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  The Lego Suicides

heh ... combining a morbid sense of humor and LEGOs...


The Lego Suicides - a photoset on Flickr

From the "Cewl Architecure Dept.":



The concept borrows heavily from sailboat construction and rigging practice. Itâ..s a marriage of tree house and sailboat technology. The wooden spheres are built much like a cedar strip canoe or kayak. The suspension points on the spheres are similar to the chain plate attachments on a sailboat. The stairways are hung from the tree much like a sailboats shrouds hang from the mast.

A suspended sphere is tethered, by 3 nearly vertical ropes, to each of 3 separate trees. This distributes the load over 3 trees and results in a stable hang. Kind of like an inverted three legged stool. There will be almost equal tension in each of the three suspension ropes. The sphere resides in the centre of the triangle formed by the 3 trees, from 5 to 100â.. off the ground. The triangle formed by 3 old trees was called a sacred grove in the druid tradition. Each grove was influenced by the type and age of the trees. Iâ found that to be my experience as well. The flavour of a grove changes considerably with the type of trees.

The sphere is accessed by a spiral stairway and short suspension bridge. The two lower back suspension points of the sphere are tied horizontally to the two back trees, to keep the suspension bridge from folding. The door faces the â..door treeâ. and the suspension bridge connects the two. A helical stairway spirals up or down from the suspension bridge to the ground or next level.

Spherical architecture has many new features. For example the walls and ceiling become â..Oneâ.. I call it uniwall construction. There are only 2 sides to a sphere: inside and outside. A sphere reflects energy waves from a source within to a spot directly opposite the geographic centre of the sphere. This can be seen from sound. If I rub my fingers together on one side of the centre and have my ears on the opposite side, the same distance away, it sounds like the sound is happening inside my head. When your head is centred in the sphere every sound you make comes back to you. From a healing point of view this is beneficial. All true healing involves getting in touch with yourself. Having every emanation reflected back to you helps.

  The Pandaâ..s Thumb

Cewl website full of evolutionary biologists and scientists. Worth keeping an eye on in these dark ages.

The Panda's Thumb

The Pandaâ..s Thumb is the collaborative effort of a large group of people from all over the world. The contributions of a diverse range of individuals will hopefully add up to a valuable resource for our readers.

The Panda's Thumb is the virtual pub of the University of Ediacara. The patrons gather to discuss evolutionary theory, critique the claims of the antievolution movement, defend the integrity of both science and science education, and share good conversation

  Atheists in foxholes

Support all your troops. Not just the X-tians.

Atheists in Foxholes - Welcome

We know that despite the claims of ill-informed political leaders, media pundits and religious leaders, there are and have been many â..Atheists in Foxholes!â. Over 30 million Americans are not affiliated with any religious group or sect; they do not attend church, mosque, or temple, and they have a â..secularâ. outlook on life. This number includes many Atheists, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and others who simply look for a rational -- not â..god-basedâ. lifestyle. And many have served, and are serving proudly in our nation's armed forces!

Give the gift of body armour, cell phone stun guns, Darwin posters, Dionaea muscipula, and Neanderthal skulls at this Swarthmore College website. Help give evolution a boost in the U.S.

How about a book by Darwin? Perhaps "On the Origin of Species", "The Descent of Man", or, everyone's controversial favorite, "The Formation of Vegetable Moulds through the Action of Worms with Observations of Their Habits".

Gifts for public school science teachers

  Bible Disclaimer Sticker

Awesome. You can put these in all your hotel-room bibles. Take that, Kansas.


Bible Disclaimer Store :

I hate this game. It's keeping me from doing work.


Falling Sand Game - hosted by Chirag Mehta @

Wireless enthusiasts have been repurposing old satellite dishes for a while now, and with good reason... the dish helps focus the radio waves onto a directional antenna feed. These guys will show you how to build a biquad antenna feed that offers ranges of 8 miles or more. And they even mount the dish on their Subaru.


How-To: Build a WiFi biquad dish antenna - Engadget -

A clever little resource for all things Cthulhu. It may not be "online the liveliest awfulness," but it's pretty darn close.


Cthulhu Gallery

  Store of Loathing

Here you can purchase a variety of items usable in the real world to do such things as:

  • prevent people from seeing your nipples
  • make people laugh when they see your car. As if they don't already
  • keep beer and liquor from spilling onto your kitchen table.

Unless otherwise specified, all glassware is sweatshop free and all T-shirts are dishwasher-safe. Or something along those lines.


The Store of Loathing

Pin up girl meets zombie.

I'm not sure how up to date this article is, since they say the current version of Movable Type is 3.17. And I don't think he acutally reviewed the spam control in MT, either. MT's anti-spam mechanism is quite clever. I haven't had a junk comment or trackback ping yet.

Blog Software Smackdown: The Big 3 Reviewed [Site Planning]

Many Web developers will scoff at the idea of using somebody else's software. This is especially true when the software differs greatly from the specific needs a client has. However, when it comes to Weblog software, there's little reason to fear using a pre-written package. Many of these packages have years of development work behind them; they were not thrown together over a weekend and are consistently stable.

