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  Hitler Nazi Zombies

The film would have been called "Worst Case Scenario" if it had been made. Might have even been awesome.

I wonder if Godwin's Law counts here ....

YouTube - Worst Case Scenario Trailer 1

Second tailer is here:

YouTube - Worst Case Scenario Trailer 2

Apologies if I've posted this before.

  Star Wars Pin-Up Posters

A beautiful speech. Brings out the emotional atheist in me.

YouTube - The Pale Blue Dot - full speech

  George Takei Rules

He filled out his 2010 census form.

YouTube - BE COUNTED - George Takei & Brad Altman

I like the new look.


Here, look at the trailer:

YouTube - Futurama teaser trailer

And while we're at it, look at the animatics for the first 3 minutes of the new episode:

They did it! They said it was impossible, but now Olivier Laurent, a British photographer, has blogged some test pictures from the first batch of Polaroid film since everything expired last year.

The results? Not good. Overly sensitive, and subject to minute temperature variations? What does this mean? Awesomeness! There's now film for our old Polaroid cameras. The film's just going to get better.


This hands-on preview is based on only one cartridge of the new PX100, and considering instant film's particularities, a positive or negative judgment should be based on more than eight shots. But my initial impressions are that PX100 behaves like a expired pack of 779 or Time-Zero. You're never sure of what you will get. To be fair, Impossible did warn us about this during its press conference yesterday. A slight change in temperature or pressure can ruin or enhance your image.

1854, the blog of the British Journal of Photography

... or is it. The first half of this video is depressing.

Cynical-C | The Future of Publishing

Well, this is convenient. I've always wanted to get paid doing what I love.


Create your own Brock Samson license

Clever ad for the Samsung DCC camera. I love their screen names.

But it does highlight the very real problem of staged profile pictures, and why you shouldn't trust them.

YouTube - Do not Trust Profile Pictures! Samsung DCC

  Star Wars Nerd Burlesque

Oh. Your. God.

I caught myself rewinding just to check the release date. Damn it! I have to wait until December?

YouTube - Tron Legacy Official Trailer 2 HD

  Evolution made easy

Another awesome video from Thunderf00t.

YouTube - Evolution for IDiots (remix)

  Oh, there's my jetpack!

Ah, the future is strange indeed.

YouTube - Ray flys Martin Jetpack for a VIP

I always figured biathlon should be like this. You've got skiing and guns.

YouTube - 13 eme Rue Deadly Skiing commercial

This one's probably the most NSFW of the bunch. And it's not very NSFW. Though it would get you jail time in Australia.


French Illustrators Pin-Ups: Pics, Videos, Links, News

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