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  Cool Boddingtons Posters

I was in Toronto on Thursday -- stuck there all day, waiting for access to a new co-lo on Front St. So I got in touch with the Leader, and we hung out at his office, getting to know all the servers that he works with on a regular basis. We also hit Betty's Pub which was nearby. Good place -- lots of veggie options there.

Also at Betty's were these terrific posters for Boddingtons Ale, made by Dan Clowes. I had my camera with me, so I took some pics of them. There was a third poster, but it was in a public spot, and I didn't want to look to conspicuous snapping photos of everything.



It's so rare that I see a trillium, that I'm pleased to no end that I have some in my back yard. They're hidden over by the back fence, so you can't even see them from the house. I figured I should show some snapshots of them. I know, you can probably get hundreds of these on Google.



  Sunday Yard Work

Been helping R clean up the yard and getting things ready for Spring. The hostas and other plants are coming up like crazy, reminding me that this place will soon be overrun with vegetation in a month, unless I take steps now to control it. I've already got herbs and other plants growing wild in places they're not meant to be -- case in point: I've got oregano decorative sage growing in the middle of my lawn. It makes for some pretty nice-smelling ground cover, that's for sure. I was able to take some pics this morning. I'll try to get more up later:

These are the hostas that will soon grow to 4' in width. Anybody want some of them?


We finally dug out all the white lattice trellises and replaced them with something definitely more cemetery-esque. I can't wait to see what they'll look like, crawling with vegetation.


R and the cats were rolling their eyes while I ran around taking pictures of everything.


Wanted to thank Toxin for compiling this terrific still-life that reflected some of the fun things we did in San Andres. The cigars, the tacky tourist items, the cursed artifact masks, etc. Note that the bag filled with white powder is actually superfine sugar from the bar, and not cocaine. Not that we weren't offered many illegal substances during the trip...


  Pictures from Pagwachuwan

Figured I'd get some pictures in from the trip. There's plenty more, but these ones will provide an overview of the trip.

We started on a foggy morning. This shot was taken near Elmira. My eyes were too encrusted with sleep to see clearly, so I used the camera to see. Luckily, I wasn't driving.


We got to the cabin and it rained for 3 days, turning into snow on the 3rd day. The beds were covered with heavy army surplus sleeping bags. We put our own sleeping bags inside. It still wasn't enough to fight against the cold when the fires went out.


There were two sleeping rooms bereft of privacy, since they pulled double duty as storage rooms. If you needed a can of maple syrup (and we often did), you were obliged to go in and get it from the bunk room.


The first person awake would bundle up, run to the outhouse, and come in to stoke the fire. R was up early the first day there. With both wood stoves going, the place was plenty hot.


The rest of the time was nice and sunny. Snow melted quickly, and left us with 18 degree afternoons, and dozens of sluggish blackflies. Got bites all up and down my legs from them. In the morning, there'd be a heavy mist on the lake.


We did a lot of cutting/gathering wood. I used a chainsaw for the first time. Almost threw out my back trying to start the damn thing. One added bonus was the International Scout that they had. Yep one of the first SUVs, from back in the day when they were boxy and gas guzzlers. This one had no floors, so I kept thinking of how Fred Flintstone stopped his car by sticking his feet out the bottom.


Here are those pictures I mentioned. I need to do something about that garage, and those heart-shaped shutters have to go this year.








  Some pics

Discovered these large icicles hanging off my garage. I like to think they're a symptom of the end of winter. I actually tried to knock them down, but they're fastened to the vines that hang off the roof.


China's eye is responding well to the cat antibiotics. We've got to put topical cream on her eye, so she's none too happy about that.


  Candy-eating Zombies

HUZZAH! Time for ghosts and goblins and other assorted creepy candy-eating zombies! Looks like I'm dishing out treats to the little monsters this Halloween, since I now have a house that's an obvious egging target (still have to ditch those hearts on the shutters). I've done all I can to spookify the place, including carving this neato pumpkin.



  Awesome Cute Flower

Saw this awesomely cute flower in my front walkway while taking the garbage out. What a brilliant colour! This little guy really stood out as I walked past. I had to take a picture if it. More amazing was that it was growing out of a crack in the flagstones.



  Rain tonight

Snapped this cool picture tonight just before the rain started up again. It's been kind of warm today, and I just got back from buying cheese and cilantro at Vincenzos just down the road. It took me driving out there tonight to realize that they are, in fact, just down the road from me. I should bike down there next time, and fill my panniers with groceries. No need to drive.


  Back Yard Pics

Thought I'd take a couple of snaps of my garden today. It's still looking really beautiful, if a little overgrown. The best part is that it doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Just mow the lawn, fill the bird feeder, and clean out the pond filter every once in a while. The recent rain's been good too -- the lawn was starting to look a little patchy, but I've not used any chemicals or sprays on it. Aside from being expensive, I don't like the impact that all these chems have on the environment (and let's be honest, I've got maybe 100 sware feet of lawn in there -- what do I care what happens to it?)




