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After weeks of tweaking Pandora Radio and Slacker stations, trying to come up with the best mix for working out (I do some boxing conditioning), I decided I knew pretty much the songs I wanted to use, so why not just put them all together on a playlist. Well, the folks at pretty much let me do just that. So here's what I cobbled together out of the available Internet songs.

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The list is still being revised, new music is being added/removed, so it's not fixed in stone or anything. Help improve it: What would you choose for a playlist?

  Evolution made easy

Another awesome video from Thunderf00t.

YouTube - Evolution for IDiots (remix)

Classic tune from The Crystal Method.

YouTube - Highroller by The Crystal Method

  Spock in Pain

Interesting list. Here's a sample:

Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys

First off, I'm pretty sure that Paul's Boutique has more samples in it than any other record ever made. The reason for this is because it was released before any real copyright laws had been set in place when it came to sampling. Over 105 songs were sampled on the album and the sampling for Boutique was uncleared. This was of course only possible before Grand Upright Music, Ltd. vs. Warner Bros. Records Inc., the landmark case against Biz Markie by Gilbert O'Sullivan, which changed the process and future of hip-hop sampling. Due to this court case the sound of hip-hop music was changed drastically and, if it wasn't for Boutique setting these wheels in motion, who knows what might have been.

The Top 10 Classic Albums That Accidentally Ruined Music | SPIKE

  Symphonies of Science

4 great videos from melodysheep. You can download them from

YouTube - Symphonies of Science

  The TV Show

The latest super fantastic Japanese thing to come out of a TV set.

YouTube - The TV show

Looks like quite a problem in San Francisco; cops are randomly seizing peoples laptops and DJ equipment, even if they're not playing.

Mike Holmes, aka DJ White Mike, was a recent victim of an SFPD sweep. On Halloween night, he DJed at the Beauty Bar and then hit a friend's costume party at a SOMA loft. He stored his bag, which held his laptop, in the DJ booth to prevent it from getting swiped. Ten minutes later, around 2:30 a.m., he says the police arrived and announced that they were taking all the laptops in the warehouse space. "I tried to explain that I wasn't even playing at the party," he says. Nonetheless, his computer was seized by a cop who identified himself as part of a "task force," who told him that he shouldn't expect to get his laptop back "for at least three months."

San Francisco Music - S.F. cops may have gone too far in seizing DJ gear at underground parties - page 1

  Was DJ Hero a Flop?

The numbers weren't so good, and DJ'ing isn't really a group activity. Also, it's really expensive. And apparently, awesome.

Is there hope?

Honestly, it's going to be hard to overcome these challenges. There is already a low margin on plastic instruments, so it's going to be hard to drop the price on the game and still make a profit. DJ culture is unlikely to explode in the next few months to give the game a sales boost. People are increasingly drawn into more social experiences, and this is a rare beast: a rhythm game best played alone.

Which is a shame: the game is wonderful. The music sounds great, the gameplay is addictive once you get the hang of things, and Activision has proven that they can create a high-quality rhythm game without a roadmap being given to them by Harmonix. It's worth your time and money. Will it get them?

Innovating problems: why DJ Hero flopped - Ars Technica

Neat article on making that memorable playlist.

The Ever-Important Order

The order of a playlist is most important after the content. Try to think out of the box. This doesn't mean putting heavy metal next to heavenly jazz, but rather trying to build up to a climax and then descend to an ending. This might mean putting your songs into a list and switching them up randomly until you get an idea for what might come first, what might come in the middle and what might end the playlist. Once you have a tentative order, go through the playlist and play the last thirty seconds of each song, allowing them to transition into the first thirty second of the following tune. This will let you decide whether or not you'll enjoy hearing these songs played back to back.

How to Make Perfect Playlists

Ars Technica reviews:

Nothing about the music in this game was done the cheap or easy way, and it shows. You can set up a custom mix of tracks and then just sit back and listen to the music without having to play, or use it as the background music for a party while the game displays visuals on your television if you just want to enjoy the tracks themselves.

And check out the controller:


Wicka-wicka-wicked: DJ Hero new, fresh, triumphant - Ars Technica

A possible working solution to playing copyrighted music in the Freedom Fries Radio stream. Apparently at, you can create a functional playlist of full songs from their database. Still wondering what the catch is. Until then, here's part of the list available for play:

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

What is Freedom Fries Radio, you ask? Look here.

  Jamendo PRO

Jamendo now offers a professional suite of services.

After having satisfied several thousand clients around the world in just a few months, Jamendo PRO has completely renewed itself. Even more user-friendly, clearer and quicker, it's now easier than ever to access the world's largest online free music catalog, with over 35,000 tracks.

Jamendo Blog » Blog Archive » Jamendo PRO launches its new interface!

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