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There will be at least one appeal against the national broadcast regulator's decision on subscription radio -- which also left the winners with doubts about their future.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, a non-profit media watchdog group, said a half-dozen arts organizations agreed in a conference call yesterday to appeal the decision to the federal cabinet or the courts, fearing Canadian-content restrictions placed on approved applicants are too lax.

"It's clear from the call that there will be maybe more than one appeal," said the group's Ian Morrison.

In its landmark decision Thursday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission accepted all three applications to bring new digital pay-radio services to Canada.

London Free Press: Business Section - Satellite radio rules offend both sides

The massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars Galaxies, gives gamers a chance to build their own weapons and armor, fly spacecraft, build cities and even train to become Jedis.

But in this world of make-believe, composing music is forbidden.

Players can play Wookiees or bounty hunters and even musicians -- like those in the cantina band from the original Star Wars.

As musicians, the characters play pretend, virtual instruments like the slitherhorn, ommni box or the nalargon, but are limited to a handful of canned tunes. Lawyers at Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts envision a legal nightmare if musicians were to re-create music copyrighted in the physical world.

Wired News: Music Muffled in Star Wars Game

DJ Spooky relies heavily on sampling in his work as a DJ and musician. So it shouldn't be a surprise that his new book and CD sample audio recordings of some of literature's great remixers: writers whose work "sampled" other people's material.

DJ Spooky, whose real name is Paul D. Miller, is an artist, musician and writer at the forefront of using technology to remix art and culture.

Wired News: DJ Spooky Raps About Remixing

Paul Langlois, the guitarist for the Tragically Hip, has launched his own record label, Ching Music.

The company's inaugural release is the Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir's High Cost of Low Living, which will land in record stores on June 7. Langlois also handled producing duties on the album, recorded at the Hip's Bathouse Studio near Kingston, Ont.

"Paul Langlois is like Dave Grohl -- everybody loves him and he's a genius when it comes to rock and roll," Dillon told the Canadian Press, comparing his producer to the former Nirvana drummer-turned Foo Fighters leader who has been a booster for groups like Queens of the Stone Age.

CBC Arts: Tragically Hip guitarist launches record label

  CBC's 50 Essential Tracks

50 Tracks Essential Song Criteria:

- Does it woo you with words?
- Does it move you with melody?
- Does it have you from the hook?
- Does it define a generation?
- Did it create a musical revolution?

CBC Radio | 50 Tracks | The List

WKRP in Cincinnati was one of the most popular television shows of the late '70s and early '80s, but it is unlikely ever to be released on DVD because of high music-licensing costs.

The show, which centered on a fledging radio station with a nerdy news director and wild disc jockeys, had a lively soundtrack, playing tunes from rock 'n' rollers like Ted Nugent, Foreigner, Elton John and the Eagles.

Wired News: Copyrights Keep TV Shows off DVD

Canada Post plans to honour jazz icon Oscar Peterson this summer by issuing a postage stamp in his honour on his 80th birthday.

The stamp marks the first time a living individual -- other than the Queen or a member of the royal family -- will be honoured on a postage stamp for his personal achievement, says Charles Verge, president of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada.

CBC Arts: Peterson to be honoured on postage stamp

An Italian DJ is being slapped with a record fine of 1.4 million Euros (US$1.8 million) after being caught with what are believed to be thousands of pirated MP3 music files and hundreds of illegally downloaded video clips, an international recording industry group said Thursday.

Italian police discovered the DJ playing the allegedly pirated music in nightclubs near Rome. It ordered the fine against the individual, whose identity was not revealed, after a raid of the suspect's home turned up none of the originally purchased music, a spokeswoman for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) said. The DJ may also be subject to further criminal sanctions, the industry group said.

The suspect was caught with more than 2,000 allegedly pirated MP3s and 500 video clips. The fine imposed by Italian police is the largest in Europe against an individual for MP3 piracy, the IFPI said.

Italian DJ hit with record MP3 piracy fine: Internet News: The Industry Standard

Eagle-eyed, web-savvy fans of Peter, Paul and Mary have helped return a guitar stolen four years ago to the folk group's Peter Yarrow.

