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Apparently, it's pretty easy to do, and doesn't require a million dollars. The basic Swiss account can be obtained through a broker, with a minimum balance of $10,000. And you get the benefit of being either tax free, or mostly anonymous (interest earned by Swiss companies are subject to a 35% withholding tax, but you can get most of it back if you can prove you're not from Switzerland).

The other big benefit is that you are generally exempt from small crimes such as tax evasion:

Bank secrecy is not lifted for tax evasion. This is because failure to report income or assets is not considered a crime in Switzerland. As such, neither the Swiss government, nor any other government, can obtain information about your bank account. They must first convince a Swiss judge that you have committed a serious crime punishable by the Swiss Penal Code.

... or divorce/inheritance issues:

Bank secrecy will not be lifted for private matters such as inheritance or divorce if you have kept your banking information strictly confidential. It is up to plaintiffs to prove that the account exists if they wish the judge to pursue the case. In this respect, the numbered account provides the maximum degree of confidentiality.

Classic Swiss Bank Account

Unfortunately, this offer isn't open to residents of the USA. Nor is it available for Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Congo-Brazzaville, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Liberia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Uzbekistan, or Zimbabwe. Americans can still get Swiss Cantonal Bank accounts or the coveted Swiss numbered accounts.

  Ah Pook is here

A fascinating film based on the work of William S. Burroughs and Malcolm McNeill. I thought I'd posted this a while ago.

YouTube - Ah Pook

From those fine folks at Fred.



I can't backup the "bad-sounding" part, but with speakers that look this good, they have to sound terrible.


17 Cool Speakers Designs that Look Better than They Sound

  Photos Meet Fantasy

Very cool art by Dmitry Maksimov. Combining photography with crazy Miyazaki-esque creatures.


Where Photography Meets Illustration | Design You Trustâ.¢. World's Most Famous Social Inspiration.

  Fett Dance

I'm not saying this makes Boba Fett look cool. Just way cooler than in Ep 1-3.

  Where the Deep Ones are

Awesome on so many levels. Is it weird that my two favourite authors are Maurice Sendak and H.P. Lovecraft? No, I don't think it is.


Atlas Games: Charting New Realms of Imagination

"The Deep Ones croaked their terrible croaks and smacked their terrible lips and rolled their terrible eyes and waved their terrible flippers"

Renowned Mythos aficionado Ken Hite retells H P Lovecraftâ..s classic "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" in this story of childhood terror.

After greedily yelling for more fish, young Bobby is sent to his bedroom without any supper at all. But Bobby escapes when the Manuxet River runs right through his room carrying an old boat that takes him to Innsmouth. When the Deep Ones come for him he flees, but when he eventually joins their wild rumpus under the ocean, they crown him the most Deep One of all.

Now I want to see a Lovecraft version of Higglety Pigglety Pop. It's no secret that H.P. Lovecraft's initials stood for "Higglety" and "Pigglety".


Oh my god, what a nerdfest. I'm not saying I'm not interested ... OK, I'm saying it.


GALACTICRUISE - The 30th Anniversary "Battlestar Galactica" Cruise | Battlestar Galactica

With the 30th anniversary of the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series on September 17, 2008, the Battlestar Fan Club and Carnival are pleased to present GALACTICRUISE, the Official Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration. Set sail with your favorite Battlestar Galactica stars, cast, and crew on a four day cruise from LA to Mexico and back from September 15 to September 19, 2008 in this unique event, where convention meets cruise on the high-seas.

Cabins and event tickets (starting at $489, including your four day cruise, cabin and all meals) are going fast, so make the jump to lightspeed and book your cabins, get your event duckets ("tickets" in the Battlestar Galactica universe), and treat yourself with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Only on GALACTICRUISE!

  Hero, Leader, God

I wonder which one's the god? A series of cool, if slightly weird, bronze sculptures by Alexander Kosolapov.


SOTSART Project | Design You Trustâ.¢. No.1 Design Blog In The World.

He's had to explain the art before, so for those of you who just don't get it, he'll try to explain it again:

The artist uses the following characteristic of human perception â.. the omission or even distortion of one of the elements of imagery stereotype, which does not suppress the capability of its automatic recognition. This allows Kosolapov to develop an original type of doubling object, simultaneously referring to two externally similar, but baring no relation to one another whatsoever, stereotypes of American and Russian mass-culture.