Another good reason to use a pre-written package is the feature set. It would take any developer months to write from scratch every feature in today's top Weblog software packages. For most of us, this is simply not a good use of our time. Besides, if you're choosing to publish your writings on the Web, you'll probably want to spend more time writing and less time coding.

  Star Wars Plush Ornaments

Nothing says X-mas like Star Wars. Always thought Darth Vader was getting a little soft...


ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Plush Ornaments

If I were a mean-spirited person, I would say that I hope to be left behind when the Rapture comes. When Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, the authors of the hugely successful (and profoundly mean-spirited) Left Behind series of novels, are whisked bodily off the Earth into blessedness, along with Falwell, Robertson, Dobson and their followers, we might just have a chance to create a society marked by peace, universal brotherhood, justice and -- yes -- reason.

I grew up with apocalypse, in the heart of the East Tennessee Bible Belt, driving those two-lane blacktops with their endless signs tacked to telephone poles, fence posts and trees -- "THE END IS NEAR," "JESUS IS COMING SOON." I always wondered why so many Americans want to believe in imminent apocalypse.

I suppose we like having our pants scared off -- like our affection for Halloween haunted houses, except with bigger stakes. And if you want to sell books, or fill your megachurch with willing tithers, you can't find a more scary topic than those galloping horsemen, Death, War, Famine and Disease.

Science Musings by Chet Raymo

  Japanese Halloween Ghosts

It's Halloween time! Like many other western customs (Christmas, Valentine's Day etc.), the Japanese easily adopt it, especially for commercial purposes. There are pumpkins displayed at the stores, and some people wear costumes and go to parties. However, there is no real custom for Halloween in Japan. I never experienced "Trick or Treating" with a cute costume when I was little...

I will tell you about Japanese ghosts, though the Japanese ghost is usually a thing of summer. The Japanese have their own ghosts, and there are a few terms to describe them.

Japanese Ghosts (1)

  Geek Wrapping Paper

Heheh. Awesome.


ThinkGeek :: Geeky Wrapping Paper

After years of toiling and desperation, our engineers at ThinkGeek Gift Labs(TM) have finally invented something so unique and innovative, it perplexes even the brightest minds as to how global society might be impacted. We'll explain it to you but if your brain explodes, we warned you. You see, we have taken the flesh of a tree, mixed it up with some water and other patented goos.

Nice looking house. I'm sure I could find a few things to do.

My Boring Ass Life � A Peek Into My Boring-Ass Life

Ever since I started 'My Boring-Ass Life', I've gotten a lot of requests for a complete layout of my house. Naturally, for many reasons, this is kinda out of the question. However, from time to time, I figure it'd be nice to share little pieces of where I live, by way of some badly-framed photos.

  Supersize that Soma

A great centralized location for all your Huxley soma quotes:

"..there is always soma, delicious soma, half a gramme for a half-holiday, a gramme for a week-end, two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East, three for a dark eternity on the moon..."

Soma in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (1932)

Really cewl blog from a guy in a New Orleans datacenter. Great pictures, webcam, etc....


The Interdictor

Sometime around midnight, a squad of 82nd Airborne guys accompanied by a US Marshall busted into our Data Center with their M4-A1s to investigate the lights and movement. Personally, I know they were just bored -- there's no way they honestly thought there was some kind of threat up here just yards away from several huge military and police presences. Anyway, they came up and demanded to account for us all. That means they told Donny, who was still up, to come wake up Crys and me in the side closet room type area where we sleep. I could hear Donny telling them that I was exSpecial Forces as he came to get me.

Thought this might be cool if you're going camping, or trying to survive in the land of the Beast King.... Pepsi Can Stove

The Pepsi Can stove is composed of four parts: three pieces made from soda cans and some foil tape. Two soda can bottoms are the exterior pieces. The upper can is turned upside down and fits over the lower can. The center "bowl" of the upper can is cut out making a large hole for easy fuel filling and lighting. Small burner holes are made around the perimeter of the top section. A cylinder made from the wall of a third soda can serves as an interior wall to the stove, thus the stove has a hollow double wall construction like the Trangia. Heat resistant foil tape holds the two exterior pieces together and prevents flame leaks.

  The "Bender" PC case mod

Bite my shiny metal case mod.

bender_pc_mod.jpg - projects - bender case

Stuart Ross, England, has built his own rocket belt -- one of very few now existing in the world!


The rocket grade hydrogen peroxide, that he needs as a fuel for the belt is currently not available on the English market, so Stuart also had to build his own distillation and purification plant to produce high concentrated pure rocket grade hydrogen peroxide from lower concentration commercial grades HP.

Stuart Ross Rocketbelt :: Peroxide Propulsion

Pretty keen flash CGI animation of a naval ship transforming into a robot. It's acthually an ad for the Singapore Navy, in an attempt to get recruits.


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