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Although, we don't know why, since the game looks fantastic.

Bethesda: We're "Always Nervous" About Reviews | Edge Online

But despite the numerous pre-release awards and hype amongst the press and gamers (not to mention the studio's stellar RPG track record), Bethesda was still awaiting today's official release with much anticipation.

"We're never really sure how these [reviews] will turn out," Bethesda PR boss told Edge in an e-mail. "So in general, we're always nervous/anxious.

"Obviously, we had some early indications from folks that played the game first for print magazines here and in Europe. The 10 out of 10 from Official Xbox Magazine here in the U.S. gave us an indication that at least somebody really liked it.

  Love isn't easy

Interesting MMO concept about a player-editable world, which is part Myst, part Spore, and part first-person-shooter.

Also, it's being made and developed by one guy. Eskil Steenberg.


See the trailer here.

Love About.txt

This is a game to play with your friends, and for them to play with their friends. Never enough to be crowded; never so few to be alone. You can make your mark, but as in life, itâ..s not a contest. Itâ..s not about who you are; itâ..s about the things you do. There is a small planet waiting for you to explore. There is an empire waiting for you to overthrow.

What could be better than you and your mates on an adventure for the benefit of everyone? Play whenever you want, make your mark, then come back later and see how itâ..s changed. There is always something new to discover, someplace you havenâ..t seen. Love is not a casual thing you need to take seriously â.. itâ..s the most serious thing, in a casual way. If Love isnâ..t easy, youâ doing it wrong.

You wonâ..t be told a story, but you will get to live one. Itâ..s not what is given to you, itâ..s what you do when you hold it. The more you give, the more you get. Love your planet, and everyone whoâ..s on it. We know you can, so just go for it. Itâ..s the right thing to do, and you know it.


Here's an interesting description from

So far heâ..s already populated it with weird animals and wondrous, gaseous visuals, and he intends to build the world into a kind of communal adventure, where gamers work together to furnish a central village, defend it from enemy attack, and explore the surround world and its many dungeons. Players will be able to do things like deform elements of terrain, allowing them to build tunnel networks or walls to defend their property. Items will also be intended for the good of all as Steenberg creates them and drops them into the world. You wonâ..t be picking up rifles in your adventures, but more likely the plans for the rifle-building machine, that can then be utilised by everyone in your village. Part Zelda, part Tale In The Desert, part adventure shooter, and wholly abstract and beautiful, Love looks the kind of amalgam of art, programming and internet savvy that weâ desired without even being able to imagine. It has the potential, and Steenberg has the huge intellect, for this to be one of the most precious events in PC gaming.

My girlfriend tells me I've got lousy gaming reflexes.

Bad News: Scientists Find Gene That Makes You Good at Halo Also Makes You a Premature Ejaculator

After a study of 200 Dutch men, scientists found that those with a premature ejaculation problem all had a version of a gene that controls the release of serotonin. And, unfortunately for all of you awesome Call of Duty players out there, those affected seem to "have very quick reflexes. They may be excellent at playing tennis or computer games, for example." Oh, cruel fate!

Well, at least now you have an excuse, both for your lousy performance in the sack and your awesome performance on Xbox Live. The only problem is that now you can expect a whole new barrage of insults coming over your headset every time you take down an opponent.

I love this guy.

Rabid anti-gaming advocate, Jack Thompson, has been officially disbarred. Will that stop him? Who's to say?

The Escapist : News : Jack Thompson Disbarred - UPDATED

In a press release, the controversial former attorney, who described himself as "nationally and internationally known by virtue of his effective and successful opposition over the last 20 years to the broadcast, marketing and sale of adult-rated entertainment to children," announced that the Florida Supreme Court has accepted the recommendation of Judge Dava Tunis and disbarred him from practicing law.

Here's how it would look if you were playing it with a Wii.

YouTube - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Wii Gameplay

... and have been making it known via reviews on

If you take a look at Spore's listing on, you may be surprised to notice that the game (as of this writing) has an abysmal user rating of one-and-a-half stars. But that isn't necessarily an indictment of the game's quality -- out of 184 customer reviews, 159 are one-star ratings, and just about all of them have one thing in common: pure, vile hatred of the game's digital rights management, or DRM (via Destructoid).

