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  View From the Deck

View From the Deck - Uploaded by Zuckervati.

It's warm and sunny and I'm lying on the new deck. There's probably a beer involved somehow. Probably, I'm drinking it.

  Classy Lady

Classy Lady - Uploaded by Zuckervati.

This is Minerva. When she's not begging like a dog at the table or escaping her tether, she's probably doing something graceful and classy, like this.

  Worth a Thousand Words

Worth a Thousand Words - Uploaded by Zuckervati.

No additional comment.

  Old School

Old School - Uploaded by Zuckervati.

That's my new "cell" phone.

  Bondage Pikachu

Bondage Pikachu - Uploaded by Zuckervati.

Don't ask where this came from.

  Winchester House

So, I've always been fascinated by the Winchester House -- that house that the Winchester widow kept building for 83 years on advice of a psychic. Little did I know it's here in San Jose, and was only about 4 mi. from the hotel. So we ran over to the house and got the economy tour (which only lets you see 110 of the 160+ rooms).

If that wasn't exciting enough, there's this enormous BevMo liquor store just down the street! It was like walking into a boozy heaven!

Unfortunately, BevMo wouldn't allow photography, so here are some pics of the Winchester House:






  Royal Medieval Fair(e)

Some pictures from the medieval fair this past weekend. I was going to go in costume, but I couldn't figure out what would be authentic; there were Vikings, goths (modern), guys in formal modern kilts, civil war re-enactors, drunken bar maids, Asian warriors, and non-Arabic belly dancers.

There was even this one guy who looked like he was giving haunted tours of New Orleans. He wore stiff, nineteenth-century clothes with Ray Bans. And he had a top hat, which also sported its own pair of sunglasses.

The belly dancers were really the only interesting thing about it.




  Hang Gliding Pictures

This past weekend we got the chance to do a little hang gliding. Initially, I wasn't too keen to suspend myself from a kite and get dragged by a small plane, then released, only to have to find my own way down. But I figured, what the hell, I've done acrobatic gliding before ... this is just one more skill to learn before I can become a super-spy.

In the end, the weather started getting a little too turbulent for hang gliding (or not turbulent enough, I wasn't too clear on that part), so I never got my turn. I did get some neat images of R and a friend. We even convinced one of the pilots to free up space in the tandem sail plane (or regular glider).






  Storming Sunday BBQ

Got some pictures of the clouds just before it started pouring on Sunday evening. I was barbecuing at the time. I got quite wet, but managed to grill everything to completion.



  Scary Cat Eyes

I was digging through my camera, cleaning out some unwanted pictures and trying to clear a little space on the compact flash card, and I came across this pair of monster eyes. My latest cat, Minerva, has this tendency to stare at things, which makes for great pictures, because she can really hold a pose. It's always the same pose, mind you, but good enough for a few pictures.


And what big eyes she has. Monstrous. The rest of the image was pretty dark, so I think I was fiddling with night shots again.

Did some photography and painting over the weekend, and in an effort to demonstrate the capabilities of my Canon XT, we set the machine for some 2-5 second exposure times, and played with an LED bicycle light. Here are the hilarious results.







I've had this card key in my pocket since San Francisco, and I thought I'd scan it. It's really a beautiful image, and every time I pull this card out to throw it away, I get all Zen. Think maybe I'll keep it at my desk instead. Maybe it will give me some solace while I'm trying to solve sendmail issues.


  Friday Duck Blogging

I know, this appears to be falling into the oft-used meme of showing pictures of something (cats, dogs, octopi, etc.) on a Friday. So what? These are some interesting pictures.

These guys showed up on my roof earlier this year, and I just came across the pics again. I heard some loud quacking one morning as I was getting into my car. I looked up, and these two were waddling around on my roof like they were stranded.




Don't worry, I'm not going to make a habit of this.

The kitchen cabinets are all in, and the granite countertop should be arriving on Saturday. The cabinet guy finally put the bar countertop in place and it's starting to look fabulous. R couldn't wait to start putting stuff away, and when I got home last night most of the booze was already stacked.


They thoughtfully put in a wine rack for us:


The sink should be in later this week. Right now, it's quite conspicuous by its absence:


Once the outlet is rewired, the bar fridge will go in below. There's a raised bar section as well, so we'll need to get some tall stools that match the hot orange countertop:


This wasn't all the booze. Turns out we were missing one more box of liquor bottles. These shelves are quite full now:


The only things left to install are some more tiki-themed knick-knacks, or maybe a bright neon fixture, and a "bar is open" sign.

  House in shambles

We spent a week in Florida getting our SCUBA open-water certification, and decided to get the bulk of our kitchen work done while we were there. It was a partial success -- we got our certifications. However, the kitchen, and basement bar are far from complete. Templating for the countertops will be done today (hopefully), and we'll see the rest of the cabinets moved in before that happens. We're currently doing a lot of barbecuing, and eating easy-to-assemble meals.

The laundry room floor was done first. It's nicely tiled now:


Here's what the kitchen looked like before:



Here's what it looked like last week:



Here it is now:




Here's the basement bar. It's actually been tiled and grouted since this photo, and we painted last night, so it's not as bad as this:


Photoblogging: Tiki and Talisker bottle
Originally uploaded by Zuckervati.

We were testing out a new laser printer just before doing an office move, and I pulled this photo out of my Canon folder. The resolution was pretty fantastic. I'm thinking that I may have to make a few trips to this office, and get some of my much-needed photo printing done.

That was a great bottle of scotch.

  The Spy in the Fog

It was really foggy out yesterday and today. I happened to have my schway new camera with me, so I snapped a couple of shots of Princess St. from parking spot at the top of Princess -- where it meets Dorset.



I only took a couple of shots because the camera, with the zoom lens the size of a cannon (no pun intended), makes it look like I'm spying on someone. Even though I'm in the relatively non-paranoid country called Canada, someone might come along and peg me for a terrorist ... or a Russian spy.

  New Camera

Picked up a sweet deal on a Canon Rebel XTi and a couple of lenses -- the stock 18-55 lens and a 70-300 zoom lens. I'm using my older Sony camera to snap this picture. It's got a harsh flash, and without it, everything is usually blurry unless it's noon and sunny and I'm outside.


The Rebel takes some pretty nice pictures. This one was using the 18-55 lens in night mode with macro focusing.


These others were taken with the zoom lens. One is down Princess St, from the parallel parking space at the top of the street. The action was sufficient to capture a passing car in three frames. If I zoom in on the original, I can read the guy's license plate.


This was taken from the Starbucks/Chapters parking lot at King and Weber. The bikes are on the side facing King St.


The following shot was in my own parking lot. The cars are about sixty feet away.


I'm going to try it out a bit and see if it improves my abilities as an amateur photographer.

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