For Kosolapov the role of the imported element (of social origin) is in the destruction of that setting in which he is placed (the setting, consisting of adopted cultural stereotypes). Lenin and Mickey Mouse become mutually interchangeable, as products of mass culture. Creating this radical collage, the artist implies that in spite of the conflicting relations between the two systems, the distinguishing characteristics of which are the symbols used by him, their main aims â.. to convince the population of the authenticity and sincerity of their products â.. without a doubt match one another.

Man, if you thought Paprika (2006) was trippy, think again. Check out the other work by Paul Robertson here and here.


NSFW -- that is, if half-naked, 16-bit, religious anime chickies are NSFW. I'm going to say "yes".


A parody of the Million Dollar Homepage. Due to Zimbabwe's severe inflation, the Million Zimbabwean Dollar Homepage is only worth about US $0.002159.


The Million Zimbabwean Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history!

This looks cool. According to Snarkerati, the director, Chris Fisher, is promising â..there are meteorites and rabbitsâ..

â..S. Darkoâ.. Cast Takes Shape â.. Production On â..Donnie Darkoâ.. Sequel Begins

The story of the film will follow Samantha as she flees town with her best friend Corey seven years after the events of the original movie. They begin to encounter strange visions as they travel across America. Berkley will play a Jesus freak who is infatuated by her pastor as she tries to rid the world of sin.

  Awesome College Pranks

All I did was run around naked. But not at my college.

mental_floss Blog - 6 College Pranks (We Wish We Had Thought of)

1. The Crimson Sparks a Red Scare

A long-running rivalry between Harvardâ..s school papers, the Crimson and the Lampoon, came to a head with this 1953 prank. Crimson staffers play one of their favorite pranks by stealing the Lampoonâ..s Ibis, the large bird statue perched on top of their office. But this time, they send a letter to the Soviet consul in New York to report that the editors of the Lampoon wish to offer the Ibis as a symbol of friendship, billing the bird as â..sort of an American peace dove.â. The Soviets accept, and the Ibis is handed off to a confused U.N. delegate in a formal ceremony. Not wanting to be outdone, the Lampoon retaliates with a letter of their own. With help from then-editor John Updike, they write to Joseph McCarthy, insisting the prank clearly proves the Crimsonâ..s communist leanings and calling for a full investigation.

  4 Big Internet Memes

Think of it as sort of an Internet primer. Send it to your mom. Or your grandma. Or your weird uncle who lives out in the woods and doesn't have a computer. Of course, then you'd have to send it by snail mail.

mental_floss Blog - 4 Internet Memes Guaranteed to Baffle Your Grandparents

If that wasn't cool enough, you can get an R2-D2 ice bucket as well.


The Green Head - Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray with R2-D2 Ice Bucket

  Futurama Preview

This sounds like Steampunk is on its last legs, when the NY Times features an article on it. Sort of like having your dad say "Don't tase me bro!"

Steampunk Moves Between Two Worlds - New York Times

It is also the vision of steampunk, a subculture that is the aesthetic expression of a time-traveling fantasy world, one that embraces music, film, design and now fashion, all inspired by the extravagantly inventive age of dirigibles and steam locomotives, brass diving bells and jar-shaped protosubmarines. First appearing in the late 1980s and early â..90s, steampunk has picked up momentum in recent months, making a transition from what used to be mainly a literary taste to a Web-propagated way of life.

To some, â..steampunkâ. is a catchall term, a concept in search of a visual identity. â..To me, itâ..s essentially the intersection of technology and romance,â. said Jake von Slatt, a designer in Boston and the proprietor of the Steampunk Workshop (, where he exhibits such curiosities as a computer furnished with a brass-frame monitor and vintage typewriter keys.


You know them -- they ruin your pictures. Maybe they put bunny ears up behind your head, or maybe something much, much worse.


List Of The Day: Photobombers Of The Day

  Cool ads from Calle 13

Very cool IKEA-like ads for a suspense and action satellite channel.


Calle 13 advertising | Design You Trustâ.¢

  When terminators love

Ah, Spring, and the Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4's thoughts turn to something other than killing all humans.


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