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Cool. I'm rewatching season 2 of Twin Peaks on DVD.

^ The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes ^

January 3, 8 P.M.

The 24th Street gang stole my tape recorder. My plan was working just as I had hoped. I followed the suspect for a block but was unable to get a confession on tape. I then attempted to fool the gangsters into believing that I would like to join the gang. It was at that point that they noticed the potatoes in my pack and began taking them. When they saw my tape recorder, they grabbed that and threw the potatoes at me as I ran for cover. For two days it was in the hands of the gang. And today was recovered by police when they arrested them for stealing a car outside the Band Box Theater. I have decided that if I am going to ever fight crime again, I must be better prepared. The recorder is undamaged. Dad has checked it and says that it is A-okay. He also said that he was very proud of me fighting against the gang, but that I should use better disguises than potatoes. I also discovered that you cannot record through a glove. There is still no sign of Bradley's bike.

This might just make Vader cool again.


Star Wars: Community | Underground Artists Take on the Sith in The Vader Project

Pop surrealist, graffiti, tattoo, lowbrow, comic and underground artists Shag, Paul Frank, Tim Biskup, Frank Kozik, Marc Ecko, Amanda Visell, Tim Biskup, J. Otto Seibold, Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Urban Medium and Jeff Soto, among others, show their allegiance to the dark side by customizing Darth Vader helmets in landmark gallery exhibition called The Vader Project, to debut at Star Wars Celebration IV on May 24 to 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Vader Project is presented by Master Replicas, and curated by Dov Kelemer of DKE Toys, one of the largest designer vinyl and art-toy distributors in the world, exclusively representing over 50 companies, artists, and designers. Kelemer gathered the hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists and designers and gave each artist a Master Replicas 1:1 scale prop replica of the Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films. Each helmet served as a blank canvas for each artist to paint, design, mash up and customize in their own unique style.


Watch a map showing Flickr images showing where they are being uploaded from. Fun to watch for the whole family. Well that is if your family is your cat...

  Casket pool table

Pretty spooky. I'm thinking of getting this for my bar. It would be even better if it opened up.


Sleek and Graceful construction. This pool table will compliment a contemporary upscale decor. High polished black lacquer, exotic hardwood. Choose black cloth and mother of pearl coffin shaped inlaid sights. Play on a 1.25" one piece slate playing surface. Make this table the center of attention anywhere!

The Manhattan - Casket Gaming

Cause it's the devil, I tells ya...


TIKI - a Jack Chick-style Tract

DVD Flick aims to be a simple but at the same time powerful DVD Authoring tool. It can take a number of video files stored on your computer and turn them into a DVD that will play back on your DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set. You can add additional custom audio tracks as well as subtitles of your choice.

Supported file container formats are, amongst others, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, ASF, FLV, Matroska and MP4. Supported codecs are amongst others, MPEG-1\2\4 (XVid, DivX, etc.), Windows Media Audio\Video. MP3, OGG Vorbis, H264, and On2 VP5\6.

DVD Flick

  Welcome to Lucha Loco

I was trying to pick my fav costume. There are some pretty interesting. So far Maximo has the most revealing... he's wearing the pick one.

  Awesome Tiki Aquarium

Aloha Tiki - Model OCEAN-ALOHA-TIKI

With swaying palms and the echo of distant drums, let the Aloha Tiki model transport you into the romance of Polynesia. This cylindrical aquarium is incorporated within a delicately carved Tiki statue, detailed with native images. With its hand-carved appearance and authentic finishes, this aquarium is sure to be a conversation piece.


Aquarium With Sense....Aloha Tiki

Pretty neat. Mine just looks like a USB drive.


2007 Top 10 weirdest USB drives!

  Buy an island

Hey, psst. Wanna buy an island?

Islands for Sale, Real Estate, Private Islands

Welcome to the World's #1 resource for everything Private Islands. With the largest selection of private islands for sale and private islands for rent , we are the point of reference for serious Island enthusiasts. We invite you to browse through our listings of hundreds of available private islands from all over the globe. Whether it's a tropical island washed by the warm Caribbean, or a pine-covered hideaway in a northern lake, you're sure to find an island for sale for every taste and budget. It's time to turn the dream into reality; explore the possibilities.

[In Belgrade] a recent police investigation "into the mysterious shooting of two soldiers has revealed the existence beneath the Serbian capital of a secret communist-era network of tunnels and bunkers that could have served as recent hideouts for some of the world's most-wanted war crimes suspects. The 2-square-mile complex â.. dubbed a 'concrete underground city' by the local media â.. was built deep inside a rocky hill in a residential area of Belgrade in the 1960s on the orders of communist strongman Josip Broz Tito. Until recently its existence was known only to senior military commanders and politicians."

So how big is this concrete underground city?

"Tunnels stretching for hundreds of yards link palaces, bunkers and safe houses. Rooms are separated by steel vault doors 10 feet high and a foot thick. The complex has its own power supply and ventilation."


But hundreds of yards? That's nothing ... a secret, 240-acre underground bunker-city has recently come onto the UK housing market.

BLDGBLOG: Subterranean bunker-cities

One wonders what will happen once Sealand is sold?

Become a Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness

Get yourself a Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness Title from the Principality of Sealand!

Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness!

