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  Cool ads from Calle 13

Very cool IKEA-like ads for a suspense and action satellite channel.


Calle 13 advertising | Design You Trustâ.¢

The ADL has issued a statement on Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Just so we remember who these guys are:

"For 95 years, ADL has been combating anti-Semitism and bigotry of all kinds."

So, presumably, they are authorities on stuff like the Holocaust. I'd like to hear what Ben Stein has to say about this. Or maybe I don't want to know.

Anti-Evolution Film Misappropriates the Holocaust

The film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed misappropriates the Holocaust and its imagery as a part of its political effort to discredit the scientific community which rejects so-called intelligent design theory.

Hitler did not need Darwin to devise his heinous plan to exterminate the Jewish people and Darwin and evolutionary theory cannot explain Hitler's genocidal madness.

Using the Holocaust in order to tarnish those who promote the theory of evolution is outrageous and trivializes the complex factors that led to the mass extermination of European Jewry.

What a twist!

Nickelodeon, Par team for 'Airbender' - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety

Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies will release M. Night Shyamalan's live-action bigscreen adaptation of the popular animated TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" on July 2, 2010.

Studio has dropped "Avatar" from the title of the action-adventure so as to avoid confusion with James Cameron's 3-D epic "Avatar," which 20th Century Fox opens Dec. 18, 2009.

"Airbender" is the first pic to claim that date.

  When terminators love

Ah, Spring, and the Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4's thoughts turn to something other than killing all humans.


It seems like they did *everything* wrong when making this film.

Yoko sues filmmakers over Imagine | Entertainment | Reuters

John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, and his sons are suing the filmmakers of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" for using the song "Imagine" in the documentary without permission.

Lennon recorded the song in 1971 and in 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it No. 3, in their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, according to the lawsuit.

Yoko Ono, son, Sean Ono Lennon, and Julian Lennon, John Lennon's son from his first marriage, along with privately held publisher EMI Blackwood Music Inc filed suit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan seeking to bar the filmmakers and their distributors from continuing to use "Imagine" in the movie.

  New X-files film on track

Hmmm. I seem to remember a show called the X-files. It was quite a while ago. Wasn't it about the same time Twin Peaks was on?

The title is out there for upcoming X-Files film

Sure enough, Chris Carter doesn't know how many people out there will be familiar with the show, though he insists it's still relevant:

"It has struck me over the last several years talking to college-age kids that a lot of them really don't know the show or haven't seen it," Carter said.

"If you're 20 years old now, the show started when you were four. It was probably too scary for you or your parents wouldn't let you watch it. So there's a whole new audience that might have liked the show."

  Ben Stein: Win His Career

Whoa, how bad can it be when FOX is making fun of you? - Mariah Carey's New Album: First Review - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment

Directed by one Nathan Frankowski, "Expelled" is a sloppy, all-over-the-place, poorly made (and not just a little boring) "expose" of the scientific community. Itâ..s not very exciting. But it does show that Stein, whoâ..s carved out a career selling eye drops in commercials and amusing us on sitcoms, is either completely nuts or so avaricious that heâ..s abandoned all good sense to make a buck.


What the producers of this film would love, love, love is a controversy. Thatâ..s because itâ..s being marketed by the same people who brought us "The Passion of the Christ." Theyâ hoping someone will latch onto an anti-Semitism theme here, since thereâ..s a visit to a concentration camp and the raised idea â.. apparently typical of the intelligent design community â.. that somehow the theory of evolution is so evil that it caused the Holocaust. Alas, this is such a warped premise that no oneâ..s biting.

  Heston's cold dead hands

I wonder if anyone ever got his gun away from him. Say what you will about him, good or bad, but I have about half a dozen of his films on DVD, and they're great.

Charlton Heston, dead at 84, left political mark to rival cinematic legacy - International Herald Tribune

Nancy Reagan was heartbroken over Charlton Heston's death. President Bush hailed him as a "strong advocate for liberty," while John McCain called Heston a devotee for civil and constitutional rights.

Even Michael Moore, who mocked Heston in his gun-control documentary "Bowling for Columbine," posted the actor's picture on his Web site to mark his passing.

I had to add this in, simply because it showed how much of an influence he was on modern culture. I also have this film on DVD. Around 1:33 is where it is.

Very cool news. A new Futurama film is coming June 24. There are a lot of sexy tentacles involved. And Stephen Hawking's in it.

futurama_beast_billion_backs.jpg Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

Now I have to go out and rent Kiss of Death (1947).

Film noir actor Richard Widmark dies at 93

Richard Widmark, the star of noir films such as Kiss of Death and Panic in the Streets, has died. He was 93.

Widmark often played deeply troubled or corrupt characters and even his good guy detectives were hardboiled types who did nothing to court sympathy.

Madigan, a 1968 film starring Widmark as an amoral police detective, was made into a short-lived TV series. The anti-hero character he played was a model for later actors, including Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry.

Batman was everything: cowboy, samurai, ninja, ass-kicker. If only he was part ghost-pirate ... man, that would be really cool.

YouTube - Batman: Gotham Knight

It gets a little heady, but this Wired article does have a good analysis of weapons used in monster movies, and how they might actually be used in a real-life monster situation.

