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When $100,000 makes you Go Broke: The Invisible Hand Forces Americans Into Debt. - Dr. Housing Bubble Blog

In fact, there is so much debt out there that many are now saying theyâ..ll use the money to pay off current debt or save; certainly not the intention of what the current government has in mind. They would love nothing more if you went and blew your stimulus check on a new laptop or stove and one month later, are back in the same spot.

This is the problem with deficit spending on many levels. At a certain point debt will crush an economy if it is not handled properly. We have done an abysmal job managing debt over the past few decades and now we are seeing the after effects of this. Today I want to put out a hypothetical budget for a family with 2 kids earning $100,000 a year and show you how easily it is to go into debt. This data is conservative and I will talk about a few of major line items later in the article. So now I present to you going broke on $100,000 a year.

  50 best cult books

Huh, and I've only read 11 of these books. Time to get to work.

50 best cult books - Telegraph

Cult books are somehow, intangibly, different from simple bestsellers â.. though many of them are that. The Carpetbaggers was a bestseller; Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was a cult.

They are different from books that have big new ideas â.. though many of them are that. On The Origin of Species changed history; but Thus Spoke Zarathustra was a cult.

They are different from How-To books â.. though many of them are that. The Highway Code is a How-To book; Baby and Child Care was a cult. These are books that became personally important to their readers: that changed the way they lived, or the way they thought about how they lived.

It's still not as cool as the old SX-70 film. Remember that the old Polaroid film was permanent, fixed, and always an original print. That's what made Polaroid pictures great for artists. These images, while fast (and that's probably all people care about these days), will always be copies, and can be made from transient, modifiable digital images. There's no such thing as an "original" anymore.

I'd like to see Zink Imaging make film that's compatible with the SX-70 and all other Polaroid instant cameras, since no one's making that kind of film anymore.

Instant Digital Prints (and Polaroid Nostalgia) - New York Times

Polaroid wants to conjure up those golden analog days of vast sales and instant gratification â.. this time with images captured by digital cameras and camera phones.

This fall, the company expects to market a hand-size printer that produces color snapshots in about 30 seconds.

Beam a photograph from a cellphone to the printer and, with a gentle purr, out comes the full-color print â.. completely formed and dry to the touch.

The printer, which connects wirelessly by Bluetooth to phones and by cable to cameras, will cost about $150. The images are 2 inches by 3 inches, the size of a credit card.

To shreds, you say?


ThinkGeek :: Planet Express Babydoll

Even if you can't join our ranks today, you can take home an official "Planet Express" t-shirt. It features our logo in orange on a red, fitted t-shirt with the words, "Reliable Interplanetary Delivery. Serving the Milky Way and Beyond!" Note that the printing is slightly distressed (you can see the shirt in several places), much like our employees!

  Throwzini Knife Holder

Available at ThinkGeek. Finally, I can combine my need to keep my knives organized with my need of throwing them at spinning circus people.


ThinkGeek :: Throwzini Knife Holder

Whether you have a zeal for throwing steel or you're a cutlery connoisseur, this knife block is just for you. In 1938 the Wheel of Death introduced the spinning target stunt to knife throwing and decades later knife throwing still lives on in the modern day circus. And it can live on in your kitchen (although in a much less dangerous fashion) with the Throwzini Knife Holder.

  Lovecraftian sanity test

Pretty funny test. Also tests your knowledge of Lovecraftian characters and the Cthulhu mythos.

If you come out insane, you can always download a certificate here.

HPLHS SaniTest(TM)


Anyone raised by TV knows that there are a few defining instances which helped usher us into puberty: the way Wonder Woman made us tingle a little bit while she was stopping Mount Vesuvius from erupting, etc. And it's easy to admit to some childhood crushes (i.e. Tasha Yar was hot), even ironically (i.e. Doctor Pulaski was hot). But there are indeed some that you should never ever talk about, not even in jest (i.e. that rock-eating Horta was totally hot), otherwise people will never look at you the same again.

Topless Robot - The 10 Geeky Childhood Crushes You Should Never, Ever Admit - Page 1


Ah, Data, the android helmsman whose innocent curiosities about human nature endeared him to us all. Data was the resident kid on the Enterprise, in ways that Wesley and Riker never were, and that may be why we canâ..t comprehend some young Star Trek fan having an actual crush on Data. Weâ sure that some do (Star Trek was the birthplace of awful fan fiction, after all), but we really donâ..t need to hear about it.

Worf? Thatâ..s fine. Picard? Sure, go nuts. Geordi? Eh, maybe he got 10-year-old you to watch Reading Rainbow and dream of being an engineer. But Data? Heâ..s Pinocchio. No one thinks that way about a puppet.

Excellent news. VillainSource is new and improved. Take that, Mr. Bond.

VillainSource -- formerly VillainSupply

Helpful Tip: Keep your secret lair a SECRET.

