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Canadian artist finds his Web-published Creative Commons artwork and interviews were stolen and republished into a coffee table book, selling for $100 on the Internet.

Luc Latulippe � Blog Archive � My illustrations, stolen and published in new book

â..OMG! You should totally sue them!â.

Yes, this is everyoneâ..s first reaction, right after red-faced anger. Well, let me just grab my wallet andâ.¦ oh, right, I draw pictures for a living! This means Iâ..m lucky if I have enough money to pay some bills for the next few months, but not quite enough to launch a class-action lawsuit across international borders against a bogus copyright infringing publisher in China.

  Think that's a knife?

While I'll admit brandishing a knife at a robber is kind of stupid, it reminds me of a story about a Canadian prime minister who used to grab people by the neck and shove them out of his way.

Think that's a knife? Takeout owner foils attempted robbery

The masked man entered the Lucky Star takeout in Corner Brook on Tuesday night, and used a small knife to demand money.

Owner Ben Fong went behind the cash register, but then responded much like the Paul Hogan character in the 1986 movie, with a line to match the famous "That's a knife" catchphrase.

Fong normally uses his knife â.. the blade is 25 centimetres, or about 10 inches, in length â.. for cutting meat.

Everyone's favourite anoymous, left-leaning KW snark rants on about Tommy Lukiwski. For those on vacation over the past month, Lukiwski's the guy in the videotapes spewing hateful remarks about gays.

Canadian Cynic: Lukiwski, He's A Sorry Bastard

Golly gosh, is he ever sorry that the video came to light. He's incredibly, deeply sorry that people have discovered what he thinks in this troubling and graphic manner. Tommy is shaken to the quick to have his constituents and all of Canada learn the root basis for his suggestion in 2005 that equal marriage would lead to "polygamy and social decline".

And Tommy would give just anything to take back the evidence of his spiteful, cretinous attitude. That's why he has decided to step down from his position as Parliamentary Secretary to Government House Leader Peter Van Payday Loan... what's that? Oh. He hasn't stepped down. Okay, well, he won't give that. Then, that's why he has accepted the Prime Minister's decision to strip him of his position and consign him to the back benches... sorry, what? Oh. Neither the Prime Minister, the party nor the government are going to discipline l'il Tommy.

  The Redpath Murders

Very interesting story about one of Canada's famous unsolved mysteries.

Four ways to murder

On the evening of the infamous murder, loved ones say the athletic and easygoing Clifford Redpath came home to his family's Victorian mansion in Montreal, looking tired, perhaps stressed, from studying for his bar exams.

The 24-year-old went upstairs to see his rich, widowed mother, Ada Maria Mills Redpath, who spent much of her time confined to her bedroom due to ill health.

At about 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 13, 1901, Clifford's older brother, Peter, heard gunshots and found Ada and Clifford sprawled on the floor, bleeding from bullet wounds in their heads.

Their deaths stunned the community, as the Redpaths were among the richest families in Canada and respected philanthropists and industrialists.

But the police were never called, the Redpaths did not speak of it and nearly a century later, the murder is still, in the words of one historian, shrouded by a "veil of suspicion that emerged at the time and continues to the present."

Apparently there are far too many loopholes in the Canadian do-not-call legislation -- so many that Michael Geist made his own list.

iOptOut - Welcome to iOptOut

The Canadian government passed legislation in 2005 mandating the creation of a do-not-call registry. The registry is scheduled to take effect in mid-2008, yet many Canadians may be disappointed to learn about the exemption of a wide range of organizations (registered charities, business with prior relationships, political parties, survey companies, and newspapers). Under the law, exempted organizations are permitted to make unsolicited telephone calls despite the inclusion of the number in the do-not-call registry. However, organizations must remove numbers from their lists if specifically requested to do so.

IOptOut takes advantage of this approach by allowing Canadians to create and manage a personal do-not-call list that begins where do-not-call legislation ends. Once you register, you'll be able to view a categorized list where you can opt-out of further contact from exempt organizations. To do this we send an email notification to each organization on your behalf requesting that your name, email address and phone number(s) be removed from their active marketing lists.

Excellent piece about how ham-handed approaches to traffic shaping impact real businesses, and that by denying the practice exists only causes further problems.

