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Delicious Monster is the Mac software company behind the hit Delicious Library, a program for cataloging collections of books, movies and games. The software is selling like hot cakes and has garnered rave reviews and awards, yet the company's headquarters is a Seattle coffee house.

Co-founded by graphic designer Mike Matas and programmer Wil Shipman, the company's first title, Delicious Library, was launched in November 2004. It generated $250,000 worth of sales in its first month, and the company has a crowded, popular booth here at Macworld.

But its four main employees meet every day at the popular Zoka coffee shop in Seattle's university district.

Wired News: Monster Fueled by Caffeine

Finally ate at Charbrie's last night, à la C + J's invite. Got the chance to act out a Crown Royal commercial, as we got dressed up and ordered some of the most expensive food and drink I've seen in a while (we drank a 1999 Château Neuf-du-Pape).

It was a nice time. I was particularly impressed by the custom-made caesar salads and the baked brie. I was somewhat impressed by the grilled tofu. I would have been more impressed by it, had it been actually grilled. Something about soggy tofu which turns me right off. The entrée itself was nice, and I've had much much worse. I would have done this dish with thinner slices of firmer tofu, and grilled it (or seared it) until there was a light crust. I think I would have also used a saltier, or possibly sweeter balsamic sauce than the one they provided.

I really liked the atmosphere, and the attention the staff gave us. I'd certainly go again, and I'm a cheap bastard.

  Eating in shape

(sigh) already I've broken my New Years vow of not going to buffet-style restaurants. Twice. Actually, I've made no such vow, but thought it interesting that I got a chance to check out two (somewhat) new restaurants in town. The first was Masala Bay, a neat Indian place with a nice buffet lunch. It's got some neat vegetarian options, some interesting deserts, and a really nice atmosphere. You'd think we had enough Indian places in town, but this one's definitely a good addition.

The other place is this all-you-can-eat (with some provisions) sushi place on Northfield in Waterloo -- Yummiyaki Sushi. For $17.95, you can eat as much as you want to from their special menu in the span of an hour-and-a-half. They actually had to stop offering sashimi because people were taking them to task on the whole deal. Needless to say, the veggie options are there, but I question the worth of the whole deal, as a vegetarian. Otherwise, you can pretty much eat until you're sick. It's also got a neat twist to it: it's one of those "Take all you can eat, but you must eat all that you take" sort of deals, and you can't do what we all love to do in typical buffet restaurants -- namely, waste food.

So I started back up at the gym. Luckily my pre-X-mas training hasn't left me, and I was able to pick up where I left off. Even increased my resistance level, and my recovery time was also reduced. That's always a good sign. Makes me feel like I'm actually getting results.

In the heart of Berlin's trendy Tiergarten district, where cozy caf�s and sprawling "biergartens" nestle alongside elegant eateries, there's a place for people who dread the very thought of eating. But it's a space that offers the very thing anorexics avoid -- food.

ABC News: Restaurant for Anorexics Offers Food for Thought

  St. Jacobs Sauce

Pretty slow day today. Slept in until 11, then we went to St. Jacobs for some X-mas-type shopping, then came home and napped for another couple of hours.

The minus 35 (avec wind chill) weather kept all but the hardiest shoppers out of St. Jacobs, so we had the town to ourselves. Got to look at crafts, visit the hot sauce store, etc. I had an ulterior motive -- I was looking for hot sauce bottles and lids, but we were able to pick up stuff that would later be given as presents.

Ate at Vidalia's, a little market-type food court restaurant, where a person can walk around and pick up different themed food, depending on what that person's hungry for. It's ideal for groups of people who constantly fight about what to eat when dining out. I also spent the better part of the day looking for the elusive hot sauce lids. Still no luck. But I did find a bunch of other useful things, including a sealed bottle of hot sauce: Blair's Hot Pot, a hemp-seed hot sauce from my favourite hot sauce maker.

Despite published reports of a recent test showing 60 per cent of "all-vegetable" cattle feed contained animal protein, there is no increased risk of mad cow disease, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Between January and March this year, the food inspection agency tested 70 samples of cattle feed. Forty-one of the samples showed signs of "undeclared animal materials," including bone and muscle fragments.

CBC News: Animal parts found in 'all-vegetable' feed: study

  No more hot sauce

Well, all the hot sauce I made got sold the very next day. I didn't make much, but it all sold, and I donated the proceeds to the X-mas toy drive (a whopping $65). And still people are trying to get more. I even sold the bottle I was keeping for myself -- my own personal stash. The janitor-guy at werk cleaned an empty bottle and left it on my desk with a post-it note stuck to it:

"I will pay you for more of this sauce."

