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  Getting cold out.

Getting colder outside, which means it's almost time for another long dark time of the soul for me. I'm always more depressed in the cold winter than I am in the summer. I guess we all are, to a certain degree, more inclined to be SAD in the winter. Heh, SAD. I'm still not sure what I want to do for the X-mas break. I'm cutting it pretty short now, with less than 2 months to go. I'm pretty sure I couldn't get a flight to Florida to visit my folks in this short a time, although, some of the discount carriers might be able to accommodate me. I'll have to see what my parents are up to....

Time for sleep. I need to get up early tomorrow.

  Nothing to say tonight

Finding it difficult to write anything these days. There's so much work to be done, and so many other things going on with my life. Werk is really busy these days, and situations are becoming more delicate. That's also why I haven't been talking much on here. Werk is starting to interfere with my personal time; I'm talking more of it home every day.

Finishing up watching a Voyager rerun. For some reason all the shows on Space are 15 minutes off, so X-files doesn't start until 11:15pm tonight. It's an episode I've seen before, beginning with a crane shot pulling back through a smoke plume from a house's chimney. Skinner's inside, trying to protect a Grand Jury witness from being killed by someone. The man's coughing, and he coughs blood into a glass of ice water. The camera pulls up to the glass and focuses on a small beetle wiggling around in the glass. Later they find the man dead in the bathroom, his face and throat eaten away by *something*.

Working early shift tomorrow. Better turn in.


Feeling pretty blah, now that the weather has started to get cold. I haven't really felt much like doing anything recently, and I think I need to get going back to the gym again. I sort of took the last two months off, and my membership is due to expire soon. I'd better get while the getting's good. I have to say, though, that I don't know if it's really my thing. Maybe it's just me. I bet if I get into it again, my attitude will start to improve.

Besides, it's not like I haven't been exercising at all... up to this weekend, I've been doing some pretty intense cycling, going up and down the Iron Horse Trail, to St. Jacobs and back. I'm really getting to know this city pretty well, since I started cycling around town. You really never think about it when you're in your car, but there are so many things around here that are hidden from you, off the main streets.

Recently held a "trailer trash" theme party, and had some friends over for some slumming dress-down fun. I was amazed at the enthusiasm displayed by everyone, and even more amazed at the crazy food dishes everyone brought. I made it a potluck because I didn't feel like doing much preparing, and wanted to see if everyone could be creative. They didn't disappoint. We had standard fare, like Kraft Dinner and wieners, beans and wieners, and "pigs in blankets" (with wieners). We also had more exotic dishes too, such as "dirt and worms", "tater tot casserole", and Atomic (brand) brownies. It was pretty fun. I hope to have some pics up when I can get them.

Cats are pretty healthy and happy, although the cold weather is bugging them slightly. China (the white one) is running all over the place in short, sudden bursts. Like something keeps coming up behind her and grabbing her tail. Athena's gone off and found a quiet place to sleep. She'll be up early. Still, it's getting pretty cold in here. Better turn on the heat and let them get all cozy by the fake fire.

HUZZAH! It's now official! I picked up my passport today, and am now an honest-to-goodness UK/Euro citizen. Who knew that you could do this simply by shelling out a couple-a hundred dollars and having a dad born in Scotland. OK, when you thinks about it, it ain't too surprising.

Hee hee. Now I can get in "the fast lane" at the airport when travelling to England. Not that I'm going anytime soon, but hey -- now I can. Even better, I don't need any special visas in order to get work over there. Pretty keen, no?

  Trail Painting

Rain again. Woooo. I wanted to go for a bike ride after werk, but the weather's just not in it tonight. Last night I toured up the Ironhorse and Laurel trails, and had a blast -- so much so that I wanted to do it again tonight. Oh well, maybe tomorrow night. I still have some laundry to do, so that's certainly an option.

I'd really like to do some painting tonight, and I've got a bunch of boards already prepped. Problem is, my muse isn't around tonight. In fact, I think it's on vacation somewhere. We'll see how I'm feeling after First Wave's over. I hate this show, but I'm also tremendously lazy, and the remote's too far to reach.

  Summer Homeless Werk

Feeling pretty delinquent about getting some posts in, so I thought I'd write a quick message before going to werk this morning. Pretty hot right now, it's about 25 degrees and overcast, but going up to 33 later on. Hope the cats are OK while I'm freezing my ass off in the cold, sterile Office of Doom. Feels terrible to have to werk when there's so much to do outside on a day like today, but I suppose it's shelter from the heat of summertime. I actually miss the heat when I'm at werk, and haven't really had anything to complain about so far. I promised earlier this year to not bitch about the heat, and I haven't needed to. It's really nice. I hope it holds out for a while.

