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  Shopping Cart Sculpture

Found this the other day while biking around downtown Waterloo. Looks like someone snuck in at night and setup a little shopping cart sculpture. There were about 10 or 11 carts in all, and it was likely pulled down when the stores began to open. Nonetheless, a valiant attempt at urban art. Kudos to those brave guerillas.


  Safe back from SF

Back from the USA again. Picked up a cold while I was there, and I have to say ... I'm glad that was the worst that happened, since the climate is so scary these days. And by "climate", I don't mean weather. Although, the weather was pretty weird too. Back home, we're seeing lows of -20 with wind-chill added on to it -- in San Francisco, it drops to around +12 at night and +25 during the day. People over there are wearing wool overcoats and toques. Me, I'm wearing short sleeves and loving it. Winter in SF is like early September here, and it doesn't get any worse. Barely rains too. Aside from the occasional earthquake, city-destroying fire, corrupt police force, nightmarish parking crisis, and constant military presence, nothing bad ever seems to happen.

Anyway, I managed visit my bro and his fiancée, to walk all over the city, drink dozens of cappuccinos and get a whole bunch of photos while I was there. Here are but a few.





  Pictures again!

Figured I should start taking more pictures, like I did when I first bought my webcam. So here's the latest picture of me. Notice the two-tone beard. Did this for a New Year's Eve party to match my kilt colours. Well, technically, it didn't match the kilt at all, but it made a nice accessory for the outfit.


  Pics from Halloween 2001

New pictures are up from Halloween 2001. Check out the Pictures link, or follow these links for My Costume and pictures from The Party. See some exclusive pictures of the Leader!

  Working on it

Pictures will be up soon. Be patient. Soon you will see what freaks I hang out with.


Working on the website -- looking as tired as I feel.

Finally got some pics downloaded from my camera, so I'll try to get some of them on the site. Most of them are of the artistic countryside sort, but I did try to get some humourous cat pictures as well. Isn't that what makes the world go round? Misanthropes putting pictures of their cats on the web?


There was this problem with something plugging up my bathroom sink. It happens everytime I try to brush my teeth. I tried using a plunger, but you what works? Cat food, for crying out loud. Can you beat that?

  BBQ and futon pics

Some of you have requested pictures of my new barbecue and futon, for whatever reason. I'll try to get a good pic of the barbecue while it's in use (didn't think of it earlier tonight). Here's the futon:


I'm nothing if not accommodating... Dig the cool fun-fur pillows. They're velvety.

  Not much to say

Yes, it's a stupid thing to blog when you don't have anything to say. Still ... not much to say right now; the cats are being very affectionate, and I'm too tired to push them away. Think I'll turn in.


I'm a creature of the early night. You can't tell, but I've just dyed my beard blue and shaved my head. Like I'm going to show that...


The creature vying for my affections. A light always shines on this cat.

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