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  Sharkraptor beans

I hope the store has this. I'm going to by a friggin case.


Dinosaur v. Shark

  When Russia takes over

What would advertising look like?


English Russia - What if?

I've already applied for this, so get lost!

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Wanted: Paradise island 'caretaker'

Tourism officials in Australia are describing it as 'the best job in the world'.

They want someone to work on a tropical island off the Queensland coast.

No formal qualifications are needed but candidates must be willing to swim, snorkel, dive and sail.

In return, the successful applicant will receive a salary of A$150,000 ($103,000) for six months and get to live rent-free in a three-bedroom villa, complete with pool.

  Men's Magazines Reviewed

Good reviews for some terrible magazines. Some good ones too, if you like advice for buying $600 jeans.


Best Magazines for Men | The Art of Manliness

Sample Headlines Lose Your Gut! Better Sleep, Bigger Muscles Dress for More Sex Lower Her Inhibitions

Target Readers: The all-American, well-rounded, fitness conscious man in his 20â..s and 30â..s

  So that's logic, eh?

Neat logic quiz. I got a respectable 93%. Good enough. I think they stretched it on one question (you'll know which one).

I would have gotten 100% if it hadn't been for those lousy kids, and that dog!

arm-chair logic - logic test

  Awesome Spirit Trailer

For your consideration... good use of review quotes, BTW.

YouTube - The Spirit: For Your Razzies 2009 Consideration

  Urinal Sculptures

These are very lovely, however I think they need one that looks like a bunch of bushes so that guys will feel like they are in the great outdoors where the entire world is their urinal.

There are sinks and whatnot and I have seen my share of decorative sinks however it is the decorative urinals that are the interesting things. Well seeing as I'm on about the sinks check it out for a min...I'll wait.

Pretty nice aren't they. So then you might want to wander on down to the main home page and see what is happening down.... AHH! Yikes! Why oh why would you want to look like you have your tackle pointed there there???


Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words? Do you have trouble finding just the right glib quote for the situation? Or do you get tired of always churning out the same tired old cliches as everyone else? 'Hungry enough to eat a horse'? 'That's the way the cookie crumbles'? Puh-lease.

If you've been afflicted with any of these problems, then fear not, friends. There's a new small-talk sheriff in town, and its name is The Cliche-O-Matic â.¢. Use it any time you need a hip new catch phrase. Memorize a few, and set the trend at your next office function or dinner party. Or simply stick it to stodgy old Morris in accounting and his folksy, age-worn bullshit. 'There's more than one way to skin a cat', he says. Boooo-ring.

This is great, you can sit around and think about zombies, then go get your camera and tell your story or take a few pictures and send them in. They want to have 1000 video submissions and 10000 photo submissions to be ready to make the documentary.

I'm not even going to bother to make a real link, if you can't type in a browser window, I suspect that the zombies have already eaten your brain.

Lost Zombies - A community generated zombie documentary.

Welcome to Lost Zombies. We are a zombie themed social network whose goal is to create the world's first community generated zombie documentary. You can join us in this effort by signing up and telling your part of the story.

This small fan-made trailer is better than any movie version of the lame but often-referenced cartoon could be. For those who need help picking out the characters, they're photoshopped versions of:

  • Brad Pitt from Troy
  • Vin Diesel from the Riddick movies
  • Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
  • Gigi Edgley as Chiana from Farscape
  • Spy Kids as WilyKit and WilyKat
  • CG Garfield as Snarf

YouTube - Thundercats Movie trailer (fanmade)

The new packaging for Venture Bros. Season 3 is at least 3 kinds of awesome.


For those of you who never had an Atari 2600 console, it's slightly less awesome.

The Venture Bros. DVD news: Press Release & Box Art for Venture Bros. - The 3rd Season |

  Darths and Droids

An online comic that asks "What if 'Star Wars, Epidsode 1' was a role playing game, and the main characters were sarcastic players, and the GM wasn't properly prepared, and Jar Jar and all the Gungan stuff is invented on the spot by one of the gamer's kid sister?" A good question, with some hilarious and unexpected results.


Darths & Droids

He jokes and says it's made from Unobtanium. It's named after Luke Skywalker, and can provide enough sensory feedback, strength, control, and power to be a great prototype for future generations of cyborgs.

All Things D: Dean Kamen on His Mind-Controlled Cyborg "Luke" Arm

From the guys who brought you MST3K. All new fun with terrrible movies. Kind of makes you want to believe in X-mas again. Well, not really.

YouTube - Cinematic Titanic - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

  The stars are right

At least if you're in the southern hemisphere. If you're up here, you get a very angry-looking upside-down face.


And Azathoth insanely smiled down on Earth and its sleeping inhabitants, blissfully unaware that they would soon be eaten.

Three brightest objects smile down from the night sky - Telegraph

Over the last week the two planets moved closer together so that they appeared no more than two degrees apart, which equates to a finger's width when held out at arm's length.

As they were joined by the moon on Monday night photographers around the world â.. from Bangkok to Kenya â.. captured the image.

"This certainly is an unusual coincidence for the crescent moon to be right there in the days when they are going to be closest together," said Alan MacRobert, senior editor of Sky and Telescope magazine.

Hah. Totally called this one. Hawking's coming to Waterloo.

Stephen Hawking coming to Waterloo, Ont.â..s Perimeter Institute

Professor Stephen Hawking has been appointed a distinguished research chair at Waterloo, Ont.'s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

"The appointment marks a new phase in our recruitment that will see leading scientists from around the world establish a second research home at Perimeter Institute. I am delighted that Stephen has agreed to accept the first of a projected 40 such visiting chairs," Dr. Neil Turok, the institute's director, said in a statement released Thursday.

Dr. Hawking -- who is the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, a position once held by Isaac Newton -- will conduct regular stays at the institute beginning in the summer of 2009.

Some very good ones in this collection. Here's two of my favourites:

Recut Movie Trailers: A Collection [VIDEO]

  Snapshots from Antarctica

No, this isn't a Quake level screenshot. It's part of a photoessay on Antarctica. Go look now.


Scenes from Antarctica - The Big Picture -

  Photoshopped pin-ups

This is cool. A guy photoshops old pin-up pics, and makes them into something new and much more interesting.



  Hot Zombie Babes

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