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  Golf anyone?

Nice day today. Going to do a little golfing this evening (think we're on the "putting" phase of our lessons). Maybe have some time to hit the driving range too.

Unfortunately, the weather don't look so good. It's hot and muggy, and there are some suspicious-looking clouds hanging around the golf course -- smoking in the parking lot. I think they're up to mischief. May have to postpone the lessons for today.

  New tire

Got a new tire for my bike on the weekend. I was going to rebuild it from scratch, but that meant buying a new rim, new spokes, a spoke wrench, etc. The only thing I might get to keep was the hub, and I wasn't so in love with the hub that came with the bike. I might have saved about $20. Also, making a new tire up from components would take a good deal of fine tuning and balancing, and it would have required a lot of time yelling at my bike. I think I made the right choice.

Now to get up the nerve to ride my bike again. I'm actually eager to try that same construction site with the new tire.


  Burning on the Grand

Went canoeing on the Grand River today. I'd have taken a picture, but I've learned my lesson about taking digital cameras on canoeing trips. It was a pretty good time - we rented some canoes at Canoeing The Grand on Riverbank and King, and headed downstream towards the Cambridge rowing club. It was a 4-5 hour trip, which we finished in 3 hours. Unfortunately, that meant sitting around for about an hour, while we waited for the shuttle to come get us. Next time, I'd try starting in West Montrose or Conestogo. At least then, you end up back where your car is.

My shoulders got a little sunburnt along the way. I put some SPF30 on when we started, but didn't reapply to my shoulders. My own fault, I guess. As a result, everything around me is just a little more annoying.

  Broken Bike

Took a spill just before getting to werk today. I was cycling through a construction zone (let that be a lesson for you kids!) and tried a half-assed jump off the sidewalk onto a dirt road bed. Well, I'm not as good with these front shocks as I should be, and landing on my back wheel would have been the best thing in this situation. But I hit with my front wheel first. The shocks went in, and the wheel buckled, and I got pitched. I'm the second person at werk in two days to take a spill, and luckily my injuries weren't bad at all: a bump on the knee and elbow, and some scrapes on my hands. The other guy at werk dislocated his shoulder.

The worst part was carrying/walking the bike the remaining 500m to work. Bruised bike, bruised ego, and bruised body. Better than a cup of coffee to wake a person up.


  Picture this...

OK, I was going to post a new picture here today, but my camera is still in my briefcase, and it's at home, since I biked to work today. The cycling is pretty fun, and I'm glad that I'm actually getting out and doing it. If I stick to the Laurel trail, I can bypass that big overpass on Weber St. and it only takes an extra minute or two.

I'm hoping to get out to Algonquin park later this summer, and do some of the cycling trails. The biggest one I could find was the Minnesing Mountain Bike Trail. It's about 25km at its longest point, but I was hoping for something you could bike into, and pitch tents at a campsite halfway in. Still looking for something like that. Looks like this would just be a day trip.

  Good kite-flying weather

Hot and sunny today, but really windy, and it looks like another storm is on its way in. Good kite-flying weather, at least for now. Maybe check out the driving range after work. The problem with being at work on a day like this is that you don't really notice the weather. Ever since I got an office job, the hot summers are barely noticeable, and the cold winters aren't nearly as cold as I remember as a kid. Also, having a car with heat and AC really helps too.

Later this week, I'm going to start riding my bike to work. I really need to get out and cycle a little more -- get back into cycling shape. I went out for a few times last week, but need more of it. Now that I've no TV, I'm actually starting to work on other projects, and cycling's just one of them (reminder: put some street tires on bicycle). I've finally posted the "Heroes of Krug St." pictures, and am halfway through putting up the pics from the "Peltz St. Pajama Party". I'm still sifting through the pictures from the Spamrock 02, so they should be up soon as well (I know, I know ... finally!).

  I have a new house

Closed the new house yesterday. After a bit of a last minute rush with the banks, we were able to get all the money where it needed to get. Spend the better part of last night filling in the cracks and holes so we could get started on the painting today. I feel a little sore, but it should be no match for what I'll feel like tomorrow, since we're moving all the stuff tonight.

Still got the old place for the rest of the month, and it still has cable, so I have this weird idea in my head, that I'll be over there, sitting on a cinderblock, watching television every night for a few hours. I laugh, and pretend that would never happen.

Place is in pretty good shape overall. It has a really nice back yard. When I find out where I packed my camera, I'll take a few pictures.


