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  Restore Joss Whedon

Yeah! Who the hell cares about Stephen Baldwin?

YouTube - Ignore Stephen Baldwin - Restore Joss Whedon

I'm still sad Chewbacca never got a medal for his help in all of this.

YouTube - A Small Announcement - as told through Science Fiction

Via Topless Robot

Some good arguments for the Ruger 10/22.

YouTube - Ultimate Zombie Weapon - Ruger 10/22

  Curb Stomp for Jesus!

Never has a biblical prophet been so insecure about his baldness. Never has one unleased such bad-ass retribution.

YouTube - If Religions Were Real - "She Bears"

Whoa, the boy's going a little loco in la cabeza. Even spawned a new Internet meme.

Scott Baio has had some issues of late. He's mad. Mad at liberals, mad at uninformed fans, and really mad at the Internet. Crazy mad. But a recent history of Baio's insanity reveals that his fall was all but inevitable.


Scott Baio's Online Meltdown: A Complete Timeline - Scott baio twitter - Jezebel

Oh, how we will miss those awesome videos. Now what will we do?

Oh yeah:

Hitler, as "Downfall producer" orders a DMCA takedown from Brad Templeton on Vimeo.

A recent wave of takedowns notices affecting many of the Hitler "Downfall" parody videos has resulted in their removal from YouTube. (EDIT: These videos were blocked by YouTube's Content ID system, not taken down via DMCA notices. For more on the difference between these two, see the EFF's Guide to YouTube Removals.) The copyright claim is being filed on behalf of Constantin Films, the German production company that owns the rights to the 2004 film Der Untergang (Downfall), from which the clip originates.

Downfall parodies are a well-established part of online culture and follow a familiar format: phony subtitles are presented along with Hitler's final soliloquy in his besieged bunker (you might need to watch for yourself). The Downfall format has been used to mock everything from social networking sites, to politicians, to the iPad, to self-important hipsters. The list goes on, but as of this week Downfall videos are disappearing fast. Both "Hitler Gets Banned from XBox Live,"--which had over 4 million views before it was taken down--and the meta-parody "Hitler Wants to Make a Meme," are currently unavailable due to Constantin's copyright claim.

The Downfall meme is so well-established that it has literally become standard curriculum for digital moviemaking courses, as evidenced by this class' page which counted 14 videos before the takedowns were issued (currently, only two of these videos remain playable).

Open Video Alliance | Hitler "Downfall Meme" gets taken down

  Cats are fun

My cats do shit like this all the time. You don't see me filming it.


From the Onion.

This is the best line:

While chronic leukemia was reportedly worried about how its association with the Republican Party would affect its public image, the destructive pathogen was ultimately swayed by language in the final bill that offers small business owners tax incentives to provide health care to their employees.

Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Heheh. I wonder if Canadians are closer to the UK or the US.

YouTube - Reginald D Hunter compares racism in the UK to the US

I like the new look.


Oh, this could go either way, folks...

We've finally made it to the Championship match-up of the 2010 Douchebag Tournament! It's going to be a vicious, no-holds-barred grudge match between two of the biggest douchebags the world has ever seen:


2010 Douchebag Tournament: Championship Round

If you like progress bars, that is.

This was actually a little more fun than some MMOs. If you opened up a chat window and played the Creature Cantina music, you'd pretty much have Star Wars Galaxies.


Progress Wars

Clever ad for the Samsung DCC camera. I love their screen names.

But it does highlight the very real problem of staged profile pictures, and why you shouldn't trust them.

YouTube - Do not Trust Profile Pictures! Samsung DCC

  Buy a Turbo Snake Now

Excellent use of the mid-Atlantic accent. It's like being serenaded by Thurston Howell III.

YouTube - Turbo Snake Dub

  Jim Jefferies On Religion

What? Jesus wasn't a tall white guy with western features? Good day sir! I said good day!

YouTube - Jim Jefferies On Religion Horrible Blasphemy Panda

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