How Network Non-Neutrality Affects Real Businesses | Xconomy

My company, Glance Networks, has first hand experience. Glance provides a simple desktop screen sharing service that thousands of businesses use to show online presentations and web demos to people and businesses worldwide. When a Glance customer hosts a session, bursts of high speed data are sent each time the personâ..s screen content changes. The Glance service forwards these data streams to all guests in the session, so they can see what the host sees. The streams need to flow quickly, so everyoneâ..s view stays in sync.

One day a few years ago, our support line got a spate of calls from customers complaining that our service had suddenly slowed to a crawl. We soon realized the problem was localized to Canada, where nearly everyone gets their Internet service through one of just two ISPs. Sure enough, posts on blogs indicated that both of these ISPs had secretly deployed â..traffic shapingâ. methods to beat back the flow of BitTorrent traffic. But the criteria their methods used to identify the streams were particularly blunt instruments that not only slowed BitTorrent, but many other high-speed data streams sent by their customersâ.. computers.

Awesome "Hinterland Who's Who" spoof. You really need to have seend these when you were young to fully appreciate them.

YouTube - Spiders On Drugs

... without telling them. This has apparently been confirmed on DSL Reports forums, and Bell's justification is that this is part of their TOS.

Bell Canada Throttles Wholesalers, Doesn't Bother To Tell Them -

Users of the Canadian family-run ISP Teksavvy have started noticing that Bell Canada is throttling traffic before it reaches wholesale partners. According to Teksavvy CEO Rocky Gaudrault, Bell has implemented "load balancing" to "manage bandwidth demand" during peak congestion times -- but apparently didn't feel the need to inform partner ISPs or customers. The result is a bevy of annoyed customers and carriers across the great white north.

  H&R Big Brother

Interesting little tidbit from Michael Geist on H&R Block's privacy policy. It's a little unnerving to know that my tax information is being sent to the U.S.

Michael Geist - H&R Block's Privacy Policy

Due to H&R US's location in the United States, and in instances where your personal information is processed or stored by another affiliate or service provider in the United States, courts or law enforcement or regulatory agencies may be able to obtain disclosure of your personal information under the laws of the United States.

Why do we even bother having astronauts when we don't even listen to what they have to say about our presence in space? Sale of Canadarm maker to U.S. company threatens Arctic sovereignty, Garneau says

"The Prime Minister talks about sovereignty - use it or lose it. And yet we have a tool that is excellent for Arctic surveillance, monitoring of our internal waters that are contested by the Americans and other countries, and now we're going to sell this asset to an American company," Mr. Leblanc said.

"The American government takes sovereignty very seriously, and when it's in their national interest to cut off access to information, they do it. So even though the company that's buying the system has pledged to continue to provide data from the satellite, if it was not in the national interest of the U.S. to provide that information at some point, you can bet a month's salary it won't be provided."

She's the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the one who couldn't be bothered to visit Brenda Martin, a Canadian stuck in a Mexican jail for two years now. Couldn't be bothered to visit her despite being in Mexico, and close-by.

Seriously, if you're too lazy to go down there, just issue a travel advisory and sit back. You won't have to lift a finger to get her out of the country.

It's 'buyer beware' going to Mexico

In January, Ms. Guergis travelled to Mexico and met with that country's attorney-general, foreign minister and other officials and asked for Ms. Martin's legal proceedings to be expedited. Despite being 20 minutes from Ms. Martin's prison cell, she did not visit her. "That's not my job. There are 13 Canadians in Mexican jails and if I visit one, I have to visit them all," she said in an interview last night. "It's not my job to meet them -- it's my job to advocate for them."

She said there is a very limited role for the government in this case. "We cannot go in and take her home and that is what her request has been.... I'm not going to pass judgment on a judge's decision."

... Waterloo's greatest superhero team. I had no idea we had our own superhero team. This is awesome, in an indie kind of way.


Amazing Challengers of Uknown Mystery

We're not as exciting as the U.S. but we have had our share of scandals.

CBC News In Depth: Canadian government

Wilbert Keon

"An error of judgement," as he called it, caused Conservative Senator Wilbert Keon to step down from his position as the head of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

Keon was caught in an undercover prostitution sweep in December 1999 when he pulled over his car and began talking to a woman at the side of the road. The woman turned out to be an undercover police officer.