How To: Stop a 500-Foot Monster (Think Missiles, Not Bombs) | Danger Room from

Back in the old days, things were fairly simple. When King Kong climbed the Empire State Building, he could be taken out by a squadron of Curtiss SB2C Helldivers . But since then there has been some inflation and apes 20 â.. 45 meters tall (Wikipedia's estimate) are small stuff.

The giant ants in Them! still weren't that gigantic, and the army could deal with them using poison gas and flamethrowers. But by 1955, when a mutated Tarantula the size of a skyscraper turned up, the only solution was to call the Air Force. Bombing with high explosive had no effect â.. presumably the creature's exoskeleton was too tough. In the end napalm did the trick, setting the creature ablaze (is chitin really flammable?). It may have helped that the pilot carrying out the strike was one Clint Eastwood, then an unknown bit-part player.

  What? A Tron Sequel?

Sure, IMDB says it's due in 2010, but we have an almost confirmation that it'll actually come to be in 2011. This begs the question "why not just hold off another year and make it an even 30 years between films?"

Disney Plans A Bumper 2011 (March 2nd 2008)

Now according to 'Zephyr', the studio is filling up its schedule again with big sequels and franchise entries. Most exciting is that the studio plans to release a sequel to 80's sci-fi classic "Tron" in Digital Disney 3D in the Spring of 2011. Previous reports had Joseph Kosinski in talks to direct.

What's all this, then? A sequel? I'm surprised Hollywood's not doing a remake. That's more their style.

More On The Last Starfighter Sequel

Yesterday here we were the first place anywhere to bring you the exciting news that a sequel to the 1984 sci-fi classic The Last Starfighter is in the works from George Paige and Associates, Relativity Media, and Universal Pictures. Now we have a few more details on classicâ..s return to the silver screen.

First, itâ..s all but confirmed that this thing is really happening. In addition to the information our scooper gave us last night, George Paige and Associates now has the movie listed as one of their credits on their official site...

Very very cool. Makes me want to see the film again.

This was apparently a school project. The song is "Machine" by the Buddy Rich Band off the album Big Swing Face (1967).

YouTube - Star Wars vs. Saul Bass

Crazy bill C-10 got inadvertantly passed into the senate with an overlooked provision that would allow the Canadian Heritage Minister to deny tax credits to films or television projects deemed offensive. So, essentially all good Canadian film projects could be axed, including most/all Cronenberg's stuff. Tories plan to withhold funding for 'offensive' productions

The Conservative government has drafted guidelines that would allow it to pull financial aid for any film or television show that it deems offensive or not in the public's best interest â.. even if government agencies have invested in them.

The proposed changes to the Income Tax Act would allow the Heritage Minister to deny tax credits to projects deemed offensive, effectively killing the productions. Representatives from Heritage and the Department of Justice will determine which shows or films pass the test.

Game and talk shows, news, sports, reality television and pornography are already excluded from access to the tax credits. The proposed prohibition would cover a sweeping range of material, such as anything of an explicit sexual nature, that denigrates a group or is excessively violent without an educational value.

Nooooooo! Are we so bankrupt of ideas that we'll remake a perfectly good film? Of course we are.

WB takes franchise turn with 'Akira' - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety

Warner Bros. will turn anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo's six-volume graphic novel "Akira" into two live-action feature films, the first of which is being fast tracked for release in summer 2009. Legendary will co-finance with WB.

Each feature will be based on three of the books in Otomo's series. The story takes place in New Manhattan, a metropolis that was rebuilt after being destroyed 31 years earlier. Otomo will exec produce the films.

Graphic novel was first adapted for the bigscreen in 1988 as a popular animated film which Otomo directed.

Aside from the Fox litigation issue ... here's two good reasons:



Courtroom Drama: Lawsuits for Watchmen, Passion

Fox is suing Warner Bros. over â..the right to develop, produce, and distributeâ. a film based on Watchmen. The Warners-produced, Zack Snyder directed version of the graphic novel has been tentatively scheduled for a March 2009 release. However, as stated in The Hollywood Reporter, Fox could put a stop to that, staing in its lawsuit that it seeks to â..restrain (Warner Bros. Pictures) from taking actions that violate Foxâ..s copyrights and which stand to forever impair Foxâ..s rights to control the distribution and development of this unique work.â.

Fox claims that between 1986 and 1990, it held the rights to the comic book series and screenplays by Charles McKdown and Sam Hamm. In 1991, Fox assigned some rights to Largo International, but retained the exclusive rights to distribute the first film based on Watchmen.

Me confused... wasn't Clone Wars already done (and done better) by Genndy Tartakovsky? This thing looks like Reboot, but less interesting, and poorly animated.

Now a Reboot movie. That would be cool.


Animated 'Star Wars' to hit theaters - Entertainment News, Animation, Media - Variety

Another "Star Wars" tale is on its way to the bigscreen, but it won't be distributed by Fox.

Lucasfilm has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures and Turner Broadcasting on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," a 3-D toon that will bow in theaters this August before moving to the smallscreen in the fall. The Aug. 15 feature will set the stage for the spinoff skein, which will bow on Cartoon Network, followed by airings on TNT. International release dates for the feature and TV series are still being set.

Multiplatform project is an expansion of the earlier "Clone Wars" microseries that aired on Cartoon Network. However, Fox's homevid arm released those episodes on DVD, just as it has distributed every "Star Wars" theatrical release since 1977.

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