Took this picture on my way to work today. Just pulled into the cemetery near my house and snapped a picture. This is the Mount Hope Cemetery, and it's a good sized necro-town, not nearly as big as the Necropolis in Toronto. Now that place is big. Used to walk through that place all the time. Sometimes had picnics there (oh, it's not as weird as you may think. People used to picnic in cemeteries all the time. This ad for Historic Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis quotes under the list of things you can do as a visitor, "Bring a picnic"). The Toronto Necropolis went all the way down to the DVP, and even had its own crematorium and chapel. Mount Hope isn't that big, but it does go for three or four blocks in each direction, and has a little maze of roads and pathways. I suppose thousands of dead bodies tend to take up a lot of room if buried properly. No, the Mount Hope isn't as big as Toronto, and nowhere near as dead as the London, Ont.downtown (heh).


  Outrunning the Rain

Got rained on while biking home last night from werk. I made it as far as the university trail, just north of Columbia St., where there's this large pond and wide open field (I know, I know, thunderstorms in wide open fields, etc.). I stopped to take a few pictures because the air was so heavy, and the atmosphere was changing every minute. When I left work, about 5 minutes earlier, it was sunny out, and now, the sky was divided like some kind of ethereal yin-yang of blue sky and dark clouds.

So just after I snapped these pictures, I got this dread feeling that I should get going, and quickly! But my cell phone rang, and I figured I should answer it, since I wasn't on my bike, and it might be R. wondering where I was. She called, asking if I wanted a lift home instead of riding my bike through the rain. I replied that I was already at the university, and was OK so far.

Then I saw it. A cascade of the most intense rain I've ever seen, came sheeting its way across the pond, straight at me. All I remember was saying "Aw crap! Got to go!" and hanging up. I was no sooner on my bike, when what felt like buckets of water hit me from behind. What an absolute rush! Trying to outrun the rain, no less. Some balls on me, eh? By the time I got home I was worried that my cell and pager (not to mention my digital camera -- I've already drowned one digital camera this millenium) were toasted.




Looks like rain today. Good thing I rode my bike. Snapped a couple more pictures of downtown Waterloo this morning -- pictures of a culvert and flood raceway near Regina St. I've always wanted to go exploring in these things, but was always a little afraid that I might find nothing at all -- or a dead hobo. Not like there's a big problem with dead hobos in K-W. Just that it's what they always find in movies where kids go rummaging around in culverts.



  Photo Journal 1

Thought I'd get this photo journal thingie started with a couple of pics from my bikeride to work. Yes, there's no picture of me today, but I've dyed my beard again for Canada Day. It's a good excuse to get back into the old habit. I've been going plain (slightly bleached) since I started at this new job 6 months ago. Bah, enough of me, here's some neat pics of my commute through downtown Waterloo. My camera snaps at 5 megapixels, so these files were originally huge, and I accidentally tried to upload these 2Mb images to my web server. I realized it was taking way too long for 15k images to upload, so cancelled out and found the web-friendly ones.

This is just outside of the downtown core of Waterloo, and the buildings in the distance run along King St. To my right would be Weber St. To my left, King.


If I turn around, there are these tracks which head towards Union. I know I shouldn't be biking along here, but no one seems to mind. I'm just worried I'll find a dead hobo on my morning route some day.


  Computer Golfing

Going to do some more golfing this week. I'm taking lessons at a nearby club with a couple of friends (this week, putting). None of us are any good, and we figured it might be nice to be able to golf, should the opportunity ever arise. We are all in the computer biz, so you never know when some exec's going to ask you to go golfing up at their country club (ha ha).

  More Vegas pics

Figured I'd put some more pictures up in lieu of writing anything today. Work is busy and I've got some more computer problems to deal with.... These were taken outside of the New York, NY casino and hotel. Pretty cramped city, no? Where are all the streets?




Here's two pics of me in Las Vegas. Notice the recurring theme. Aside from me taking pictures of the teenage hookers and strippers, this was about as vice-ridden as The Strip got. Sort of a Disneyland with drinking and gambling.



  Kerouac Alley

I remember taking this pic in San Francisco. I've probably already posted it somewhere, but it's still a neat pic, taken behind the City Lights bookstore. They renamed a bunch of streets after beat poets, and Kerouac got the alleyway behind City Lights. How unfitting...


  My New House

So I've been a little on edge this week, mainly because I just bought a house.


Yes, I bought a house. Now I'm just waiting for the mortgage application to go through without incident. The place was listed way too low, and was only on the market for about 3 hours before someone else put an offer in. So we had a brief and uninteresting bid war, and I came out on top. HUZZAH! Perhaps the worst thing about the house is it's insane cuteness, down to the hearts on the window shutters. Other than that, it's excellent: there's a library, a bar in the finished basement, and an awesome kitchen, patio with awning, detached garage, and a big back yard. Awesome looking place (considering it's diminutive size.

So, here's hoping I can pull this off without too much trouble...


  Some Banff trip pictures

Figured I should get some pictures from the Banff trip online. I'll get the rest up later in a proper format. But for now, these should give you the gist of it. Call it Banff in a nutshell.


Yes, I'm one rugged car-driving guy.


We drove over Lake Superior. Always wanted to visit scenic Thunder Bay.


This was taken in Saskatchewan. We really wanted to wash the car by now.


This was Lake Louise, between Banff and Jasper, Alta. Shockingly beautiful.

  Ass Candy

More proof here that the French will eat anything. Found this box at the sweet shop in Tobermory. One of their slogans is "Oh, Fudge!".


I never liked the taste of these candies.

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