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  New shirt - Nice night

Ah, it's so nice out tonight. Just want to sit on my balcony and look up at the starry sky, listening to the sounds of the country night. Since I'm in the city though, there aren't too many stars to see, and the late night traffic is drowning out most any other sounds, even the music coming from inside the computer room. At least it's warm out. Warm enough to finally get my winter tires put away (I know it's a little late), and start thinking about what to do with the plants on the balcony. The cedars are looking like they're almost dead, but they did make it through the winter. Going to get some more herbs out there, and some bushy plants to keep the prying eyes of my neighbours away. That way I can walk around naked if I want. Not "when", just "if".


Got this shirt at Winners the other day. Interesting story. I was feeling like a punk (derogatory sense of the word), and decided to get some nice clothes, so I'd feel more professional at werk. So I'm still not sure what happened there. But dig this rad new shirt. I mean, who wouldn't buy a shirt with a skull on it?

0007 I've got to share with you. It's 10; it's the 411 which has all the necessary shorthand codes for Motorolla numeric pagers, so that friends can communicate with each other. Everything from 1701 to 1492.

It's the original l33t sp33k.

Zuckervati 080808

Motorola Pager Codes - To Know. Now.

Bronx cheer


I'm feeling mighty alone right now.

I've got a secret.

I've got something stupid to tell you.

Margaritas, dude! (Cinco de Mayo)

Just thinking of you.

Happy Holidays. (Read upside down.)

Kisses and hugs.

You're the one; you da man.

You're perfect.

You're perfect-er.

Thank you.

I'm having a bad day.

I ate.

I've got an easy question.

Is everything OK?

I need to talk to you alone.

I'm with you.

I love you.

Where are you?

It's possible; there's a chance.

You owe me big-time.

I'm having a bad day and it's getting old.

Let's go sailing.

Live long and prosper.

You're revolting.

The odds are against you.

This is odd.

Happy Birthday.

Miss you.


Used as a suffix to convey "I second that" or "me, too."

Let's have a drink.

Now we dance; shall we dance?

Pick me up after school.

You're way out there.

You're terrific.

This is getting old.

I love you back.

Let's play golf.

I need some information.


Are you booked? (Or, let's go to Hawaii.)

Let's cruise.

It doesn't matter to me; what do you want to do?

I'm ready to explode.

Let's hit the road.

I'm out of gas. (Read upside down.)

Let's fly.

You're finished.

You're late; I'm late. (Read upside down.)

I'm gonna get even with you.

It's quitting time.

Good morning.

This is big; this is an emergency. Call me now.

Hope you're feeling better.

I'm feeling kinda witchy.

I'm almost totally completely bored.

  A little standup

So I went rock-climbing last night, and boy are my arms tired!
[mixed laughter and applause]
But seriously, folks. This rock climbing thing was great, and I did pretty well until later in the evening, and I slipped off one of the hand-holds. I was really at the end of my tether.
[hilarious uproar and rimshot]
By the time I got down to the ground, I swore I'd never make it to the top.
[moderate chuckles, growing to a roar]
But it's not so bad really. In fact I kind of like it. I'd really like to get into it some more, and I'll need to buy one of those special harnesses that you tie your rope to. Heh. I already have a couple of harnesses, and lots of rope, but the guy at the club says you can't use those types of harnesses. Maybe I shouldn't have brought the handcuffs along...
[mixed laughter and whooping]
And what's with those harnesses anyway? I mean, great - they'll save your life in the event of a fall, but they're on so tight, it's good luck having children later!
[hilarious uproar]
And working as a instructor is great! There's room to climb the corporate ladder, and best of all - there's no glass ceiling!
[hilarious uproar]
...Unless you work in one of those indoor places, like Sportsworld... Not only is there a roof over your head, but you're practically tied to your position.
[laughter and widespread agreement]

  Bad First Date Movies

Yesterday we were talking over lunch about movies that were bad choices for dates, especially "first dates." I remember my brother taking his date to see "Taxi Driver." He later admitted it was a bad mistake. Heh. I hope he doesn't read this...

I mean, sure, there are some obvious ones out there which you never go see on a date. Like "Kids," or "Deliverance," or "I Spit on Your Grave," or "Mulholland Dr." (or anything by David Lynch, for that matter). But there are loads of movies that seem harmless enough, but can cause MAJOR problems with first impressions. Films, such as "Hard Core Logo" (in which the film goes from humorous to shockingly depressing) or "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (in which the rapture-like disappearance may be just an analogy for something more human and sinister) start out innocent enough, but may end up with some dire date consequences. I am ever curious what other movies are taboo for this delicate occasion. Hopefully, I could compile enough titles for a How-To guidebook.

Pretty boring today, it's drab and grey out, but warm. Stupid Good Friday holiday means there's nothing open out there. It also means nothing's going to be open on Sunday, neither.

  Chameleon Mom

I'm embarrassed to say this but... I keep mistaking my mother for just about every other little old lady with a big blonde hairdo. She's only slightly older than most baby-boomers, but has adopted a similar style to all the old ladies in the condo complex, and in St. Pete's in general. Twice so far, I've almost grabbed some strange old woman and said "let's go ma". My dad almost did it too.

I checked out the neighbourhood Value Village this evening, looking for cool objects and clothes I could work into my Halloween costume. There were a couple of neat things, but I didn't stay very long since about a hundred other people had the same idea. Sheesh. Anyway, I got away with a couple of old keyboards, some football shoulder pads, and an old vacuum cleaner hose.

  Behold the De-Winterator!

OK, so there wasn't much Spring after all... I really can't wait for the weather to warm up. I'll have to do it myself. Time to unveil my sinister De-Winterator! Oh yes, those fools at the University thought I was mad, but I'll show them who's mad!


HUZZAH! It's Vernal Equinox, one of the great pagan holidays!!! Everyone be sure to engage in some kind of carnal relations today! It's the rule, you know.

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