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It seems like they did *everything* wrong when making this film.

Yoko sues filmmakers over Imagine | Entertainment | Reuters

John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, and his sons are suing the filmmakers of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" for using the song "Imagine" in the documentary without permission.

Lennon recorded the song in 1971 and in 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it No. 3, in their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, according to the lawsuit.

Yoko Ono, son, Sean Ono Lennon, and Julian Lennon, John Lennon's son from his first marriage, along with privately held publisher EMI Blackwood Music Inc filed suit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan seeking to bar the filmmakers and their distributors from continuing to use "Imagine" in the movie.

Christine Comer was the Director of Science for the Texas Education Agency for nine years, until she was forced to resign for failing to remain neutral on creationism.

What a bunch of jerks.

YouTube - Teacher Expelled Over Religion

This video is also found at the site, which debunks a lot of the misinformation that comes from the "Expelled" movie.

  Ben Stein: Win His Career

Whoa, how bad can it be when FOX is making fun of you? - Mariah Carey's New Album: First Review - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment

Directed by one Nathan Frankowski, "Expelled" is a sloppy, all-over-the-place, poorly made (and not just a little boring) "expose" of the scientific community. Itâ..s not very exciting. But it does show that Stein, whoâ..s carved out a career selling eye drops in commercials and amusing us on sitcoms, is either completely nuts or so avaricious that heâ..s abandoned all good sense to make a buck.


What the producers of this film would love, love, love is a controversy. Thatâ..s because itâ..s being marketed by the same people who brought us "The Passion of the Christ." Theyâ hoping someone will latch onto an anti-Semitism theme here, since thereâ..s a visit to a concentration camp and the raised idea â.. apparently typical of the intelligent design community â.. that somehow the theory of evolution is so evil that it caused the Holocaust. Alas, this is such a warped premise that no oneâ..s biting.

Aha. See, this is an April Fool's joke. Below are some of my favourites:

Top 10 Creationist Discoveries of All Time | Wired Science from

10. T. rex ate coconuts According to experts at the Creation Museum, our favorite predatory dinosaur would have fit right in at Whole Foods.

7. NASCAR is the official sport of the spiritually enlightened
Some forms of entertainment were meant for the pure of heart.

5. Liberals are evil
Even though most of the truly bizarre sex scandals have involved republicans, and democrats prefer to have affairs with women of legal age, left-wing politicians are morally more morally bankrupt than their conservative counterparts.

Apparently, this billboard went up over Easter weekend. All the religious people stayed away from businesses and restaurants nearby.

Now someone just needs to put this up near a church.


Business Owners, Customers Upset Over Controversial Billboard - News Story - WFTV Orlando

It looked harmless enough, but the words on a billboard unnerved so many people that a popular restaurant nearby actually lost business. The billboard was on Colonial Drive near Old Cheney Highway.

Although the popular Straub's Seafood restaurant often advertises on it, it wasn't their billboard. The sign was taken down after Channel 9 started asking questions.

The billboard came down around 4:00 Friday afternoon and nearby business owners are relieved. Straub's Restaurant can replace the sign with the night's specials.

Seriously though ... this billboard unnerved people? No, you want to unnerve someone, you put up a billboard like this:


  Scientology, Florida

Crazy story about how Scientology tried (and possibly succeeded) to buy Clearwater, Fla.

Clearwater, Florida: The town Scientology bought - The Frame Problem

Decades ago, L. Ron Hubbard moved his Cult of Scientology into Clearwater, Florida. The plan, entitled Project Normandy, was to take over Clearwater. Documentation of this comprehensive operation - which included plans to infiltrate government and media organizations, and to identify and â..handleâ. enemies - was discovered in a 1977 FBI raid of Scientology headquarters.

Despite the discovery of Project Normandy, the cult has achieved notable success in carrying out this project. The cult has come to own a very generous proportion of the city, with the total value of owned property estimated at $40 million in 2000. Given the cultâ..s ambition to continue to expansion in Clearwater, I would be interested in knowing how much land they control now, 8 years later. Some have come to call Clearwater Scientologyâ..s town.

It's pretty much what you'd expect. PZ Meyers is kicked out; Dawkins gets in and kicks ass; the film is craptastic; Stein is boring; and Mathis is unscrupulous.