Keon was not charged, though he did have to complete a "john school" sensitivity program. He did not resign his post in the Senate.

Well, this bites. "Canada has a choice when it comes to defending our sovereignty in the Arctic: either we use it or we lose it," Mr. Harper said. "Make no mistake; this government intends to use it."

Creekside: SPP : Selling sovereignty for profit

From David Pugliese of the Ottawa Citizen :

"Sometime in the next few weeks, Canada's leading space technology firm will pass into American hands and, potentially, the 'top secret' files of the Pentagon. Critics fear millions of dollars of taxpayer investment, a significant number of high-tech jobs, our Arctic sovereignty and our international reputation in space research will also vanish."

MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA), Canada's largest space company, is selling off its space assets including Canadarm and the $524-million taxpayer-funded Radarsat-2 satellite to Alliant Technosystems Inc (ATK), because - get this! - the new CEO at MDA has determined that there is more money to be made for its shareholders providing data packages to real estate agents!

More beautiful pictures of this same place I previously posted about.


the Vanishing Point

I've never felt deeper and more completely embraced by the earth around me than I did when I got the chance to enter the tailrace and push through rising waters to stand in Niagara's secret mists. The specifics of how we did it are best left unreported -- those with sufficient ability and experience to do what my expert acquaintances did for us would have already (the plant is now being renovated by the Niagara Parks Commission, as a result of which the wheelpit is on the verge of becoming completely inaccessible).

Lying below a river that will relentlessly tear into the bedrock until all has been obliterated from Queenston to Erie, this tunnel thirty-three feet in diameter is imprinted into my being forever. A swirling army of red brick millions strong, the eye of a petrified hurricane leading us right into the centre of the stalled but fighting storm that is Niagara Falls. Standing in its back-blast, in a place far deeper and darker than any middling storm sewer, I breathed and drank from the fount of the universe and swam closer to its centre than I ever will again.

Oh yeah, I can see Harper's crew trying to fabricate a little conflict to get the Republicans back in power. I can't see them being very good at it, but I can still see them trying.

Canadian leaders deny trying to interfere with U.S. election - International Herald Tribune

Canada's conservative government Monday denied allegations it tried to influence the U.S election by leaking word of a meeting with Barack Obama's senior economic adviser who allegedly told Canadian officials that Obama's comments about the North American Free Trade Agreement were for political show.

In Ottawa, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper disputed the contention of his political opposition that his right-leaning government leaked word of the meeting to complicate Obama's chances or to favor Republican Sen. John McCain, who strongly supports NAFTA.

Harper told Parliament he was amused by the suggestion "we are so all powerful that we could interfere in the American election and pick their president for them. This government doesn't claim that kind of power. I certainly deny any allegation that this government has attempted to interfere in the American election."

Ironically, this is one of my top 10 ways of hoping to die.

Quebec woman dies during kinky sex: police

A Quebec man may face criminal charges after a woman died while they were having sadomasochistic sex.

The 39-year-old woman died Saturday night in a home in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville on Montreal's South Shore, police said.

She went into cardiac arrest while engaging in "out of the ordinary" sexual practices using "very particular" accessories, said Longueuil police agent Martin Simard.

Crazy bill C-10 got inadvertantly passed into the senate with an overlooked provision that would allow the Canadian Heritage Minister to deny tax credits to films or television projects deemed offensive. So, essentially all good Canadian film projects could be axed, including most/all Cronenberg's stuff. Tories plan to withhold funding for 'offensive' productions

The Conservative government has drafted guidelines that would allow it to pull financial aid for any film or television show that it deems offensive or not in the public's best interest â.. even if government agencies have invested in them.

The proposed changes to the Income Tax Act would allow the Heritage Minister to deny tax credits to projects deemed offensive, effectively killing the productions. Representatives from Heritage and the Department of Justice will determine which shows or films pass the test.

Game and talk shows, news, sports, reality television and pornography are already excluded from access to the tax credits. The proposed prohibition would cover a sweeping range of material, such as anything of an explicit sexual nature, that denigrates a group or is excessively violent without an educational value.

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