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I think so. Also slutty. It's become more slutty.

In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

  Rednecks 4 Obama

Awesome. Even they've had enough.


Rednecks for Obama Sign - Featured Picture on BuzzFeed

  McCain Zombies

Funny photoshop contest based on the now famous McCain zombie picture.

Here's the original (what the hell's up with this, anyway?):


WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Photoshop contest!



  PG Porn

Apparently for those of you who love porn, but hate the sex parts. Checkout their website for a clip starring Nathan Fillion and Aria Giovanni.

Yes, it's SFW.

James Gunn explains:

YouTube - PG-PORN: James and Aria

Hah! I miss Quantum Leap.

Scott Bakula Jumps Into McCain's Body Just Before Election | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Witnesses said they first detected a difference in McCain's demeanor yesterday, when he paused suddenly in the middle of a speech about Obama's tax policies, shook his head and demanded to know what year it was. Others were reportedly confused when McCain abruptly left the stage to find a mirror and softly touched his face while whispering to himself, "Oh, boy. Who am I this time?"

A number of McCain supporters have said they hope Bakula, with the assistance of a cigar-chewing holographic projection known as Al, can help the Republican's chances by gaining ground in key battleground states, making love to his wife for the first time in ages, and staying up late baking a batch of his famous blondies for everyone on the trail. Bakula said he would try to tip the campaign into victory, but his main goal was to teach McCain about what's truly important in life.

  Red Dragon here

What happens when geeks hijack a thread.

To be fair, Michael's been working more on the travellog thing than his comedy.

YouTube - John Cleese on Sarah Palin

... using a very clever and versatile church sign generator.


Church Sign Generator - Make Your Sign

Also look out for the Scientology sign generator:


  Letterman Takes on Palin

What if we used some of James Earl Jones' other performances for Darth Vader's lines? Hilarity ensues, along with a very different version of Star Wars. A better one, I think.

As a bonus, get to hear David Prowse's original Vader voice. One of Lucas's best decisions with Star Wars was to dub over him.

  Trunk Monkey

A compilation of Trunk Monkey ads. Cool.

YouTube - Trunk Monkey Compilation

  Dr. Zaius

  Sara Palin is...

  Touched by an Atheist

Funny bit on MadTV with George Carlin.

YouTube - George Carlin on MAD TV - Touched by an Atheist

Buddy, I think it's time I moved on.

Uncle Sam & 911 // Current

  Star Trek A-Team mashup

I would watch this every day.

YouTube - Star Trek as The A-Team

  The Camp Counselors

Excellent way to get started on a camping trip.

YouTube - Upright Citizens Brigade - Camp Counselor

Oh great, now this is going to be in my head for days.

YouTube - Habanera

  Another Chick parody

This time, the ancient Greeks were right.


Thrice Great Moly -

  Crunchy Cthulhu Surprise

I had to look up Whitman's to fully get the joke, but who hasn't wondered how those chocolate selection descriptions would read like if they were written by Lovecraft?


The horror of the unearthly, corpselike pallor of this truffle's complexion is only offset by its fiendish deliciousness.

  It's the Benny Hinn show!

You've seen this before. But it's always funny.

YouTube - Benny Hinn: Yakety Sax

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