitchener-Waterloo, is not on this list yet, whereas Cindy Jacobsen, New Democrat candidate, Kitchener-Waterloo, is.

Mr. Telegdi, get your ass in gear!

Michael Geist - The Copyright Candidates

Here's a cool website that shows up-to-date polls in your riding with suggestions on how to vote strategically.


Vote For Environment / Voter Pour l'Environnement

Cool. Let's not mess this up. Canadian banks are where I keep all my stuff.

So which country has the soundest banking system? - Financial Week

Canada has the worldâ..s soundest banking system, closely followed by Sweden, Luxembourg and Australia, a survey by the World Economic Forum has found as financial crisis and bank failures shake world markets.

But Britain, which once ranked in the top five, has slipped to 44th place behind El Salvador and Peru, after a 50 billion pound ($86.5 billion) pledge this week by the government to bolster bank balance sheets.

The United States, where some of Wall Streetâ..s biggest financial names have collapsed in recent weeks, rated only 40, just behind Germany at 39, and smaller states such as Barbados, Estonia and even Namibia, in southern Africa.

Many of you will think Dan Aykroyd's lost his mind with the new viral video about "Crystal Head" vodka. Some are probably even thinking that it's a really clever Ghostbusters 3 teaser.

Canadians know full well that Aykroyd: a) lost his mind a while ago; and b) sells a lot of booze in Canada.

His weird "PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal" television show was so over the top that CSICOP awarded him a "Snuffed Candle" award, for "contributing to the public's lack of understanding of the methods of scientific inquiry."

I'm really torn. I like Dan Aykroyd; I find his deadpan humour really funny. And I like booze -- a lot. And I really, really like the idea of a skull-shaped bottle with booze in it. But I can't justify spending a bunch of money on some questionable vodka made with Newfoundland water and "filtered" through diamonds. And it's not the Newfoundland water I object to.

YouTube - Dan Aykroyd has lost his mind

Sounds like a lot of Canadians don't like being cold-called.

Glitches mark launch of 'do-not-call' registry

Consumers eager to add their phone numbers to the newly launched national Do Not Call list to block telemarketers ran into trouble on Tuesday when the Web site crashed on its first day and the telephone sign-up number was not accessible.

The online service went down Tuesday morning within nine hours of the launch at midnight. Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission spokesman Denis Carmel chalked up early glitches to a "very higher volume that's causing a few initial problems."

About 157,000 people were able to register online ( before the site crashed Tuesday morning. It remained unstable for most of the working day, during which time nearly another 100,000 were able to register. More than 1.5 million people tried to call the toll-free number, but only 74,445 people got through to register.

Oh come on. You know that's what they intended C-484 to be.

As election speculation hits fever pitch, the Harper government has cut loose a contentious private member's bill that would have made it a crime to take the life of a fetus.

I mean, why else would they reintroduce the bill with updated wording to focus on the mother instead of the fetus:

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced Monday that the government will draft a new bill to replace Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act, so that it closes the debate about fetal rights and focuses instead on penalizing criminals who harm pregnant women. Tories abandon 'unborn victims' bill

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