I say this fully aware that CBC is talking about the several homeless deaths in Toronto over the past couple of days, so it's kind of spoiling my adoration of the whole summer heat wave. Nonetheless, I can only speak for myself and my experiences -- right now I'd rather be hot than freezing in 3 foot high snow drifts. Having the air conditioning cranked at werk isn't helping. Drag being in a job where you *have* to wear long pants all day.

Athena's come by for a morning spanking, and she's rolling around on the floor near my feet, doing that chirping thing of hers. Cute cat.

  Art Again

Just bought some art supplies at Home Despot. Thought I might try the 2X2 Masonite boards again. This time, I've got a printer, so I can conceptualize on the computer, and print up my sketches before painting. Yuh huh. This means I'm going to actually have subject matter and non-abstract paintings this time. Thought I might try some paintings based on scenes/events/people from the KW area.

This new printer's pretty schway too. HP DeskJet 5550 with two colour cartridges -- makes great photos. This might be another artistic avenue I can pursue...

Got to werk tomorrow. What a drag. The rest of the country's celebrating, and I've got to in and listen to American customers complaining about our product. Wee.

  Cool night garbage

Pretty nice cool night tonight. A good break from the heat wave we've been having. Just finished getting the garbage to the kerb, and was thinking about the bad situation in T.O. I really feel for everyone there, and hope a resolution comes soon. The garbage is already beginning to pile up.

  Sleepy Teeth

I'm really tired right now. Time for rest. I spent far too much time in meetings today, and kept dozing off in the middle of a conference call with a customer. I hope I wasn't too noticeable. I'm pretty sure no one noticed my head bobbing up and down for two hours.

Got my teeth cleaned today. As usual, the dentist says I'm a boring customer. I'll take that as a compliment, since his idea of "action" is a root canal. He tried to convince me to let him take out my remaining two wisdom teeth, but couldn't offer a real reason, except that they can lead to problems later on in life. He did say that the gums looked slightly inflamed around the one wisdom tooth, so I should keep an eye on it.

Yeah, right. "Your gums are slightly inflamed. I'm going to have to pull that tooth!"

  Hot Cottages

HUZZAH! Hot weather at last. Mmmm hmmm. Can't wait for the weekend, so I can get out into the heat and start sweating. This is much better than all the snow and cold weather we had just two months back. Yeah. Hot hot hot!

Actually, I promised several people that I wouldn't dis the heat when it finally came. I must have been plenty bitchy about the cold, screwed-up weather we had up until about late-April and parts of May. Now it's super warm outside, and even warmer inside. Luckily, the wee air conditioner is taking the edge off, but I'm still pretty much drenched in my own sweat. Note: I'm not complaining. I just want a couple of days off now, so I can go camping or something.

Went looking at cottages this past weekend. I'm thinking it's almost about time to buy some property -- my parents are bugging me about it, and I've got too much stuff for a small apartment... no harm in looking anyway. So I thought about getting a cottage; they're cheap, fun in the summer, and you can live like in a beer commercial. If you buy a winterized one, you can even live in it during the winter.

I even thought about getting a chunk of land near or on a lake, and building my own home (read: contracting somebody to build it for me). Those who know me, know that I'm all earthship crazy, but I'm pretty flexible. How about a geodesic dome house? Pretty schway, no?

Well, there's no harm in looking... I'm probably not going to do anything until some kind of circumstances require me to up and move.

  looking for a road trip

Feeling tired, blah, cold, and wanting to get cozy. Watching the Tonight Show, for some reason, but Leno's doing the Headlines routine, so it's kind of funny. Going to bed soon. Like, probably right now.

Spent the day painting and drinking beer. Pretty fine way to spend an afternoon, if you ask me. Also finally watched "Road Trip" after holding onto the DVD for a couple of months. My buddy Rich lent it to me to watch (sort of insisted I watch it). It's pretty bad, but has some occasional and unexpected laughs to it, so it wasn't a total waste. Also had a lot of titties and asses in it. Pardon my French, but you have to keep in with the theme of the film.


  Laundry and Aliens

Watching Aliens tonight on Space, so I know there's no nutty editing of dialogue or deleted scenes which were "too graphic". I hate watching films on Superstation or any channel which thinks it needs to show a horror film, but wants it to be cleaned-up first. Still, I seem to remember some scenes from the film which aren't in tonight's version. Specifically, the scene with the sentry guns in the tunnel. Remember that scene? A quick search on the internet shows that the film was originally 154 min. in length -- too long -- so some scenes were cut, including the sentry scene. Check out this link for some of the other deleted scenes. There are some neat AVI files as well.