Do you sometimes get the feeling you were destined for greatness? Would you like people to show you the respect you deserve?
How would you like to join the ranks of the privileged few?

Well, no longer do you have to be content just being Mr. or Mrs. Average. Now, you can join the silver spoon club without resorting to marriage or inheritance.

Yes - you can now become an official Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness of Sealand.

  Sealand for sale

This would be more cool, if it hadn't caught fire and burned down last year...



For sale: World's smallest country - Peculiar Postings -

For sale: The world's smallest country with its own flag, stamps, currency and passports.

Apply to Prince Michael of Sealand if you want to run your own nation, even if it is just a wartime fort perched on two concrete towers in the North Sea.

Built in World War II as an anti-aircraft base to repel German bombers, the derelict platform was taken over 40 years ago by retired army Maj. Paddy Roy Bates, who went to live there with his family.

  Awesome X-mas present

The new Swiss Army knife contains 85 devices, weighs 2lb and costs nearly £500. But can you actually use it for anything?

The Giant is supposed to feature every blade that has ever been incorporated into Swiss Army knives as made by Wenger, one of the two firms that make them . "We've sold 20 to retailers so far, and we can't get them in fast enough," says Garry Woodhouse of Whitby and Co, sole importer of Wenger knives into Britain. "They're assembled by hand in Switzerland, and I'm told that the man doing it is working his fingers to the bone."

This might explain why my version of the Giant seems to have its tools arranged in a different order from the listing on the Wenger website, so that I am in danger of mistaking the reamer for the golf-club face cleaner, or committing the faux pas of attempting to use the fish-hook disgorger to tighten my bicycle spokes. And I admit that I just can't find some of the devices that I know are definitely in there: the mysterious "special key", for example, or the elusive "12/20 gauge choke tube tool".

Call that a knife? | Consumer and ethical living | Life and Health


Santarchy & Santacon
â..No force on earth can stop one hundred Santas!â. Was Mom wrong? Study says you shouldn't sit up straight

Defying the age-old advice of parents and teachers, a new study shows that you're better off sitting back than sitting up.

An Alberta researcher has found that while seated, with feet flat on the ground, leaning back to create a 135-degree angle between the thighs and trunk is much less straining on the spine and will not lead to the potentially chronic back pain associated with sitting in an upright position for extended periods of time.

Armed with a digital camera and that non-stop wit of yours, you now have the power to turn a simple photograph into an inspirational message that will burn forever in the hearts and minds of dozens. Print it, frame it! Make two -- we know you've got hundreds of digital images and photos to spare! But don't worry if you can't think of anything... remember, there's an old proverb that says just about whatever you want it to.


Motivator: Create your own custom poster -- Inspire! Motivate! Mock!


retroCRUSH: The World's Greatest Pop Culture Site

Sure, the Sweat Hogs were all fairly popular in their day, but to think some poor 7 year old kid was wandering the streets dressed up as Gabe Kaplan is a crying shame. If you were really cool, you could wear the mask with a basketball uniform and go as Gabe Kaplan from FASTBREAK, or just go naked with it as Ron Jeremy.


Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Make A Cylon Jack-O-Lantern

The scanning eye of the Cylons is awfully similar to the one that KITT had on Knight Rider. It's possible that KITT was built by Glen A. Larson using recycled Cylon technology. As some people have pointed out, the scanner also similar to the eye of the robot Gort in The Day the Earth Stood Still. You can even watch the relevant clip from that movie on YouTube, but you might notice that it's not quite the same.

Although the basic premise is the same, for some reason there are a lot more KITT circuits than Cylon circuits floating around on the net. (There are some Cylon circuits; Here is one that looks complicated!) The starting point for our circuit is the "standard" KITT scanner circuit. There are quite a few variations on the basic theme, and we'll pick and choose the parts that we like.

  Stephen Reed Design

From the melting candle shade, to the hockey stick broom, to the scrabble furniture, this guy comes up with all the cool ideas I wanted to come up with.



  Mahina Expeditions

One of the best resources I've seen on the 'net for buying boats.

Mahina Expeditions

Boat Selection

Selecting a cruising boat is one of the most important decisions in preparing for an offshore voyage and often is a pivotal point in the changing of dreams from "Let's take off and go cruising some time", into the reality of "Let's get outfitted and go". Obviously there isn't any single design perfect for everyone; the boat you choose should be safe, comfortable, well built, and ideally capable of fast passages and prove to be a good investment. The process of selecting and purchasing a boat for long distance cruising usually takes a minimum of six to 12 months. First you'll need to research boat types which suit your budget and cruising plans. Be patient, ask questions and learn everything you can and keep an open mind. If your plans are for coastal cruising you'll be able to consider a wider range of boats than those suited for long-distance ocean passages. Secondly you'll need to locate, examine, survey, test sail, complete the purchase transaction and possibly ship or deliver your new boat to a place convenient for outfitting.

If you make a poor choice you may be plagued with structural problems, leaks, slow uncomfortable passages, endless repairs and a low resale price. I mention resale price now, because the money used for purchasing a cruising boat often represents a substantial part of many people's life savings. Although sailboats are rarely a "good" investment in strictly monetary terms, you'll want to recoup as much of your original purchase price as possible when it comes time to sell.

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