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  Man eats hot sauce, dies

Every time I sell a bottle of my own homemade sauce, I worry about seeing these headlines.

Aspiring chef dies hours after making ultra-hot sauce for chilli-eating contest | Mail Online

An aspiring cook who challenged his friend to a chilli-eating contest died just hours later.

Andrew Lee, 33, had used a bag of home-grown red chillies to make a super-hot sauce.

The forklift truck driver, who had recently passed a medical at work, dared his girlfriend's brother to eat a spoonful - then ate a plateful himself. Shortly after he had a heart attack and died.

Differing opinions on what cut to select, how to prep it for cooking, how to cook, and what to serve it with. All good information.

How to cook the perfect steak - Features, Food & Drink - The Independent

Squeeze some lemon into corn oil, throw in some crushed garlic and brush a little on one side of each steak. This is to stop it from sticking to the steaming grill.

Use a cast-iron griddle pan â.. the heavier the better â.. and heat it until droplets of water evaporate in about three seconds. You don't want to burn the steak and for me the most important thing is for the pan not to be too hot. Cooking on a large grill like we do at Gaucho or on a griddle at home gives a much better flavour than frying.

Lay the steaks oil-side down and sprinkle a mixture of table and sea salt on the side facing up. You can put as much salt as you want to on to the meat as it will only take in as much as it needs.

Only turn the meat once. How long you cook it for depends on its thickness â.. for a medium-rare thick steak leave for about three-and-a-half minutes per side, but the side covered in salt will take a little longer.

  Crunchy Cthulhu Surprise

I had to look up Whitman's to fully get the joke, but who hasn't wondered how those chocolate selection descriptions would read like if they were written by Lovecraft?


The horror of the unearthly, corpselike pallor of this truffle's complexion is only offset by its fiendish deliciousness.

  Jaffegg Cakes

Taking a joke product and making it for real. All too common a symptom of the Internet meme zeitgeist.


Apparently, if you add the egg too late you end up with a "pac-man in a meat canoe with his mouth shut and cocaine all over his face." That description, on its own, deserves some kind of award.

Is it a biscuit or is it a cake? Neither, itâ..s meat!

  Hats made of meat

You heard me.


Hats made of meat

  Food in Peru

Very neat blog about a guy who goes to Peru and talks about the food you can get in Lima. Our Sales rep is from Peru and promises me a bottle of pisco and a bottle of their local rum when he goes back.

Peru Food: Travelog: Peru Food In Peru, The First Three Days In Lima

I am a creature of habit, and I have a culinary tradition when arriving in Lima which I have kept during the last few years of travel here. On this trip, I was able to maintain my tradition. After checking into our hotel in the Miraflores district of Lima, we had a stroll around Miraflores' main park, Parque Kennedy, and I picked up the Lima daily, El Comercio, and headed to the Café Haiti, one of the grand old-fashioned Lima cafés to have my first Peruvian meal (lomo saltado and a frothy pisco sour) while people-watching. The waiters are definitely old-school and after so many times there, they know who I am. "In Lima again?" one of the waiters asked me, "Are you ready for your lomo saltado?" You have to love that type of service.

  Cool Napkins for Slobs

Take these with you when you hit a swanky restaurant. If they make you wear a jacket, it'll look like you're wearing a suit.


Even if the guyâ..s dressed in his favorite old white tee shirt, with this napkin at his neck heâ..ll actually look like he made the effort to get "dressed for dinner". A great conversation piece at any party. 20 paper napkins to a package; five of each design.

Dress For Dinner Napkins: The Spoon Sisters - Great Gifts Opening Everywhere

Here are just two possible ideas.

Slashfood Ate (8): Ways to create the perfect cheese plate - Slashfood

2. Select a milk: You can demonstrate the diversity of either goat's milk, sheep's milk, or cow's milk cheeses by focusing on one. For example, you can display 5 goat's milk cheeses with varying textures and levels of piquancy from 5 different countries.

3. Pick out a style: Rather than focus on milk, you can pick out your favorite style of cheese, such as semi-hard cheeses. Within this category, you can choose 4 or 5 cheeses made with different milks but in the same style.


Drought affecting distilleries in Scotland - Slashfood

By now, I think most of us are aware that drought is hurting many places around the world. However, one place that is going through a drought that probably won't get any attention is Scotland, the Western Isles to be precise.

The world may take notice, though, when it can't get Scotch whiskey from that part of Scotland. OK, maybe only whiskey connoisseurs would really notice, but still. About half the distilleries in the Western Isles have had to shut down so far, and the other half only have a few weeks of water left.

  What Makes it Bourbon?

Neat Mental Floss blog article about the rules and regulations about making bourbon. It's easier than you think.

