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  Blackstar Warrior

Hey, I'm just talkin' about Lando.

YouTube - Blackstar Warrior Trailer

I'm offended by this. Porn is so much better than god.

To an atheist, God is like porn. And as you might imagine, God is everywhere online. At times, God's e-presence becomes quite overwhelming to the individual who is attempting to live a God-free life.

Now atheists can live a pure godless life online. No longer will you be led astray by the Holy Spirit or the Dalia Lama while doing Internet searches. You can overcome. And we can help. Why not take the temptation away from your computer and block all-things God from showing up in your online searches?


But this is the best part:

Order today and we'll throw in our BlockBono device absolutely free.

Are you an atheist? Block God online today! | Jesus Needs New PR

Man, what was I thinking? This movie rocks.

YouTube - Twilight: For Guys!!

Oh, the pain.

Recently, at an Asian fusion restaurant, I was offered a thing called an Asiadilla. This was a quesadilla with roast duck and hoisin sauce inside it. Just let that idea sink into your mind and permeate your tastebuds -- in essence, it's Beijing Duck crossed with Tex-Mex. With extra cheese. Watching The Last Airbender is like being force-fed a hundred Asiadillas, washed down with a pitcher of overly sweet Saketinis. The Asian kitsch flies at you, from the yin-yang fish to the army of Samurai who are all South Asian. You want a cheesy foreign backdrop for your fantasy epic? M. Night Shyamalan will smother you in cheese! Because the setting, in this movie, is just another trickster making fun of your desire to believe in it. Airbender's Asia is a giant pantomime, and you are Puss in Boots.

io9. We come from the future.

Luckily I'm funny, and don't need these hints. Also, I don't have hair ....

YouTube - How to trick people into thinking you're good looking

  Snuggie D-Lux

I have one of the reverse snuggies. It's great when I'm getting out of the shower.

YouTube - Snuggie D-Lux

It's sad, but I'd probably watch this.


Cats in particular. This one might just be ready to take over the world.

YouTube - Genius Cat Uses Forcefield Against Dog

  Vader Earns a Red Card

What's this "FIFA" everyone keeps talking about?

YouTube - Yoo Mundial - Penal

I like that they mention the RCMP. We knew they were badass.


If you commit a crime in Canada and try to evade the Mounties by slipping over into the States, then you've fundamentally misunderstood the power of the Mounties. They can just gallop over the border and shoot you in Maine, because they have international jurisdiction. Not to mention their paramilitary hoard of weaponry and vehicles including trucks, snowmobiles, aircraft, sea vessels and a goddamn train.

6 Organizations You Didn't Know Were Secretly Badass |

  Tetris VS Contra

But I don't hit women. This could get tricky.

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight? Quiz - The Oatmeal

  Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

Pure awesomeness, at least for the first little while.

YouTube - Iron Man vs Bruce Lee


A short film. Wait for the end.

YouTube - SWITCH. A short film by Tyson Hesse

  Unanswered Lost Questions

Now that Lost is finished, there were some unfinished threads which need to be tied up.

Unanswered Lost Questions - CollegeHumor video

I'd get it right now, but it takes 150 floppies.

YouTube - 8-bit Starcraft

  Go See Iron Man IV

It's like every movie I've ever seen, and more!

YouTube - Iron Man IV

Via Topless Robot

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