A Secret Lair isn't so secret with a couple of hundred ex-construction workers wandering the globe, blabbing to bar patrons about the secret shark trap you built into your underwater grotto. That's why it's vital to mind Helpful Tip #12:


Man these are fantastic. I can say without hyperbole that these are the best costumes ever! Seriously though, I couldn't decide which picture to show. The Flaming Carrot costume is most excellent.


mental_floss Blog - Ten Epic Halloween Costumes

  Novelty toilet paper

I'm totally going to buy the "crime scene" roll.


On-A-Roll On A Roll Novelty Toilet Paper Loo Bog Lavatory WC Clean Wipe Joke Fun Bathroom Bath Room Home 2 Ply Rolls UK Buy

Have you ever noticed that going to the toilet, although necessary, can be rather boring. Bring some life back to your bathroom with these On-A-Roll novelty toilet papers. Each comes with its own amusing design that will have you cracking up.

  Charlie "Watchmen" Brown

Artist Evan Shaner answers the age-old question: "What if Charles Schulz created the Watchmen?"


Better Evan than odd...: Three Artists walk in to a bar...

  Elfquest Online project

This is very cool. Elfquest is going online. All the original series and the spin-offs too.

What could be more cool than this: Fantasy/Sci-fi comics; elves; aliens; evolution; North American aboriginal spirituality; European fairytales; violence; shapeshifters; orgies. It was all very cool.

Well, there were also the bisexual/homoeroticl elements, the uncomfortable origins of furry culture, and the underlying pedophilia and bestiality. This series was all at once wholesome as well as subversive.

Digital EQ: Online Comics

Oh, for the good old days. Elfquest appeared on the stands one print issue at a time and you had no idea where the story was going to go until the next issue showed up.

Now, there already exist many dozens of issues, from the very beginnings to various spin-off titles to the most recent installments. How to present them here, online, in an order that makes sense? Seasoned readers want to catch up with what happened after the original tale. New readers want to start at the beginning. We finally decided to mix old with new. The Original Quest will be uploaded more quickly up front; the spin-off series will be spread out over the course of 2008.

  Awesome T-shirt idea

OK, so it may not look totally awesome here, but just check out the site. I wouldn't want to give anything away.


Threadless T-Shirts

  UFOs in popular culture

Very cool pictures -- and there's a whole lot of them.


UFOPOP...Flying Saucers In Popular Culture

  The Last Stand

Best flash game ever. And there are zombies in it.


The Last Stand.

  Moustache Me

Cool website which sells moustache stickers for vandalizing ads.


Moustache Me

First Rule of the Moustache...

We do not officially endorse property damage and we hate the word vandalism (ew!).

The moustaches available here are simple vinyl stickers and are therefore semi-permanent fixtures.

Do with them what you will but note that we disavow all connections to you and your actions.

Batman was everything: cowboy, samurai, ninja, ass-kicker. If only he was part ghost-pirate ... man, that would be really cool.

YouTube - Batman: Gotham Knight

St. Patrick's Day is coming up. Better learn all you can about booze, cause there's going to be a test.

Topless Robot - The 10 Greatest Things Booze Is Responsible For

7) The Work of Ernest Hemingway


Ernest Hemingway drank more in one night than some people down in a lifetime. He drank in-between hunting wild game, running with the bulls, and churning out some of the finest literature of the 20th century, in which the characters also drink, heavily and constantly. No sober man would have done what Hemingway did, and no one else could have written such prose without having experience life so...boozily. Also, like other great drunkards, Ernest Hemingway has a drink named for him: Cuba's famous El Floridita makes the "Papa Doble," which is a extra-rum-soaked double frozen daiquiri.

It gets a little heady, but this Wired article does have a good analysis of weapons used in monster movies, and how they might actually be used in a real-life monster situation.

How To: Stop a 500-Foot Monster (Think Missiles, Not Bombs) | Danger Room from

Back in the old days, things were fairly simple. When King Kong climbed the Empire State Building, he could be taken out by a squadron of Curtiss SB2C Helldivers . But since then there has been some inflation and apes 20 â.. 45 meters tall (Wikipedia's estimate) are small stuff.

The giant ants in Them! still weren't that gigantic, and the army could deal with them using poison gas and flamethrowers. But by 1955, when a mutated Tarantula the size of a skyscraper turned up, the only solution was to call the Air Force. Bombing with high explosive had no effect â.. presumably the creature's exoskeleton was too tough. In the end napalm did the trick, setting the creature ablaze (is chitin really flammable?). It may have helped that the pilot carrying out the strike was one Clint Eastwood, then an unknown bit-part player.

Very very cool. Makes me want to see the film again.

This was apparently a school project. The song is "Machine" by the Buddy Rich Band off the album Big Swing Face (1967).

YouTube - Star Wars vs. Saul Bass

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