Here's the meat of the article. Click the link to see the rest of it.

mental_floss Blog - What Makes a Whiskey Bourbon? (And Other Bourbon FAQs)

What makes a whiskey bourbon? The Federal Standards of Identity for Bourbon stipulate what is and what isnâ..t bourbon. For a whiskey to call itself bourbon, its mash, the mixture of grains from which the product is distilled, must contain at least 51% corn. (The rest of the mash is usually filled out with malted barley and either rye or wheat.) The mash must be distilled at 160 proof or less, put into the barrel at 125 proof or less, and it must not contain any additives. The distillate must be aged in a new charred oak barrel. (Most often these barrels are white oak, but they can be any variety of oak.)

There's also this:

Bourbon can only be made in Kentucky, right? Nope, but itâ..s a common misconception. â..Kentucky straight bourbonâ. can only be made in the Bluegrass State, but a handful of other bourbon distilleries are sprinkled around the country. Among them, Tuthilltown Spirits in New York makes its own Hudson Baby Bourbon, which is aged for just three months, and A. Smith Bowman Distillery of Virginia makes, among other products, a yummy 90-proof small batch bourbon under its Virginia Gentleman label. As long as it meets the base criteria to be bourbon, itâ..s bourbon, no matter where itâ..s produced.

  All things Gummi

Looks like YesButNoButYes has a piece on the Top 5 Things That Shouldn't Be Gummi. This includes a delightful list of things such as gummi parasites, gummi slugs, and this little gem:


Gummi Haggis. I'm thinking "ok, whatever," except -- is that a leprechaun?


That's nae Scottish, ye bastards!

This is terrible. I love teff. I wonder what it'll mean for getting it here in North America.

Israel's Ethiopians Forced to Give Up Traditional Bread

Tens of thousands of the expatriates are being forced to abandon their traditional diets because of the skyrocketing cost of teff grain.

Teff, a nutritious and hardy cereal domesticated in Ethiopia thousands of years ago, is the primary ingredient in injera, a round flatbread that accompanies most Ethiopian meals.

A drastic shortage has caused the price of teff to jump by some 300 percent over the past year.

Traditionally served on a street corner with a can of Irn Bru.

munchy_box.jpg :: Blog Archive :: What is a Munchy Box?

Upon opening your Jock Monsieur, you will see a layer of Doner Kebab meat on top of a Naan Bread, maybe with some Glasgow Salad (chips) poking out from underneath. The wonders that await!

Once the top layer has been removed, you can clearly see the two tubs of Sauce, the Glasgow Salad on the left and the Crappy Salad in the middle with the Onion Rings, Pakora and Chicken Tikka all huddled together for warmth on the right.

A charming retrospective of McDonald's ads with commentary by the equally charming people of Topless Robot.

Topless Robot - The 9 Most Awful McDonalds Commercials Ever Made

The late 80s was apparently a good time for the great taste of McDonalds. Or at least for this illogical new McDonalds character "Mac Tonight" to come out, do a little ivory-tickling, a little crooning, a littleâ.¦WHAT THE FUCK, IS THAT A MOON SINGING? IS HE WEARING A LIBERACE SUIT? IS THAT CLOCK GIVING BIRTH TO FRIES AND BURGERS? YOU TOLD ME THIS WAS THE GOOD ACID

This is weird as all hell. A series of tray liners for Burger King by a German ad agency. They even have an interactive website here:

And yes, that onion is getting a rectal exam by a customs agent. And yes, an onion dictator is about to be assassinated. And yes, the pickle man is hiring a prostitute.

Personally, I find these kinds of ads refreshing.





  How to grill a pizza

So apparently the big secret is to thinly slice everything, and not go crazy with the toppings. Since the BBQ heat is direct, the convection heat may not be able to melt/cook everything before the crust burns.

Good to know. I wonder if you could use a pizza stone if you had a big enough BBQ.

To Grill It Just Right, Go Easy on the Toppings -

19/20 for me (I messed up and put a salt rim on a Sidecar. That was stupid).

Cocktail Ingredients Quiz - AOL Food

I think we should get back to mixing more drinks with sloe gin. It's a much neglected and delicious beverage component.

But, these days, few people have even heard of it. I mentioned to a friend last night that it was made from sloe berries, and she didn't even believe me. Which is fine, because everything I say is a lie.

The Girl Was Fast; the Gin Was Sloe -

Most of us in this country don't know real sloe gin, only the syrupy facsimile liqueur: something you'd find in embarrassing drinks with unprintable names. Real sloe gin is made with real sloe berries -- the sour, inedible fruit of the blackthorn, which is a relative of the plum -- that are macerated for several months in real gin.

Both Plymouth and Gordon's make commercial sloe gin, but in England, it is made mostly in family kitchens in autumn and carried in flasks during hunting season. "Sloe gin, to the English, is a little bit like limoncello is to the Italians," Ford says. "In the countryside, everyone makes their own. The problem of selling sloe gin in England is that someone will taste it and say, "It's not as good as mine.' "

  An anus made of chocolate

Yup, all they need is a special goatse limited edition chocolate. I can't tell if this is real or a joke.


But I'll bet it tastes like ass....

YesButNoButYes: PS: Raisinets Make GREAT Dingleberries

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