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  Blackstar Warrior

Hey, I'm just talkin' about Lando.

YouTube - Blackstar Warrior Trailer

Now, if only they'll do something on dimensional shamblers.

Monstrous Wildlife from Frank Robnik on Vimeo.

Monstrous Wildlife: Graboids

Looks good. Except maybe there's too much Sgt. Hatred.

Update: If the video's not working, try here:

  Valley of the Arkhams

Awesome surf punk music with a darker depth to it.



Valley of the Arkhams

  Abstract Art Tattoos

Some pretty awesome tattoo jobs. Sure they look like someone just spilled some paint on themselves, but that's the beauty of it:

These are tattoos that look like you spilled paint on yourself.


Amanda Wachob Tattoo

  Garden Zombie

From ThinkGeek. Hey, this is all kinds of awesome.


ThinkGeek :: Garden Zombie

  Lego meets Starcraft

I remember this game. Legos just make it more awesome.

YouTube - Lego Starcraft: Brick Rush

Takes a long time to make, but the payoff is pure awesome.

YouTube - How to make a Daft Punk helmet in 17 months

  Bad Universe Trailer

Finally, a good show about a bad universe. Starring everyone's favourite bad astronomer, Phil Plait.

YouTube - Bad Universe - Sneak Peek | New Series

  Shogun Star Wars

Excellent set of images. Star Wars in feudal Japan.

Too subtle?


Star Wars no Estilo Shogun | BLCKDMNDS

Another excellent bit with Carl Sagan.

YouTube - Carl Sagan: Consider Again That Pale Blue Dot


Laputa + Futurama = Awesome

Hayao Miyazaki meets Bender "Bending" Rodriguez in this awesome fan art pic.


Unreality - A Gallery of Futurama Like You've Never Seen

Seriously, just listen to it!!

YouTube - Nature Boy - Nat King Cole

I'm offended by this. Porn is so much better than god.

To an atheist, God is like porn. And as you might imagine, God is everywhere online. At times, God's e-presence becomes quite overwhelming to the individual who is attempting to live a God-free life.

Now atheists can live a pure godless life online. No longer will you be led astray by the Holy Spirit or the Dalia Lama while doing Internet searches. You can overcome. And we can help. Why not take the temptation away from your computer and block all-things God from showing up in your online searches?


But this is the best part:

Order today and we'll throw in our BlockBono device absolutely free.

Are you an atheist? Block God online today! | Jesus Needs New PR

You remember Tron, right? No?

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