In December 2000, Yarrow's handmade Canadian Larriv´┐Że acoustic guitar -- made in 1973 and stored in a case bearing his name -- disappeared during a flight from Washington to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The $500 US reward for its recovery went unclaimed.

CBC Arts: Eagle-eyed folk fans spot stolen guitar on eBay

The editors of Rolling Stone magazine have reversed their previous decision to reject an ad for a new translation of the Bible.

Two weeks ago, Rolling Stone informed publishing company Zondervan that its policy is not to accept ads for religious materials.

Zondervan, which is a division of HarperCollins and the largest publisher of Bibles in the U.S., had planned to advertise a new edition of the Bible aimed specifically at young people, called Today's New International Version. It had purchased the space in the magazine several months ago.

CBC News: Rolling Stone relents, allows Bible ad

One of the songs vying to be Lithuania's entry in the annual Eurovision Song Contest has been revealed as a fraud.

Called You, the song turned out to be a remix of an old Michael Jackson tune. And the artist who submitted the song, Juste Kriauzaite, does not exist.

The fraud was revealed as You was being considered to be this year's entry from the Baltic state.

CBC News: Eurovision song is a fraud

  Impress the Crowd

Are you that ordinary DJ who does nothing more than beatmatch songs in their set? Looking to mix it up a bit more? Then, this article is for you. We'll show you how to put a little spice in your set and get the crowd pumped up. Only on InternetDJ.

Impress the Crowd with these DJ Techniques -

MP3 players could become even more popular in Canada thanks to newer, lower price tags made possible by a recent court ruling.

The drop in price could be possible after the Federal Court of Appeal's decision which says special copyright levies on digital music players aren't legal.

Canada's Copyright Act gives the federal board the authority to apply levies on blank media such as compact discs and audio cassettes. | Court decision may lower cost of MP3 players

Mp3 players may soon cost less in Canada following a Federal Court of Appeal ruling that copyright levies on digital music players aren't legal.

Exactly a year ago, the Copyright Board of Canada froze private copying levies on recording devices and at the same time, hiked non-removable memory (such as in Apple's iPod) by $2 per device for up to one gig of memory, $15 for 1-10 and $25 over 10.

Now, the Court has ruled that the board, "properly held that the the zero-rating program has no statutory underpinning and that, accordingly, its impact ought not to be recognized in setting the levy," says a source, going on:

"The court decided the board couldn't impose a levy on memory in a device such as an iPod, and set aside the board's tariff in this respect. Put another way, once incorporated into a device, a recording medium becomes part of the device." - the original daily p2p and digital media news site

  Out of Touch

It's got everything you need, poker, hotties in their underwear, wet shirts, secret-agent stuff...and worst of all a flashback to remembering how old you were when you heard the original version of this. Oh yah, and chicks almost making out. All in all a big thumbs up for this vid.

Click here to watch the video and hear the remix
It takes a few seconds to load, don't worry if all you see is a black screen for a bit.

When all is said and done, Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" may end up best remembered for a profound silence -- the seven minutes President Bush remained, after learning that the country was under attack, in front of a Florida elementary school class, quietly reading a book about a goat.

But Moore brought the noise, too.

The use of music in his blockbuster film made for pithy editorial comment, sardonic humor and memorably jarring scenes: The Go-Go's sing-songy "Vacation" blared as Moore documented Bush's extended postelection stay at his Texas ranch; chords instantly recognizable as belonging to J.J. Cale's "Cocaine" chimed when Moore analyzed Bush's failure to take a military medical exam; a photomontage of Bush family and associates buddying with Saudi royals, set to REM's "Shining Happy People," played like an MTV video; American soldiers in Iraq chillingly shared a song they'd piped into their tank as a battle cry -- a heavy-metal tune with the refrain, "The house is on fire / Burn, motherf--, burn!"

Inside Michael Moore's Head(phones) / The anti-Bush provocateur also understands the power of music.

  Six-String Boba

If I didn't see it, I wouldn't have believed it. The Boba Fett guitar.

[Boba Fett's Guitar]

Apparently you can order this *bitchin* item from

  Total Punk Radio

There's 30,000 songs available, and you can request any one of them. HUZZAH!


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