Just got back from my folks' place. Did an early Mother's Day visit, and brought some flowers and a card. My mom was super happy about the flowers, and just glad to see me today. I'm happy she was in such a good mood. I got a chance to do some laundry too. The trick is to distract her, so she's not even thinking about laundry, then you sneak in there and get it done while she's occupied. When it's done, there's nothing she can do about it, so she won't offer to help out. Normally, my mom won't let anyone near the laundry room. She is the only one who can do it properly, and she likes to complain about how much laundry she had to do. Gotta love her.

Went to Costco today, picked up some nice things. Got some coffee beans, veggie wieners, soap, and some chrome shelving for the computer room. I almost bought a printer, but couldn't commit to a big purchase. My Lexmark printer works fine, but the cost to replace the cartridges is more than I paid for the printer, so I may as well just buy a new printer. I mean CAN $79 for one print cartridge (when you need 2)? Crazy, man.

Wanted to go for a bike ride today, but was werking until about 7pm, so it started getting cold and was going to get dark too. I know I'm making excuses, but I was feeling kind of tired after staring at a computer screen for 4 hours.

  Beautiful Spring day

Beautiful Spring day today, sunny, birds chirping, and the sounds of incessant traffic on Krug St. I needed to cut some 1x4 pieces for my painting boards, but was a little apprehensive about making so much noise on my balcony. Turns out you could barely hear my reciprocating saw over the sounds of the traffic.

Dropped off my friend at the bus station last night. She's heading out for the US for the summer. Made sure she got to the station in time, and made sure she got on the right bus. Kind of a weird time -- met with a bunch of her friends from school (nice folks, especially the bald guy with glasses and the red goatee), and they were going to meet us at the bus station. Unfortunately, they got lost, and we were cutting it close, getting to the station, so we never met up with them.

Not sure what to do today. I could do werk, but I don't want to. I'm thinking I could do some more painting, now that I've primed up some boards. But I want to get outside, even though it's still too cold to do anything fun, like cycling. Maybe head to Costco, and get another couple of gallons of cranberry juice.

  What a Beautiful Night

What a beautiful night it is - the wind has just picked up enough to ease off the heat, and I'm sitting on my balcony enjoying a remarkably quiet Krug St. The tiki lights are glowing happily and casting coloured auras about the different balcony plants, most notably my poor cedars, which seem to be getting better now that they're outside. I knew they'd freeze and die in their plastic pots over the winter, but they didn't do so well inside either - they needed so much water, and I never remembered to give them extra care. Besides, they were almost dead before I brought them inside...

The traffic from the expressway can barely be heard off in the distance, but it's still there. I'm a little worried that it's going to rain tonight, and it'll get cold again. I went for an hour-long bike ride this morning, and could have gone all day, if it weren't for work. I wasn't tired at all, but when I got inside, my legs were all shakey and I could barely stand. I need to train better if I want to go for a day-long trip.

  X-tians and Goofy Pics

HUZZAH! The great folks at MAFA have found another great link for a Bible Quiz!!! I took the test (and admittedly, only got 7 questions right). Sigh, guess I'm not such a good X-tian.

I can't wait! Only a couple of more days until the trip! Finally got my passport today, and the picture is crazy! I have this weird spaced-out look. The reason behind the picture is I was getting two sets at the same time (one for the British passport, one for the Canadian). What I wasn't expecting was the guy to take one set right after the other (apparently, these passport cameras have 4 lenses, one for each picture, so there's no reloading of film). My eyes weren't prepared for another flash, so I had to force them open, and I look like a total freak. I decided to keep those for the Canadian passport, and keep the cewl pictures for the British one. Why not?


Big day today. I'm officially divorced. Somehow, I thought it would feel different.


I was painting most of Sunday, and talked with my buddy Phil for a little while. Plans for Cuba are still going strong. We're still relying a lot on luck to get us there, since we're doing the "last minute" thing -- we're doing this mostly to save money, but also to get a good package deal at a nice safe resort. I've never been to Cuba, and this has got to be the best way to do it the first time. If all goes well, then next time I'll do something more exciting.

Yum! I'm eating leftover baked beans and (veggie) wieners tonight. Good and thick comfort food, slathered with Louisiana hot sauce and accompanied by a bottle of Red Stripe in the old "stubby" bottle. Sometimes the easiest meals are the best.

I'm pulling evening shifts at werk this week, so technically, I don't have to be at werk until 11:00am or later. So what do I do? I go in for 9:00 as always and end up spending almost 12 hours there. I tried to take a long lunch, but couldn't even find anything to do except pace around the mall for an hour. Ah, materialism in all its glory! Dozens of pretentious clothing shops and attitude stores; coffee cafés, food fairs, shoe shacks, and some big ol' big-box stores.

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