The DRM protection limits the game to only 3 activations per serial number, requiring people like me, who have to reinstall their OS a couple of times a year, to call EA and beg for another serial. Worse still, this was a relaxing of their previous protection scheme:

And believe it or not, this backlash comes after EA and Maxis made Spore's DRM less stringent, when fans decried the originally announced plan to require online authentication every 10 days.

Amazon Users Savage 'Spore''s DRM - News and Analysis by PC Magazine

  Fallout 3 E3 2008 Trailer

Oh my god, why wasn't I notified about this? It looks excellent!

Fallout 3 E3 2008 Trailer

As a bonus video, here's a PSA for those of you looking for love in the vault:

A look at the technology of the future, as it pertains to gaming ... and the eventual enslavement of the human race. Not like that hasn't happened already.


The Next 25 Years of Video Games |

What Will Suck About It

People are dicks.

Check your inbox. How many of your emails are from friends, as opposed to spammers? How many of your female MySpace-friend requests are dummy pages set up for porn?

Spore and PS3 Home are still made up of people and therefore a certain percentage of those wondrous new universes will be composed of dicks. At some point you will travel to a wondrous new Spore world and find the creatures there have evolved to have hides covered in porn URLs.

As for PS3 Home, do you think Sony is pouring tens of millions into development so you and your little friends have a place to hang out? No, they're creating one of the greatest targeted-marketing opportunities in the history of advertising. How long until busty virtual girls are chatting you up, then interrupting flirty conversations to say they'll need 20 bucks to continue?

Here's how to make a praying mantis.

YouTube - Spore Advanced Creature Creation

Fun, embedded virtual arcade games from

  Age of Conan: FFF to AA

Oh noes! My avatar's breasts shrank! I'm cancelling my subscription!


Age of Conan: Gamer fury as breasts reduced - Telegraph

"Funcom did reduce the size of the breasts. There is almost no cleavage, just a flat area between them. And YES they do sag," a player called Krystal wrote.

Amid growing anger at the sudden change in the game, which was only launched last month, Funcom decided to act.

In a message posted on a gamers' forum, it said that the maximum breast size had been reduced in error during a programming alteration carried out to fix other bugs.

Cool. Advanced character lighting, ambient occlusion, dynamic fluid surfaces ... let's see more of this.

Mmo: Korean MMO Gets Unreal Engine 3 License

T-Entertainment, creators of Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing games Laghaim and Last Chaos, licensed the Unreal Engine 3 for an upcoming MMO codenamed L2, the company announced today.

â..We have a team of seasoned professionals devoted to L2 project, and we are confident that by integrating our expertise and Unreal Engine 3â..s excellent performance, L2 will be a top-tier MMORPG that fascinates gamers all around the world,â. said John Hong, CTO of T-Entertainment.

The Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game looks really, really cool. And I'm not just talking about the special effects. The story is pretty cool.

This makes me seriously wonder why they aren't/haven't considered a film version of this to make up for all the prequel crap.

And seriously, Knights of the Old Republic would have made a better film than the prequels.

Look on the bright side -- the Wii is only a gateway console, so the other sales are bound to catch up ... eventually.

Nintendo Wii outsells 360, PS3, PS2, PSP combined in April

Surprising absolutely no one, Nintendo took the number one and two slots in hardware sales. The Wii sold 714,200 units while the Nintendo DS moved 414,800 units (third place sales go to the PSP with 192,700 units). This month the Wii outsold the Playstation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, and Xbox 360... combined.

Coming to PS3, X360. Hope you don't get vertigo. - Mirror's Edge - SCEE PlayStation Day Trailer

I like the Scottish guy with the urinary tract infection...


Topless Robot - The 10 Most Ridiculously Stereotyped Fighting Game Characters

Street Fighter II has a lot to answer for. Sure, it founded an entire subculture of videogames and offered a nicely complex tournament fighter that holds up even today. But it also relied on the most basic of international prejudices, from its South American beast-man to its stoic Japanese warrior, ensuring that each and every fighting game to follow would paint its cast with similarly broad strokes.

... but were afraid to ask. And were afraid of playing the game and the thousands of add-ons.

mental_floss Blog - Sharing My Love For (Plus 9 Fun Facts About) The Sims

1) NPCs (non-player characters) included the Grim Reaper, Santa Claus, the Tragic Clown (ugh), strippers (yup), Avril Lavigne, Andy Warhol, Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Jon Bon Jovi, Sarah McLachlan and a Genie.

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