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  Almost ready for update.

The new template is almost finished for the main page -- just have to tweak some link colours, and I'll be done. I'm still fighting with getting all style settings onto the css page, and not having it divided up on the main page and the stylesheet. Oh well. I'm not very good at this stuff.... At least the page looks more cheery than it did previously. I was going for a more professional look, but still fun and kinda whimsical.

Thinking of heading out to Starlight tonight, or maybe Jane Bond. I've been pretty good all week, and could use a couple of stiff drinks (maybe a good Cuban cigar or something)... The guy from the Orange Monkey will probably be spinning tonight (he does a great job with some serious disco tunes). The music really fits with the style of the club, what with all the vintage furniture and the way the place is laid out.

Got the new front page of loaded up, and I'm pretty happy with the Anime chickie silhouette. Introducing some more publicity images, and rebuilding my openBSD box at the same time... Got a spiffy new aluminum case, an AMD Athlon 1700+ and a gig of RAM, with a hard drive big enough to store all my mp3s for Radio Zuckervati. There were too many logistical problems with running that radio station from two different machines, so I'm going to see if I can get IceCast running. Update

Been trying to update the look and feel of, and I think I'm on to something. Over the next couple of days, I'll be playing with the format, so don't be surprised if you see anything weird (or - gasp - broken!).

  Phone blogging 2

Yup, works just fine.

  phone blogging

Figured I'd give this a try. I'm using my cell phone to write an entry. Let's find out if it works....

Personally, I think I'm in a journalistic lull, here. I was working a bit on my site (fixed up the search engine to search again), and I was going over some of my old postings (i.e. from when I wasn't in a relationship. There were more of them, and they had a lot more content than these ones do. Course, many of them were typically useless blog entries (talking about what food I was eating and what books I was reading then -- like you care what I was eating and reading). But I did enjoy seeing some of the old pictures (and even then, some of the pics were embarrassing in retrospect).

I am, of course trying to maintain this site and the MissingLinks page, so technically I'm posting more than I used to, but there seems to be distinctly less of me in these posts.

Incidentally, I'm rethinking the name of Zuckervati:MissingLinks. What was I thinking there? Sure, it's a cute name, but no one will ever find MissingLinks with a search engine.... Most of the domain combinations of "missing" and "links" have been taken, too. And keeps suggesting some weird things, like "" and that kind of crap.

So I'm putting in two pics today, because I noticed how big this hanging plant in my front room was getting. Perhaps this will get me going on the whole blog train again.


Pretty big plant, no? It's tasted human blood; now there's no stopping it.


This is me as I existed on this Sunday Jan. 26, 2003.

  Keeping Radio Online

Cripes! Seven listeners on Radio Zuckervati recently. Wha-oh! That's the most successful I've ever been, and it's getting close to my bandwidth limit. I almost have a case for getting some advertising on my site. Seems there's still a need for internet radio if even I'm getting hits.

Playing a tribute to SomaFM right now. I ripped a couple of streams from Groove Salad and Secret Agent last year, but couldn't do much with them since SomaFM (wisely) integrated their station ID into the songs. It's annoying, but it keeps people from constantly trying to rip streams from your site. I'm glad they did it, and I'm playing it back now, so that we can remember how great a station they were. I hope they return.

Having problems with the Missing Links page. Oh, nothing important, but the Movable Type engine seems to be screwing up the last modified date on the entries. So, you may notice that some of the categories look out-of-date, even if they've just been updated. Not sure why this is happening. I've checked the FAQs on their website, and I've tried rebuilding the files several times. My guess is that the indexes are messed up somehow.

Pretty hot day expected today, and sunny too -- I'm glad we're getting the heat. Hope I can go get some cycling in. I just got a storage compartment for the back rack (I'm hesitant to call it a "pannier", since it's not the saddle-bag style), so I can actually carry my repair kit around without fear of losing it on a busy highway.

It's been over a week since I've been able to get out and exercise. Feeling pretty gross, since all I've been doing is sitting around, trying to get better. I've finally gotten over this cold (I think), and need to see if I'm OK enough to get out on my bike. I'm still coughing a little bit, but it's pretty well gone.

  Missing Links forum

Been busy working on the Missing Links section of I still have a few things to do before it is fully operational, but I've already got some posts up there. It's going to be the forum for all the weird and wacky links that people keep sending me, and I've set it up in a categorical format, so we can keep the weird links with other weird links; food links with food links, etc.

Still to do on the Missing Links forum: Remove the calendar; associate category images with each main page post; add links to each category page; and tinker with the stylesheets a little more. I also have to remove the links to the articles.htm page (the earlier attempt at putting links on, and replace them with the Missing Links link.

So much to do....

  Why do I even bother?

New front page is coming soon. I dug around my old hard drive and found the Zuckervati site archives! So I am now able to make changes to the rest of the site and bring it into sync with the journal page. That is good. Maybe I can also get the links page redone as well. It'd be nice to get all the cewl links on their own current page. People keep sending me cewl links, and I feel the sudden urge to share them with the world! Like every other page on the internet!

Ok, well, think about it. My page is no more different than anyone else's. I have a journal, I do artwork, I share links, and I have a poll. Sheesh. Why do I even bother?

  Radio Zuckervati Online

HUZZAH! After what seemed like weeks, Radio Zuckervati is back online -- at least for the interim. I never got around to finding a suitable Icecast server, so I just purged the existing Win98 machine and reinstalled. Now Winamp doesn't crash every couple of hours. So far, it's been up for a two days without going offline. Wish I could say that about my internet connection...

  Passports and Shouting

Need to get my passport application sent in tomorrow, otherwise I ain't going nowheres for my vacation. Unfortunately, the passport office may not be open as all the public service workers are on strike. This could put a wringer into my plans, and I may have to go to Merica-land for my vacation. Worse, they might want to see my passport too!

The Shoutcast server is up, but it's not shouting this evening, since Winamp keeps crashing on me. Proof that I need to get rid of Win98 and replace it with some kind of decent operating system. Maybe I'll end up using Icecast to stream audio, but the BSD server isn't all that resource-rich...

  New Blog in place

Well, the new journal is in place, using an automated "blog" style server from the good people at Movable Type ( We'll see how it works after a while. It may take some tuning yet, so expect some disruptions and the occasional broken link (at least for now). I like the look of the stylesheet, and will probably adapt the rest of my pages to look the same.

One point of note. Netscape 4.7x doesn't work well with stylesheets, so I've tried to preserve the original look if you turn off stylesheet support.

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