I guess I need to make some more. First, I need to find some lids and labels.

  Hot Sauce 2004

Made hot sauce tonight for the first time in a long while. It's been almost a year since my last batch, and I had to go digging for my recipe book. One big problem is that I misplaced a bunch of bottle lids since the move. I'm sure I had them somewhere, but now I've got about ten dozen bottles without any means of closing them. I lack closure! I also lack most of my labels, and need to make more (unfortunately, I've no economical way of making labels, and they end up costing me between fifty cents and a dollar for each label).

People were bugging me about hot sauce anyway. I brought in a bottle for my own personal use at work, and I made the mistake of letting other people try it on their food -- now I'm swamped with orders.

The U.S. Supreme Court sided Friday with a New Mexico church that wants to use hallucinogenic tea as part of its Christmas services, despite government objections that the tea is illegal and potentially dangerous.

The high court lifted a temporary stay issued last week against using the hoasca tea while it decides whether the Brazil-based O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal is permitted to make it a permanent part of its services.

The legal battle began after federal agents seized 30 gallons of the tea in a 1999 raid on the Santa Fe home of the church's U.S. president, Jeffrey Bronfman. - Court allows church to use hallucinogenic tea - Dec 10, 2004

Awesome company X-mas party last night. We hung out at East Side Mario's (Lower East Side's) on King St. where we played pool, ate nachos and drank. There was a turkey dinner, and for those vegetarians in the crowd, there was a tasty veggie lasagna (and more nachos). There were a great many people in the company who didn't drink, so I bogarted their drink tickets, and a select group of us got hammered, then caught a cab to 80's night at Abstract.

We're taking it easy this morning, and are heading out to Mel's for breakfast. I can really use some coffee, but I'm surprisingly not hungover from our ghetto X-mas party. We apparently were going to go to a high-class country club and watch a murder mystery, but people wanted something more relaxed.

Treating hair with caffeine products can stop men from going bald, according to a new German study.

Professor Peter Elsner, part of the team at the Jena University, said that the stimulant has the most effect on men whose hair roots were very sensitive to testosterone, one of the causes of hair loss.

Ananova - Caffeine prevents hair loss, claim

Also see this related product:

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap

The number of Canadians who say they have used cannabis or injectable drugs in the past year has doubled in a decade, according to a major new survey.

But addiction specialists still see alcohol abuse as the greater problem. Data from the Canada Addiction Survey, the most comprehensive addictions survey ever done in Canada, present a disturbing picture of a society increasingly dependent on mood-altering substances.

Fourteen per cent of respondents said they had used cannabis in the last year, up from 7.4 per cent in 1994. About a third said they had failed to control their cannabis use.

Health |

A half-eaten slice of elderly cheese on toast purportedly showing the image of the Virgin Mary has attracted 100,000 hits on the eBay auction website.

A Florida woman put the sandwich up for sale, saying it has brought her great luck since she found it 10 years ago.

eBay originally withdrew the item, suspecting it might be a joke. But it has now apparently been reassured that the offering is genuine.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Woman 'blessed by the holy toast'

  Absinthe Chocolates

Like, wow, man. I can see colour. It's flavoured like time. Or space.

Al banchetto di Gastarea

Americans are getting a little taller and a lot fatter. Adults are roughly an inch taller than they were in the early 1960s, on average, and nearly 25 pounds heavier, the government reported Wednesday.

The nation's expanding waistline has been well documented, though Wednesday's report is the first to quantify it based on how many pounds the average person is carrying.

The reasons are no surprise: more fast food, more television and less walking around the neighborhood, to name a few. Earlier this year, researchers reported that obesity fueled by poor diet and lack of activity threatens to overtake tobacco use as the leading preventable cause of death.

In 1960-62, the average man weighed 166.3 pounds. By 1999-2002, the average had reached 191 pounds, according to the National Center for Health Statistics part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which issued the report. Similarly, the report said, the average woman's weight rose from 140.2 pounds to 164.3 pounds.

ABC News: Americans Getting Taller, Much Heavier

The Cirque du soleil has paid $2,605 for what is believed to be the last surviving hotdog from the Montreal Expos era, a radio station said Wednesday.

