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Barry Levinson tears a strip off error-prone NYT reporter, Alessandra Stanley, after she completely misses the point of his film, Poliwood.

Normally, it's odd when a director fires back at a reviewer, but this is apparently a special circumstance.

Ms. Stanley states, "In politics, the only thing worse than no access, is too much access." She goes on to say, "At its core the film is a screed about everything that was wrong with politics and media during the 2004 election, carried over and misapplied to the 2008 campaign."

For the record, the film essay has nothing to do with the 2008 campaign. That's why there is no footage of the candidates leading up to the conventions, and no footage of them campaigning on the road, leading up to the election. There is also no footage of the candidates stating political positions. No footage of strategy sessions. No discussions with the political operatives of either side. No footage of the fears or anxieties, the second-guessing, and the tiresome campaign trail. I only cover the two conventions and the inauguration merely as the backdrop for the intersection of politics, media, and entertainment as the cameras followed the journey of the Creative Coalition through these events.

Barry Levinson: The Delusions of Alessandra Stanley

Notice how the words "Net Neutrality" aren't even mentioned

Fox News Forgets Net Neutrality in Story on Net Neutrality?

What's next? Apple pie? Baseball? Mom? The American flag?

Even though he didn't deserve it, it's still awesome that Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, right? No, it's not. It used to be, but now that Barack Obama has done it, it's un-American.

It's been getting kind of confusing keeping track of what's truly American anymore, so we came up with a handy list of things that are socialist and foreign because Barack Obama has soiled them, by doing them.

Americana That Barack Obama Has Made Un-American - Barack Obama - Gawker

Damn. And we almost booked X-mas (or NOXmas) there. Good thing we finally decided on Hawaii. I wonder if they would have still honoured Hilton points....

The sprawling complex includes 280 rooms, 210 suites, a casino, stores, restaurants, offices and meeting areas, as well as the adjoining marina.

The assets will be held by the state tourism corporation Venetur, which reports to the Tourism Ministry, as part of an "urgent" effort to boost "the social development side of the tourism and hotel industries in Nueva Esparta state," the Gazette said.

Venezuela seizes a landmark Hilton Hotel

  Obama Wins Nobel Prize

Huh. Cool. Wasn't expecting this so soon.


Probably the most important thing President Obama has done in regards to trying to establish global security is on the issue of nuclear disarmament.

He has come out more forcibly than any other US president in office in his calls for a world free from nuclear weapons.

Presidents in the past have talked about it, but rarely stated it as succinctly and powerfully as this president has - it's quite unprecedented.

The unanimous new UN Security Council resolution on nuclear disarmament last week, and US negotiations with the Russians on the reduction of nuclear weapons are very important steps forward.

The potential for the US to assume greater responsibility and moral leadership is higher than it has been for some years

BBC NEWS | Americas | Head-to-head: Obama's Nobel prize

Seriously peole. WTF?

In a column published yesterday, Newsmax's John L. Perry wrote that there is a "gaining" possibility that the military will stage a coup to "resolve the 'Obama problem.'"

Newsmax has apparently removed the column from its site. Links are now redirected to the homepage, and Perry's author page has no mention of his latest work.

Full text of the now missing commentary is here.

Newsmax Columnist: Military Coup May Be Needed 'To Resolve The Obama Problem' | TPM LiveWire

... on expiring provisions of the Patriot Act which don't require names from the government when implementing roving wiretaps.

Just in case he wasn't familiar with it, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) decided to read the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution to David Kris, assistant attorney general of the Justice Department's National Security Division, who was testifying to the Senate Judiciary Committee today to urge reauthorization of expiring provisions of the USA Patriot Act.


Noting that he received a copy of the Constitution when he was sworn in as a senator, he proceeded to read it to Kris, emphasizing this part: "no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

The Washington Independent » Al Franken Reads the 4th Amendment to Justice Department Official

  What Teabagger Signs Mean

  Another GOP Sex Scandal

... and it's very very juicy.

California GOP Assemblyman Mike Duvall, vice chair of the Committee on Utilities & Commerce, has resigned from public office. Why, you ask?

Duvall's action came after the married California GOP lawmaker and family values champion was caught on a hot mic bragging graphically to a colleague about his affairs with two women -- one of whom is an energy lobbyist.

Duvall Resigns After Sex Bragging | TPMMuckraker

Fanken's good enough; he's smart enough; and doggone it, people like him.

YouTube - Franken Talks Down Angry Mob

  The GOP's Misplaced Rage

Interesting commentary from conservative economist Bruce Bartlett, once a firm Republican supporter: It was almost entirely Bush's fault.

Where is the evidence that everything would be better if Republicans were in charge? Does anyone believe the economy would be growing faster or that unemployment would be lower today if John McCain had won the election? I know of no economist who holds that view. The economy is like an ocean liner that turns only very slowly. The gross domestic product and the level of employment would be pretty much the same today under any conceivable set of policies enacted since Barack Obama's inauguration.

The GOP's Misplaced Rage - The Daily Beast

  Atheist Top 30

Pretty interesting list of songs. Now all we need is an Atheist anthem.

Like it or not, Christian music is undoubtedly popular. Among my daughter's peer group "Jesus Take the Wheel," by Carrie Underwood, is a very popular song that her friends sing when they get together. During my own adolescence I was an unwilling participant in an evangelical youth group where many discussions took place regarding Christian artists like Amy Grant, Petra, and DC Talk. Given the seemingly timeless popularity and ubiquity of pious music I felt the need to come up with a list of my favorite pro-atheist songs, many of which are delightfully sacrilegious.

Minnesota Atheists - Positive Atheism In Action! - Atheist Top 30

I don't know, but I'll tell you one thing: I want a print of it.


Zina Saunders at Drawger

But who doesn't tell a fib once in a while? In fact, I'm lying right now.

Palin lied when she said the dismissal of her public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, had nothing to do with his refusal to fire state trooper Mike Wooten; in fact, the Branchflower Report concluded that she repeatedly abused her power when dealing with both men.

Palin lied when she repeatedly claimed to have said, "Thanks, but no thanks" to the Bridge to Nowhere; in fact, she openly campaigned for the federal project when running for governor.

Palin lied when she denied that Wasilla's police chief and librarian had been fired; in fact, both were given letters of termination the previous day.

Palin lied when she wrote in the NYT that a comprehensive review by Alaska wildlife officials showed that polar bears were not endangered; in fact, email correspondence between those scientists showed the opposite.

The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

Congratulations Al. (finally)


For all of the foregoing reasons, we affirm the decision of the trial court that Al Franken received the highest number of votes legally cast and is entitled under Minn. Stat. § 204C.40 (2008) to receive the certificate of election as United States Senator from the State of Minnesota.

Daily Kos: Al Franken wins

As this shocking graph indicates...


Via Conor Clarke at The Atlantic, we get a visual on what dreaded state of encroaching socialism in the United States looks like after government intervention in American industry...

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

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