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  DM of the Rings

It's pretty funny, but I can totally see this happening: Getting sidetracked and talking about all manner of inappropriate things during an RPG campaign. In this case, MySQL and PHP.


Lord of the Rings is more or less the foundation of modern D&D. The latter rose from the former, although the two are now so estranged that to reunite them would be an act of savage madness. Imagine a gaggle of modern hack-n-slash roleplayers who had somehow never been exposed to the original Tolkien mythos, and then imagine taking those players and trying to introduce them to Tolkien via a D&D campaign.

Twenty Sided » DM of the Rings I:The Copious Backstory

This game just keeps getting cooler.

One of the game's biggest financial institutions lost a significant chunk of its deposits as a huge theft started a run on the bank.

One of the bank's controllers stole about 200bn kredits and swapped them for real world cash of £3,115.

As news of the theft spread, many of the bank's customers rushed to remove their virtual cash.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Billions stolen in online robbery

  Hot Cosplayers

Slow day today at Zuckervati world-domination HQ. Here's some early Halloween ideas.


(yeah, I don't know what she's doing in the back of a minivan)

hot cosplay girls | TheChive

I guess times are bad all over the universe.

Uh-oh! Another big bank is the subject of a depositor run amid charges its chairman has run off with customers' money. Thankfully, this scandal is taking place in Eve Online, a space-age virtual reality created by CCP, a games developer and Iceland's coolest company. But these troubles in the ether may offer some valuable lessons for earthly banking and regulation. - A Virtual Bank With Real Woes -

This is singularly more awesome than the entire Ep1-3 trilogy!

Too bad it's not actually a movie, and is a cinematic for the new MMO. No MMO could even come close to this level of awesomeness.

And they got Mark Hamill to voice the Joker (of course)!




What's it been, 4 years now? I really wanted to get in on this MMO, but could never find the time. Yes, of course. Who has time? Who has time? But then if we never *take* time, how can we have time?

In May 2004, I embarked upon a journey. I decided to take the red pill in a big way--I became the online community lead for The Matrix Online. Later that year, many of you joined me as you jacked in for the first time. It was a brand new world--a vision of online games that didn't involve elves, spaceships, or dragons. We became part of the Matrix storyline; living our own adventures in the world painted by the movies.

It seems not so long ago I was jumping into Mara Central and going toe-to-toe with other devs at E3 2004. I had no idea this journey would take me to a whole different company, managing a major revision of the game, and my first producing gig. "Long, strange trip" doesn't describe the half of it.

Now we've seen how far the rabbit hole goes and it's time to wake up from that dream (or go back to sleep, depending how you look at it). On July 31, 2009, we will be jacking out for the last time. It's a bittersweet moment for everyone involved with the game; as a player or as a developer.

Matrix Online: All Good Things Must End


Sounds awesome[ly boring]. Kind of like Star Wars Galaxies, except without the bounty hunters, strange creatures, space pirates, blasters, or anything else that was cool.


Nasa: NASA Goes Massively Multiplayer With Astronaut

NASA wanted a massively multiplayer online game, and now they're getting one, signing three separate development studios to work on Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond.

While video game players have long dreamed of traveling into the stars and meeting exotic alien species, real outer space is relatively boring. Now NASA seeks to change all of that with the development of a massively multiplayer online exploration game called Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond. NASA has selected three development studios to work on the project - Project Whitecard, Information in Place, and Virtual Heroes - the last of which did work on America's Army.

  Eve's Apocrypha trailer

Neat-looking trailer for the new Eve Online expansion. However, Koatu and commenters rightly point out that it glosses over all the problems in the Eve game. That it's "essentially the trailer version of a photoshopped MySpace picture."

Still, looks very good. If I had the time, I might try it out.

Ccp: Eve Online Apocrypha Trailer Makes Eve Look Interesting

Some before and after images as they improve the models for the Zerg.


StarCraft II Graphical Updates: Before And After

I know. But before you shout "Nerd!", have a look at it. This generator not only designes the floorplan, but it stocks it full of monsters and treasure. All you need is to roll a few dice and gather up all your nerd friends.



Dire Press > Random Dungeon Generator

A +3 nod to for this treasure.

  Zork to be MMO

Oh. Your. God. This is awesome.

Jolt reviving Zork as browser-MMO - Offworld

Today's guardedly optimistic revival: casual MMO developer Jolt (they of the recent Google Maps enhanced long-distance trucker MMO Trukz [which friend of Offworld Mathew Kumar recently detailed]) have announced a revival of Infocom's foundational text adventure Zork as a browser-based casual MMO.

