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Fallout 3:

Mirror's Edge:

Little Big Planet:

Duke Nukem Forever:

Batman Arkham Asylum:

  Bioshock 2 Looks Awesome

I may have to upgrade again, just so I can get this.

YouTube - Bioshock 2 launch trailer

  Female Gamers Needed

Good analysis on how to get more female gamers into the mix.

YouTube - Video Games and the Female Audience

  Welcome to Black Mesa

I was looking at getting a Black Mesa coffee mug from ThinkGeek:


... when I stumbled across this awesome trailer for a Half-Life 2 mod. Get to revisit the Black Mesa research facility from the first Half-Life.

YouTube - Black Mesa Official Trailer

  Amazing Parkour Action

Ars Technica reviews:

Nothing about the music in this game was done the cheap or easy way, and it shows. You can set up a custom mix of tracks and then just sit back and listen to the music without having to play, or use it as the background music for a party while the game displays visuals on your television if you just want to enjoy the tracks themselves.

And check out the controller:


Wicka-wicka-wicked: DJ Hero new, fresh, triumphant - Ars Technica

  Love Goes Alpha

Much to the chagrin of the author, the amazing and hugely complex MMORPG, Love, is now available to play.


You can download the client here.

Releasing anything you have worked on for a long time is scary. Releasing something hugely complex, makes it scarier. Having it be untested, doesn't help, and the prospect of angry paying testers doesn't make it any better at all. Everyone gets scared, but i think that fear is mostly just holding us back so i try to refuse to be influenced by it.

The Alpha is now a little over a week old, and while there have been issues, it has gone far better then I ever dared to hope. The fixes have been coming out rapidly and I have been able to respond to most problems and release a new version in matter of hours. Almost all greifing issues have been addressed and I've seen some amazing settlements pop up. The low-end mode (now in the login menu) will enable even more people to play the game. The numbers right now look good (around 1600 players), but I don't trust that that many will return next month, so I would still say the viability of the project is in limbo. In order to do ports to OSX and Linux I will need at least 2000 returning players.

News: The horror, the horror

Damn. I just might get into this.

Dungeons and Dragons Online went live back in 2006, and a number of my friends took part in the beta, enjoying the game immensely. Then the product went live, and they never played again. The reason was simple: the game was $50, the monthly fee was $15, and for many gamers that's a hard sell. Then suddenly, a week or so ago, everyone was playing again. A thread about the game popped up on our forum. Where did this buzz come from? Simple: the game was once again free to play.

You can still buy a subscription, and that comes with a number of benefits, but you can also download the client for free, and play a huge chunk of the game without paying a single cent.

Here's how it works. Anyone can download the client and create a character and start playing. As you level up, you can buy everything from hair dye to new adventures and dungeons using Turbine points, which can be bought with either real money or earned in the game. You can still subscribe, which gets you more character slots and a monthly allotment of Turbine points, as well as some other perks.

Dungeons and Dragons Online: behold the power of free - Ars Technica

  You Only Live Once

Funny Flash game. Well named, and shows the real-life consequences of going after castle-owning lizard kings.


You Only Live Once | I Am Bored


What could this be about?

YouTube - " NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 " Wavers

Holy crap! This is awesome. And I thought Paprika and Miyazaki were trippy.

YouTube - The Beatles: Rock Band intro (Cinematic Trailer - Animated Promo) HD

  Daft Punk meets DJ Hero

Oh, your, god. This DJ Hero may not suck after all.

DJ Hero Trailer with Daft Punk

Perhaps the most awesome game ever.

YouTube - Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - trailer

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