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  Williams Coffee Today

Williams Coffee Today - Uploaded by Zuckervati.

And a book. They seem to know me here, as they had my coffee already poured by the time I got to the counter. How nice.

  Morning with "Hell"

Stuck on a conference call with a large Canadian telco company (rhymes with "hell"). There's 4 of us on our side, representing Support, Marketing, Sales, and Development. On their side, there's about 38 people, and this presentation apparently will be running for several hours. It took about 20 min. just to get all the participants on board.

I'm drinking a Starbucks coffee (café americano), and I've got a package of Halls sitting nearby, because I feel a sore throat coming on. That was something I didn't need today - the thought that I'm getting a cold.

  A little revelation

I had a little revelation today... If I don't write this stuff down, I'm quite likely to forget it. I think my memory's been getting worse lately, and if something's not related to pop-culture or tech stuff in some way, I have a hard time keeping it in my head. Sometimes I'm amazed at what stays in there and what gets lost in the shuffle.

  Leisurely Saturday

Spent the better part of this afternoon drinking coffee and people-watching in Café 1842 on King St. Drank a couple of double espressos and read up on a few local events in Echo magazine.

Would have liked to see a little WiFi access point in this café, since it's times like this that I want to write in a journal or something, maybe browse the web or chat with friends (those who know me understand my affinity with IM chat sessions /irony).

One thing about '1842 is that with its exposed brick walls, cozy atmosphere, comfortable seating, and close proximity to the Barley Works pub, Princess Cinema, and Jane Bond restaurant -- it's a much more desirable place to be than the gelato place down the street. I really like the gelato café (and the nice people who work there), but the seats are uncomfortable, the tables are too high, and the seating area is in a high-traffic spot. Little things contribute to a somewhat uncomfortable experience for me.

  Moody Moods

Big snowstorm today. Made driving really bad for my car (sans snow tires). I'll have to get them put on sometime this weekend.

Did the arty thing, and spent last night chillin' at the Moody Blues Café (or the "Café Café", since the sign on the front of the house says as much). Great place. It's the main floor of this house on Regina St. that sells books, coffee, cakes, and a huge assortment of teas. The tea is scattered about on the main table, each blend in a different, unmarked container. The owner is best described as a little hepcat German lady, who's always wearing a beret. She often talks quietly about crazy things she used to do in far away lands, and about living in "the commune" with a bunch of interesting people. It's a mostly University crowd there, and once or twice, I thought I was trapped in a dream, much like in "Waking Life". Sometimes people get there and are compelled to talk like pseudo-intellectual students. Myself included. Sometimes you can't help it.

  Morning Musing

Up bright and early this morning. Drinking a cup of coffee and poking at my laptop. I'm very centralized this morning -- the coffee tastes good, but after each sip, I forget about the flavour and it leaves me with nothing. The sun is starting to shine in the east window, and it's hitting me right in the eyes, so I cower behind my laptop screen. Athena's with me on the couch, all content with her licking. She seems annoyed when I touch her, but only briefly. She's a big suck. After a few nice words from me, she gives me the blinking eye-thing that cats do when they're in love.

Another sip of coffee, and another momentary burst of flavour. At its worst, it's like drinking cream out of an ashtray. At its best, it's like some kind of smokey, earthy, primal life-giving force. Heh. I'm drinking out of my London Psychiatric Institute mug. Yup. It's a mug with a picture of the LPH on the front, with a big Canadian flag in the background sky. I'd never sell this mug for anything.

Was thinking about putting webcam pics back on the main site, something I haven't done in a while -- since it got boring for me. I have kind of been slacking of doing a lot of website stuff, including getting some of my travel picks online. Of course the blog thing hasn't been exactly a daily thing either. That's got to change. I really started this thing as an exercise in both writing and sanity. But, like most things in my life, I keep falling off the wagon when they become boring to me. I have to get back to the gym, have to take more art photos, paint some more, and get to those coffee shops and be seen. I can't influence culture if I just sit here (well, technically I can, but it's going to be pretty difficult, unless I can get more hits on my website).