New house closes in a week and a half. Can't wait for it to be over. So many things to do ...

  Parental damper

Wanted to go cycling today, but had to stick around and wait for my parents to come over. They just got back from FLA with more socks (you'd think I ate the darn things) and grapefruit. They were a little sore I opted out of visiting my aunt and uncle on their grandchild's X-ening today. I'm not much into religious ceremonies, be they weddings, or funerals, or whatever. A baptism has much less meaning to me than either a wedding or a funeral.

Figure I'll tidy up the house a bit before they stop by. It's a bit of a lost cause, though, since I've got boxes everywhere. I imagine by the final days, it'll be kinda like camping.

Spent a bit of time at a pub, doing the typical Friday afternoon business meeting, then headed back to home to do a bit of Star Wars Galaxies (the spice industry ain't what it used to be)... Ended up in front of the TV however, getting a bit of packing done at the same time. Was supposed to be up at 2am this morning, doing maintenance on some customer's servers, but that fell through. It just means my next week's schedule will be messed up as well.

  Note to self

Too much bike-riding for the first day. My legs are killing me... But I don't regret the experience. Going to go out as much as I can, providing the weather is good.... Oddly enough, my arms are really sore too. I forget that when I climb hills, my arms do a lot of the work too.

That cool MEC jacket I picked up worked like a charm. Kept the wind from shooting up my arms, and I could open the sleeves when I got too hot.

  Awesome Day Today

Sunny, warm, windy. Aside from the windy part, a perfect cycling day. Going to finish the tuning up of my bike and get it out on the road, where it's supposed to be. Maybe take the Iron Horse/Laurel trails up to St. Jacobs and then cycle back into town, past my new house.

  Nice day for a bike ride

Oh yeah. Warm out today. Finally good to have some nice weather, even if it's kind of rainy out. Rain I can handle, as long as it's not cold out, and as long as it doesn't last for a week at a time.

Bought a nice cycling jacket at MEC in Toronto yesterday. Had to wait a while before I could get in and move our servers, so I walked down King St for a bit, and did some shopping. Almost bought a new set of street tires for my bike, but I figured I could do that anywhere.

  Blah blah blah

Feeling like I want to go out tonight, but also feeling incredibly lazy. Also, all my friends are sick (Still) and no one wants to do anything. Guess I Should see if I can get packing for the move -- clear out all the crap I don't need.

  Cold again?

OK, so that's pretty interesting, the way the weather turned on us. Nice and sunny and (somewhat) warm one day, dark and grey and cold and SNOWING the next.... I wouldn't be so upset about this, but I just gave my bike a spring cleaning and left it outside last night. Now I'm going to have to make sure to oil it, since I got rid of all the grease on the chain yesterday. I hope nothing gets rusty.

Actually, feeling pretty blah today, and it's probably all the weather's fault. Maybe go see a movie or something...


Ah, nice spring-like day today. Maybe I'll get off my butt and clean this place up. If it were warmer, I'd go get my bike out and hit the trails. It's still a little cold for me, as I'm basically a summer person when it comes to outdoor activities. Maybe I can clean my bike today and drive it tomorrow... Maybe I could warm up the BBQ and cook some dinner tonight. Yum.


Want to do something tonight. Want to go to the Starlight or the Rev or something.... R's feeling sick, so may not be able to get out there.

  New house blues and reds

Feel like I'm being weighted down with all of the money issues and all the paperwork for the new house. Looks like dozens of people need to be contacted, what with insurance, lawyer, mortgage, utilities, taxes, and all that other junk -- I'm bound to miss something. I even need to find a fridge and stove before I move in, otherwise it's "beans out of the can" and microwave popcorn for dinner.

Got some nice pics of the house when I went to visit it again, and it's a little bigger than I remembered the first time. Especially large was the little kitchen in the basement, and the furnace room/work room. The ceiling in the stairwell to the second floor is a little lower than I remember, but I'm short enough that I didn't hit my head when I went upstairs.

Can't wait to get in there and start using it! Gonna need a few coats of paint, but that's about all it'll need.

  Mortgage Approved !

Got my mortgage approved. Just need to get all my money together so I can buy the house when it closes in May. I'm going to be eating onions and bread for the next little while (actually, this was told to me by the nice lady at the Moody Blues café in one of her fascinating stories about how the café got started....).

  Man, was I screwed up.

