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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is raising a stink about nearly a tonne of Québec cheese that has been sunk under 40 metres of water in a novel, but illegal, aging process.

Last fall, Luc Boivin of the Fromagerie Boivin in La Baie, Québec decided to try a new approach to aging cheddar. He submerged 10 barrels containing more than 900 kilograms of cheese in the Saguenay fiord.

CBC News: Bathing cheese raises stink with food agency

When it comes to the paraphernalia of barbecuing, they're as ubiquitous as charcoal briquettes, propane tanks and burger flippers. But those wire brushes used to clean the grill can be potentially deadly -- and in the most insidious way.

In the last year, doctors at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children have had to remove broken-off wire bristles from the throats of three patients, and in one case the barb had migrated through the child's neck and could have perforated a major blood vessel.

National Post

In the port city of Yokohama, south of Tokyo, there is a museum devoted entirely to noodle soup. It may be Japan's favourite foodie day out: one and a half million ramen fans visit the museum every year, and even on the wintry morning that I went the queue wound 50 yards down the street - young couples, mainly: cold, hungry and excited.

Inside the Yokohama Ramen Museum and Amusement Park they meet exhibitions on the evolution of soup bowls and instant noodle packets - more fascinating than you'd think, but these are not the main event. That's deep in the basement, where there's an entire street, done up to look like a raucous 1950s Yokohama harbour-front. Every shop houses a different noodle restaurant, each a clone of one of the best noodle shops of Japan. It's a culinary Madame Tussauds.

The Observer | Food monthly | If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn't everyone in Asia have a headache?

A fast food chain in northern Japan began offering a whale burger on Thursday, even as anti-whaling nations urged Japan to cut back on its catch at an international conference on whaling.

Restaurant chain Lucky Pierrot is serving a deep fried minke whale meat burger with lettuce and mayonnaise for $3.50 at its 10 restaurants in Hakodate on Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, once a whaling hub in the nation.

Japan is facing increasing international criticism for its research whaling program in which the whales are killed in order to study them and their meat is then sold. Critics say it is commercial hunting in disguise.

CANOE -- CNEWS - Science: Whale burger goes on sale

... at knowing anything about digital publishing law. They actually threatened a blogger 80,000 Euros for posting an online letter complaining about the service.

Wouldn't it be great if we could shut down anyone who wrote a bad review about restaurants (or movies, for that matter)?

Seriously, though, I've never been to this restaurant, and can't say anything about either the food or the service there.

CopyFraud: Lehtovaara. Back on my radar

I received a threat letter from a law firm. They are demanding me to take down my letter that is criticizing Ravintola Lehtovaara. I guess the fact that my letter is second in a Google search right after restaurants own page could make a difference.

I sent them the letter after we received really bad service. My letter is really objective and it is just pointing the difficulties the waiters had during our dinner. Seemed that Lehtovaara that is normally considered to be a good restaurant had a really bad day. The service was just unacceptably bad: (food was cold, we had to beg for water, the waiter started arguing about a wine bottle gone bad, wrong food, slow and unprofessional service. You get the picture). They never replied to it. So i put it on line and blogged it. One and a half years after our night in Lehtovaara i got a threatening email.

The legal threat letter was sent by a member of Finnish BAR Antero Molander who also owns the restaurant. The letter is demanding 5000 euros per month for the damages to the restaurant. It all adds to well over 80.000 euros plus interest. The best part of the letter is: "because you don't work in the restaurant business, you can't simply understand the damages." They don't question the facts in my letter. Threat letter just says that I should pay the damages the restaurant has suffered. What what WHAT! Even the first year law student understands that this sort of criticism based on true facts cant lead to damages. Think about a legal system where restaurants could sue journalist that write crushing review of a restaurant...


Sitting in a comfy chair at clane's place, up in Erbsville. My belly's full of veggie burgers and pie. Probably going to Starlight later, for some dancing.

We're all just hanging around right now, letting everything settle in. Talking about beer, places to drink in Waterloo -- you know the usual.

I'm ready to pass out, actually.

Of course, the extra "B" in BBBQ stands for BYOBB. And the extra "B" in BYOBB is just a typo.

Pong creator and Atari founder Nolan Bushnell thinks adults just want to have fun. In fact, he's banking on it.

Bushnell and his company, uWink, are preparing to open a video-game-themed restaurant aimed at adults in Los Angeles this fall.

Called the uWink Media Bistro, the eatery will allow customers to play video games, catch up on internet-based entertainment and order food via flat-panel displays angled over each table. At the restaurant's bar, screens will be projected onto tabletops. Visitors will be able to play networked games with everyone in the entire restaurant, according to Bushnell.

Wired News: Dinner Comes With a Side of Games

Leave it to an engineer to talk tech about microwave containers:

In the United States, food grade containers are containers manufactured with materials that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved as safe for use in food preparation and storage. Food grade materials are generally known to not leach harmful substances or react with food in a harmful manner.

In most home kitchens, we'll find an assortment of different materials used in our containers ranging from glass to plastic to ceramic to metals. But are all food grade materials similar? Should we care if a container is marked Microwave Safe? Let's take a closer look at some common materials used in food containers and if they are microwave safe.

Cooking For Engineers - Equipment & Gear: Microwave Safe Containers

Casanova, the 18th century lover who used to breakfast on 50 oysters, has been vindicated by a study that proves they really are aphrodisiacs.

And spring, the scientists say, is the time of year the shellfish have their greatest aphrodisiac quality.

The team of American and Italian researchers analysed bivalve molluscs - a group of shellfish that includes oysters - and found they were rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones.

Telegraph | News | Raw oysters really are aphrodisiacs say scientists (and now is the time to eat them)

Five loaves, two fish and a goblet of red wine could be on the menu for Americans if a new diet takes off.