The culture thing is all about getting my image out there. I think that's some good motivation for putting up more pics of me. I can also get some more KW pics as well, and make myself more relevant to those in the local area with web access. Who knows, I still may be that local celebrity after some hard work.

Time to shower and get to werk.

  Blood Feast II

Went to see "Blood Feast II" with a new friend last night -- a sneak preview -- in Toronto! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get up there in time, and the flick had already started (stupid me).

We ended up hanging out at this cool café on Queen St. for the rest of the evening. Tequila Bookworm. Great sandwiches, great coffee, and a great selection of hard-to-find/alternative magazines. I had a terrific time -- reminds me what great things Toronto has to offer (I mean, the very fact I was able to miss a sneak preview of "Blood Feast II" says something). Too bad everything's so damned expensive.

  Grabba Jabba

I'm in Grabba Jabba, the local coffee house that's not Starbucks. Drinking an Afternoon Blend with cream and sugar -- what most people in Ontario call a "Regular." Going to do some more work on this music piece that's been bothering me for about a week. I feel like I'm losing my interest in art -- this sometimes happens when I get other things going, or I get too stressed; since I'm not too stressed right now, it must be that I'm trying to do too many things at once, and losing interest in them.

I'm also losing focus: it seems that so many things are happening, and I just can't keep up. It's gotten to the point where it's quite humourous. I find myself in the middle of a six-way conversation, and I just start laughing at the whole situation.

Of course, then I get these weird looks, and people ask me what's so funny. I usually make up some kind of joke I once heard on Comedy Network, and it passes without further investigation.

Probably going to check out a club tonight, since it's getting boring at home. The cats are trying to fatten up for the winter (while I'm trying to slim down), and they are getting lethargic. I find it strange when cats watch TV, especially when nothing interesting is on. What kind of TV show could hold a cat's interest for any length of time? The answer seems to be whatever's playing on Turner. I hate the channel, but the cats seem to enjoy the "Edited for Content," "Time Expanded," and "Formatted to Fit Your Screen" shows that populate the late-night line-up.

I'm sitting in the Second Cup on University and Philip. It's nice and quiet -- most of the patrons are either engaged in quiet personal conversations, or they're busy studying for finals. I'm here, ticking away at the laptop, and listening to music from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. At least it's different from the easier-listening stuff that was on a minute ago.

I like being in quiet, yet crowded places. It helps me think, and doesn't distract me too much, but I don't feel like I'm alone. I get to listen in on other people's discussions, and can think about what they do after they leave. I get to imagine what their lives are like, and what they might do in certain situations.

Sometimes I imagine dirty things (I bet you've been thinking that), but mostly I imagine people doing mundane things, such as what they'd be eating for dinner, what television shows they watch, how they might clean their homes. I wonder what they'd be like if I were to get to know them. It's neat: I can do all this without actually having to get to know them.

  Williams Coffee Pub

I'm sitting in Williams Coffee Pub on Fairview Road, drinking coffee. It's not very strong, or good, and the cream has maybe only one or two more days before it turns.

I'm listening to DJ Lithium Presents - State of the Union.mp3. I got it off of the DIGITALLY IMPORTED site. This guy(?) does some pretty good work. I've been trying to find more of his(?) stuff.

I heard today that KPMG says it's illegal to link to their site, so like a good space cadet, I won't offer links to their site on my page, and I surely won't link to the cewl KPMG theme music. Let this be a reminder to all those who would foolishly do something like this. Read KPMG's legal disclaimer before trying anything, and if you're not sure, get your parents to help you.

You know what else I won't do? I definitely will never put the KPMG theme song into the Zuckervati Radio rotation. So you'll never ever hear that song playing.

Tried to get into the gym tonight, but the parking lot was full, apparently Thursdays are when all the people pretending to get fit head out to the gym to be seen. I'll have to try back later when it's not so crowded.

  Kerouac and Jane Bond

I finished off Kerouac's Dharma Bums, and wow -- what a fine ending. I've just started on Desolation Angels, a suitable book to follow it. The introduction is an interesting description of Kerouac as seen from the eyes of another writer and lover -- one who examines his psyche and shows us the downside of being the quintessential Beat poet: Kerouac was still alone and homeless after all his friends were settled down, and he became famous despite his rejection of the Great American Dream. I'm completely fascinated by this book, and I haven't really started reading it.