"I was hoping for $1,000 and people thought I was crazy," said Mathieu Roy, a morning man at Energie 102.3 FM in Trois-Rivieres-Que. Roy said the Montreal-based circus's winning bid was about 700 times the original purchase price of the steamed wiener on a plain white bun. The radio station held a contest last month giving away four tickets to the last Expos game in Montreal on Sept. 29. The winner was given the tickets on condition he return with the last Expos hotdog.

Yahoo! News - Last Expos hotdog draws big price in online auction for charity

Spam: It's evil, wicked and nasty. It's been legislated against and filtered out, its senders have been banned and busted, and it still keeps on coming. With its evil sidekicks -- spyware and viruses -- spam is the bane and blight of the internet.

But in Austin, Minnesota, also known as Spamtown USA, Spam rules.

Austin is where George A. Hormel started his meat-processing empire in 1891, and where Spam, the canned meat product, was invented in 1937. The centerpiece of the town is Hormel's Spam Museum.

A Tribute to Spam, the Meat

  Fat In China

It had to happen sooner or later: The Chinese, already richer, are getting fatter.

Two years ago, China got its first drive-through Yum! Brands' (nyse: YUM - news - people ) Kentucky Fried Chicken and at the same time private car ownership has surged (see: "Fat And Happy In Oak Brook And Beijing"). Now a government survey concludes that there are 60 million obese people in China. That's slightly more than there are in the United States.

China, of course, has more people, and its obesity rate is far lower than America's. But it's catching up. The survey indicates that the number of obese people in China doubled between 1992 and 2002. If the trend continued--the survey took some time to tabulate--China has overtaken America as the fat capital of the world. Fat In China


Yes, it's Tofurky. Just in time for the holidays... "America's Leading Turkey Alternative Since 1995"

A Delicious Vegetarian Feast and Gravy!
Good News For Vegetarians & Turkeys . . .

Whether you are seeking to offer a meatless option for a portion of your dinner guests or are planning a complete vegetarian feast, Tofurky will satisfy and amaze all who try it.

"Finally, vegetarians have a bona fide holiday centerpiece that is all their own. They don’t have to settle for second best anymore"

Turtle Island Foods, Tofurky Meals

Older women who have a drink or two a day have better memory skills than non-drinkers, University of Texas researchers say.

Couple of drinks can help memory

King-sized Mars and Snickers chocolate bars will be cut down to size in Britain next year as a leading food manufacturer responds to growing pressure about portion distortion and rising levels of obesity.

The over-sized snacks, some weighing as much as 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and containing 387 calories, will be cut into "two shareable portions".

The move by Masterfoods follows fast-food giant McDonald's decision to add salads to its traditional hamburger and fries menu and to provide pedometers in adult "happy meals".

Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage

  Beer for Blood

Czechs are being offered two beers in return for their blood in an effort to recruit blood and bone marrow donors.
Anyone donating blood as part of the "beer for blood" campaign taking place in Prague Friday will receive two half-litre glasses of beer in return. "The objective is to recruit new regular blood donors and also bone tissue donors," the initiative's organiser Jaroslav Novak, editor of a Czech beer magazine, told AFP. The campaign will be held as part of a fair dedicated to St Wenceslas at the Vystaviste exhibition ground in the north of the city. It will then travel to other parts of the country. The Czechs are the world's largest per-capita consumers of beer, knocking back 162 litres per person last year.

Czechs asked to give blood in return for two beers

International squads of beer drinkers, leather-clad Bavarians and devotees of excess young and old have converged in Munich for the start of the planet's biggest beer festival, the Oktoberfest.

Over the next two weeks, beer drinkers are expected to guzzle more than six million litres of beer -- enough to fill around six Olympic size swimming pools -- and chomp through vast quantities of food during the world-famous orgy of consumption.

Dressed in leather shorts, or lederhosen, Munich mayor Christian Ude got the festival under way at noon to the cheers of an impatient crowd by cracking open the first 200 litre keg with the traditional shout "O'zapft is!" - the keg is tapped.

World's beer fans meet for Oktoberfest

Food critics have turned up their noses at "Fifteen", the trendy, not-for-profit London restaurant owned by television chef Jamie Oliver.

The restaurant, which starred in the hit TV series "Jamie's Kitchen" and aims to train would-be chefs, was awarded the lowest possible ratings for food, service and ambience in the latest edition of Harden's London Restaurants guide.

The guide accuses Oliver, who first rose to fame through his "Naked Chef" television series, of "taking the piss".

Jamie Oliver restaurant panned by critics

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