Don Colbert, a Florida doctor, believes asking yourself "What would Jesus eat?" is the best way to stay fit, slim and trim.

In his book, which gets its title from this question, he explores some of the Old Testament dietary laws and looks at foods mentioned in the Bible.

He says: "If you truly want to follow Jesus in every area of your life you cannot ignore your eating habits.

BBC NEWS | Health | Americans look to Jesus for diet

Supersize this news: The more fast-food restaurants there are in a neighbourhood, the higher the rate of heart disease and death.
But the authors of a new Canadian study caution that it is not the ready availability of burgers, fries and pop alone that is killing people, but rather a fast-food lifestyle characterized by inactivity, gluttony, and doing everything -- including eating -- in a hurry.

The Globe and Mail: Live near these and they'll get you

This is pretty cewl. Always wanted to try making marshmallows.

"Marshmallows are spongy confections made of sugar beaten into a fluffy texture with the aid of gelatin. Marshmallows are essential components to many popular American snacks such as Rice Krispies Treats and S'mores (a sandwich of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows melted over a campfire)."

Cooking For Engineers - Test Recipes: Marshmallows

Burger King has unveiled a new breakfast sandwich that's a huge bet that not everyone is dieting.

The No. 2 fast food chain debuted its Enormous Omelet Sandwich Monday. The sandwich has one sausage patty, two eggs, two American cheese slices and three strips of bacon.

That works out to 730 calories and 47 grams of fat -- more than a Whopper sandwich, which the Burger King Web site said has 700 calories and 42 grams of fat.

New Burger King breakfast offering outdoes Whopper - Mar. 28, 2005

  Sexy Pocky Commercial

An exciting new trend in chocolates.

Glico developed "Pocky", launched in 1966, based on the idea of chocolate coating used on the popular "Pretz" range. These products are fully coated except for the area designed for holding, making it easy to eat. Glico's various unique ideas incorporated in its confectionery establish exciting new directions for chocolate products. Glico's products enjoy great popularity among all generations, anytime, anywhere.

Sexy Pocky Commercial

  Cooking For Engineers

Have an analytical mind? Like to cook? This is the site to read!

Cooking For Engineers

The review paper by PCRM in the Marchissue of Pediatrics is an opinion piece by three representatives of an animal rights organization that has only a 5 percent physician membership. When conducting their review, PCRM authors chose to ignore decades of comprehensive research endorsing dairy's role in bone health.

(At the time of posting, the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) current calcium policy statement can be found here.)

Statement by the National Dairy Council - PCRM Review Paper on Milk Products and Bone Health in Pediactrics

To the horreur of traditional winemakers in old Europe, the ancient art of making wine is being transformed by science and technology.

New vino-producing countries like Australia and Chile are becoming winemaking forces, thanks to new technology shunned by vintners in France and Spain -- to their detriment.

Wired News: Tradition, Tech Clash Over Wine

Two vegetarian activists convicted of libeling fast-food giant McDonald's Corp. did not receive a fair trial in Britain, the European Court of Human Rights ruled Tuesday.

The Strasbourg, France-based court said David Morris and Helen Steel should have received legal aid from the British government when they were tried in what became widely known as the "McLibel" case, the longest in English history.

The two activists passed out flyers in 1984 that claimed the U.S.-based company was selling unhealthy food, was to blame for starvation in the Third World, and was destroying rainforests.

The European Court threw out a British court's 1997 guilty verdict, also saying English law unfairly had put the burden of proof on the defendants to justify every word in the leaflets they distributed but didn't write. The court awarded Morris and Steel damages of $25,934 and $19,451, respectively. Update 1: Court: Activists Didn't Get Fair Trial

For years, Russell Christoff's picture graced kitchen cupboards and staff lunchrooms.

His was the handsome face on Taster's Choice jars, peering assuredly into a steaming, freshly prepared cup of instant coffee.

Until relatively recently, however, the 58-year-old Antioch man didn't even know he was on the label.

Everything changed last week, when a Los Angeles Superior Court jury in Glendale ordered Nestle USA to pay the former actor and model $15.6 million for using his photo without his permission and for profiting from it.

News - Teacher wins instant millions -

For those who choke back a gag when thinking of eating haggis. Here's one of *apparently* many vegetarian haggis recipes out there.

Vegan / Vegetarian Haggis from Scotland

Scottish or not, you can celebrate Robbie Burns day with this hearty side dish.

It's traditionally served with haggis, but it's great with any kind of rich meat. - A hearty side dish for Robbie Burns day

The food industry was warned today to stop advertising junk food to children within a year or face a clampdown.

The European Union may resort to legislation if the companies do not make sufficient efforts to tackle the problem. EU health and consumer affairs commissioner Markos Kyprianou said urgent action was needed to tackle obesity in Europe, particularly with children.

E-Commerce News: Business : Clampdown on Junk Food Advertising

It's widely assumed that wine and cheese are compatible friends. They're paired together so routinely that phrases like "the white wine and Brie crowd" can be used to define a social set. But all is not well in this friendship. At least one wine writer has recognized this, according to brew master and gourmand Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewing: Willy Gluckstern, a somewhat cranky New York wine critic, called wine and cheese a "train wreck in the mouth."

Not many folks realize that beer and cheese have far more in common than wine and cheese. Both are simple and nutritious, each born of Graminae and carefully nurtured in an ancient fermentation process. Of course, the beer aficionado must be forgiving of the fact that cheese residue remaining on the lips will crash the finest head formations of any beer. If you can put up with that inconvenience, you'll find that most beer styles are quite compatible with most cheese types.

Beer and Cheese

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