I was actually a bit disappointed tonight when I went to the Jane Bond, expecting either some DJs playing and mixing, or a quiet evening so I could read. Turned out to be another band playing, neither Jazz, nor Folk, and a cover charge was required. I managed to charm the manager into letting me drink coffee and read for a while (before the band started up), and I was out of there in plenty of time to hit the grocery store on the way home.

  Time for party

Time for party. Got this neat-o Road Warrior costume with a big red mohawk. I had to make the wig myself, since no one in KW had anything appropriate...


Costume? What costume? It's not too bad, since I only spent about $20, including the stage makeup and liquid latex.

Had to do work on a SATURDAY, for crying out loud! We're getting near the end of the quarter and I've still got to finish up some tasks, so this is the only time I can do it. All well and good, but I feel seriously cheated come Monday morning.

Went out to the Jane Bond tonight around 11:00pm but couldn't even get in the door -- it was that busy. So I went over to Williams Coffee Pub instead, opting for coffee instead of beer. I watched for 20 minutes while some server patrolled the restaurant looking for the person who bought the latté. I tried calling to her, waving the little number plaque around, all to no avail. Finally she went back up to the counter and her co-workers pointed in my direction. The latté was cold, but they made fun of her all night long. A small but acceptable consolation.

Hee hee. A friend sent me this link tonight. From the name, I thought it was going to be dirty:


OH MY GOD, I HAVE TV! Well, with this make-shift antenna, I get two whole channels along with more snow than we saw at X-mas. Not too bad though. After an hour of lame Thursday night sitcoms, and another hour of having voices and music in the background, I realized how superficial television was. Not only did it not help my terrible loneliness, it simply made it more pronounced after not having TV for three weeks. I came to the realization that television is just a poor surrogate for having real people around; it's less effective than sitting alone in a sparsely populated coffee shop.

Speaking of sparsely populated coffee shops, I have to admit that Grabba Jabba, the local downtown coffee shop is one of the better places in which to be alone. For one, it's quite small, so there's little echo, even when the place is near empty. Also, the coffee's fairly serviceable, but I recommend the daily strong blend, because it will have the most coffee-like flavour, and not seem so much like a watered-down English Breakfast tea. Sure it smells like an ashtray, but it at least tastes like coffee. To the fine folks at Grabba Jabba, I'm just kidding. The place really gives me the chance to read in a quiet environment, drink coffee, and be surrounded by people, while being totally alone.

I'm currently reading Douglas Coupland's Miss Wyoming, a really great book which is sort of a cross between Crying of Lot 49, On the Road, and The Great and Secret Show. It's a fantastic read, and much more plot-based than Microserfs, but with the same nihilism that both Coupland and Pynchon seem to exude. I can't wait to finish it.

  Oakenfold CD and a latté

Snagged the latest (?) Paul Oakenfold CD set and will be playing it on Winamp for the rest of the evening. Pretty standard fare, with the second CD being more ambient than big beat techno. Ooooh, I sound like an expert, no?

Right. System resources. The scourge of using computers. (sigh) I hate Windows 98. I can't even view my page right now. Better save while there's still room.


Whup, caught me drinking my latté. Like this was by accident. I'm down to 75 more lattés to go before my espresso machine has paid for itself. What's funny here (you can't see it, but it's funny to me) is that my computer is so low on memory that I can't even see this picture, and am relying on my own memory.

By the way, it's this memory problem which is hampering my ability to get these entries out every day. Sorry for dropping 3 entries all at once.

  Ah sweet coffee.

Ah sweet coffee. All my prayers have been answered.... Those kind, gentle people at Starbucks™ have finally provided me with an espresso machine. This is the pinnacle of human achievement; a technological marvel. It's Fire Engine Red, and makes one hell of a Latté.


[Update:] C-c-c-coffee... t-t-too m-m-much c-c-coffee. Ah well, only 96 more lattés before this thing has paid for itself. When you think about it, that's not that many -- only like 2 weeks worth.

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