Though they haven't yet detailed how the game itself will operate, they have said Legends of Zork will provide a persistent world for all its players, who will take the role of a "laid-off salesman and part-time loot-gatherer, as he explores the Great Underground Empire."

Reassuringly, it looks to be as much a labor of love as any: the game's blog notes that "Double Fanucci also makes an appearance, in the form of a full deck of 174 Fanucci cards that you can collect and use to improve your skills," and furthermore says that its multiplayer return will extend to grouping for tougher quests and arena battles.

This looks incredibly awesome. I would consider downloading this on BitTorrent if it were made into a movie. That's how cheap I am.

YouTube - Ghostbusters The Video Game Trailer

  How to get laid in WOW

So, dudes are chicks, and broadsword = Ferrari = penis extension. OK, got it.

Felicia Day Explains How to Meet Girls In 'World of Warcraft' - Asylum | Men's Lifestyle | Humor, weird news, sex tips, fashion, dating, food and gadgets

So what advice would you give to guy trying to meet a girl in World Of Warcraft?

Well, most of the female avatars in World of Warcraft are actually guys. So if you're a guy looking to meet girls, you need to make sure to put the person you're interested in through that vetting process. And if you're a girl, be prepared to fight guys off with a stick because there's a lot more of them than there are female gamers. You should join a large guild and pair with other people to go on missions. Try and meet people who are on your same level.

Would it matter to you if the guy's a noob?

Yeah, I hate to say that, but if you're a noob you probably won't get a second glance. Just like in real life when a guy drives a Ferrari, it might not be an automatic thumbs up, but it does catch the eye. So if you have the Ferrari of broadswords, yeah.

Important rules when online gaming, summed up by me in 4 words:

Don't be a douche.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Gaming |

#4. Level Abuse (Gluttony)

And for a while, everything's fine...

That is, until a level 70 Warlock descends from the heavens upon a magnificent winged beast and slays you and your entire party with a wave of his hand.

As he loots your bodies and tosses your precious items into a gully, you demand an answer from beyond the grave. "What the fuck, dude?!"

I like these studies. Reminds me that I should finally get that Fallout 3 disc installed.

Studies claim videogame players enjoy richer, better lives - Gaming

The findings of the studies, one emanating from Canada and one from America, fly in the face of typical stereotypes portraying gamers as overweight teenage couch potatoes leading a largely sedentary lifestyle while wholly devoted to their console of choice.

Some of the statistics unearthed by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada study suggest that one in two Canadians is a gamer and has actively played a software title within the last month, while half of the countryâ..s game-playing demographic is female, over 80 percent indulge in a world of videogames for around 7.1 hours per week, and the average age of a Canadian gamer is actually 40.

â..Family gaming is becoming a big part of Canadian familiesâ.. pastime. Mom, dad and the kids are all playing together,â. enthused Nicole Helsburg, spokeswoman for the Entertainment Software Association of Canada. â..Those who grew up playing games have taken that into their adult lives and are now embracing that as a way to spend time with their kids.â.

  Review Roundup: Fallout 3

If I can find a copy of this game, I may drop out of sight for a while.


Frankenreview: Fallout 3

After leaving fans hanging for over a decade, the beloved post-apocalyptic RPG franchise Fallout finally has a new installment in the form of Bethesda Softwork's Fallout 3. Bethesda's goal was to create a compelling, open-ended gaming experience that newcomers and old-fans of the franchise alike could love, while at the same time making sure said fans didn't show up on their doorstep en masse the day of the game's release pitchforks and torches.

Now the game is out, and Bethesda is still intact, but is that only because game critics are too lazy to form a mob?

Sounds like a neat idea, designed for the casual gamer. There's a beta coming soon, so you might consider signing up.


The World of Gatheryn : Begin the Journey

Come, journey to Gatheryn, a massive multi-player world of adventure, mystery and romance. Make your way through an ever expanding world, making new friends and enemies as you work through interactive games and puzzles, new adventures appearing with each successful solution. You can hop aboard the nearest air ship to reach a myriad of destinations or just to satisfy the explorer inside you.

Assume any of various roles of Victorian themed characters as you explore, socialize and quest your way through this amazing world. Scurry along the wharves and climb the riggings on wooden tall ships the likes of which you have never experienced before. Traipse along the avenues or skulk through the cemetery as the full moon lights your way. This is a time and place of mysteries to be unraveled and puzzles to be conquered, of land to explore and life to be LIVED!!

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