Heh. Looking at some of my old entries today. I was going to post a cool link about how to use a can and an old StarChoice dish as a WiFi antenna, but wasn't sure if I'd posted it before. Luckily, the good folks at Google have indexed all of my pages (yikes!). I couldn't find any post about a Wifi link, but instead found some interesting reading in my old archives. Man was I ever screwed up back then.

Another interesting observation about posting stuff to the internet is that it tends to stay there for a long time (that is, unless the RIAA finds out about it). So the lesson for today is "don't post stuff to the internet that you will be embarrassed about later". Or something to that extent.

  Sinus Headache

Got one of those lousy sinus colds yesterday. Feels like I've got my head caught between the thighs of some polynesian servant girl, and she's sqeezing my brain in the vain attempts to get a better gratuity for her services.

Think I'm hallucinating too.

  Nice Sunday

Nice day today, but still a little cold for doing anything outside. Besides, it looks like rain anyway. Still, I was out on the balcony, cleaning up and planting the herbs I picked up from my dad yesterday. I'm going to get some new plants from the Home Despot. Can't wait for the nice weather, so I can start enjoying the balcony again.

Maybe pick up a new video card too.


My mom doesn't like the shaved head, the beard colour, the earrings, the fact that I don't tell her about my love life. But she was happy to see me anyway.

And she thinks my car's too dusty.

  Time to do some non-werk

Kind of a neat lull period at werk this week. Easter holiday came up rather quickly, and in two weeks, I'm going somewhere tropical. Then, we've got the May-24 weekend. Finally, some down time. I've been saving up vacation time for over a year now.

Getting some painting done finally -- now that the weather is getting nice (on and off) I've been able to prime up some more boards. I've found a new way to reinforce the wood by using mending plates instead of corner brackets. It's cheaper and faster than having to use screws, and the only side-effect is a lot of loud hammering.

Going to bike around today. It's a little cool, but I really miss doing this. Maybe I'll go up to the trails north of KW. Bring my camera along too.


  Dog playing Poker

Played poker last night at my folks place. I had a great time, and learned many new variations on the game. Next step, I guess, is to setup a regular "poker night" with hoagies, liquor, cigars, cheesy "dogs playing poker" paintings, and betting with real money.

Yeah, just doesn't sound like me. I'm more of a euchre-playing-guy who swindles old folks at their Presbyterian church Euchre Night.

  In No Sense, Incense

I kind of set my place on fire last night. I was burning some incense, and I placed a stick of it in an old flower pot on top of my gas fireplace, in which an old, dead plant was decomposing. The place smelled sweet and spicy at first, like some place in India with a thick atmosphere. But later, the smell was quite foul, and just smelled like burning branches. Turns out the hot embers from the incense fell on top of the dead plant, and it had begun smoldering. I stamped it out, and the smell persisted for a while. I then noticed a plume of smoke rising up from the pot, and realized the dirt (mostly dried peat and other organic material) had caught fire, so I doused it all with a couple glasses of water.

To get rid of the smoke, I had to crack a window, and bring my air purifier into the TV room. I had a crazy dream that night, about coming home after a week and realizing I left all my clothes in the dryer, and left it running for the whole week. There was smoke coming out of it, and there was this loud droning (not unlike the droning of the air purifier).

And when I woke up, my pillow was gone!! Oh, sorry, wrong joke.


  Artsy Fartsy

Been feeling un-creative as of late. I've been wishing for an artistic community in K-W to join. I think with an environment of artistic people, I'd be more likely to want to create artwork, and more likely to follow-through with my concepts. I started thinking again about renting a workspace, and using it for inspiration. I could offset the cost by subletting to a bunch of friends, so that they could also work on their projects, and this would have the added benefit of creating an artistic environment - for added inspiration.

It's easy to dream these things. Much harder to make the dreams real.

  Dad's Birthday

Finally finished the week of death. This was crazy time for me, what with working during Thanksgiving, and pulling 12 hour days. It seems that I was going non-stop, and I don't get any overtime (unfortunately). Just woke up from a long nap, and got a call from my parents, reminding me that my dad's birthday is today. I made a quick cover, saying I was planning on going down to visit this weekend, but it was pretty touch-and-go for a while. I over-emphasized my fatigue, and blamed my long work hours for my not calling. Truth is, I can never remember by dad's birthday. He makes such a little deal out of it, that it's never something which sticks in my head. I'm like that for a lot of dates too, like holidays, and such (i.e. I forgot completely about Thanksgiving until just before last weekend). I'm pretty absent-minded sometimes. I just hope I remember to get a present for him.

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