'Lying for Jesus?' by Richard Dawkins -

Seemingly oblivious to the irony, Mathis instructed some uniformed goon to evict Myers while he was standing in line with his family to enter the theatre, and threaten him with arrest if he didn't immediately leave the premises. Did it not occur to Mathis -- what would occur any normally polite and reasonable person -- that Myers, having played a leading role in the film, might have been welcomed as an honoured guest to watch it? Or, more cynically, did he not know that PZ is one of the country's most popular bloggers, with a notoriously caustic wit, perfectly placed to set the whole internet roaring with delighted and mocking laughter? I long ago realised that Mathis was deceitful. I didn't know he was a bungling incompetent.

What would Jesus have done to prevent infection?

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Filipinos warned on crucifixions

Health officials in the Philippines have issued a warning to people taking part in Easter crucifixion rituals.

They have urged them to get tetanus vaccinations before they flagellate themselves and are nailed to crosses, and to practise good hygiene.

On Good Friday dozens of very devout Catholics in the Philippines re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

This man is still my hero.

Sci-fi guru Clarke to have secular funeral -

Even in death Arthur C. Clarke would not compromise his vision.

The famed science fiction writer, who once denigrated religion as "a necessary evil in the childhood of our particular species," left written instructions that his funeral be completely secular, according to his aides.

"Absolutely no religious rites of any kind, relating to any religious faith, should be associated with my funeral," he wrote.

Clarke died early Wednesday at age 90 and was to be buried in a private funeral this weekend in his adopted home of Sri Lanka.

Those silly guys at are either overstating the current trend against Scientology, or else they're projecting their fears as usual.

Scientology attack news reaches MSM - GetReligion

They're plenty worried when any religion is "attacked" by protesters. Even if the "attacks" are nothing more than "protesting":

News of a growing, sometimes militant, movement targeting Scientology has been brewing in tech publications for a number of weeks now, and mainstream press is finally stepping up to the plate to cover this rather significant situation. In a lenghy[sic] story Monday, The Los Angeles Times covers a couple of months worth of Internet and street protests against Scientology.

Worse still, they seem to be misunderestimating Scientology's general nature:

If this were merely a group of hackers interested in causing an organization problems there would not be a story. But Scientology has become "defensive" and is therefore changing the nature of its behavior.

Scientology hasn't just now become defensive. They've always been this way. They use lawyers like holy warriors; they copyright their own religious texts to prevent other people from critically commenting on them; and as GetReligion cites in their own article, they try to prevent used e-meters from being sold on eBay. This isn't something that's just started happening.

Scientology has a rich history of harassment, intimidation, spying, and destroying its critics. This was official doctrine, and it was called "Fair Game" until they realized it was bad PR to call it that.

They're also a little like the boy who called wolf when it comes to bomb threats. Who's to say that any of the latest ones are real? These are the people who said the BBC made "terrorist death threats" on them.

And then comes the classic X-tian fear mongering. You know the "oh, we're all being persecuted, even though we comprise 79.8% of the U.S. population". For some reason GetReligion projects this fear on to all religions, as if the protesters are somehow going to bring about the end of Scientology, before moving on to the Baptists, or something:

Someone needs to ask the question of whether this form of Internet-vigilantism is what's best for society and for religions in general. Should a religion or group on the unpopular end of an event be subject to treatment on the Internet (and in real life) that crosses the boundary of decency and law?

The other big question is who is next?

No one is "next". Quit being so insecure. It's not like it's the Atheists are invading your homes and stealing your bibles.

Holy Jumping Jesus Christ!

BBC NEWS | Programmes | BBC Parliament | Peers vote to scrap blasphemy

The government has got its controversial plan to scrap the blasphemy law through the House of Lords.

Peers voted 148 to 87 in favour of the move last night - which was a government amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill.

The amendment will abolish the offences of blasphemy and blasphemous libel in England and Wales.

Now you too can be hateful and intolerant against a wide variety of groups.


Leader Global Operations - Leader Universal Generic Personalized Religious Hate Mail

Who has time to compose and send hate mail anymore? Now with the magic of HTML forms, the Leader will compose a symphony of malice and vitriol for you.

I have a newfound respect for Carl. No wonder his books are so funny.

Our reputation for flakiness is at stake - 02/17/2008 -

In a move that could endanger Florida's flaky backwater reputation, the state Board of Education is poised to endorse the teaching of evolution as a science.

This is a dangerous idea -- not the presentation of Darwinism in schools, but the presentation of Florida as a place of progressive scientific thought.

Over the years the Legislature has worked tirelessly to keep our kids academically stuck in the mid-1950s. This has been achieved by overcrowding their classrooms, underpaying their teachers and letting their school buildings fall apart.

Florida's plucky refusal to embrace 21st century education is one reason that prestigious tech industries have avoided the state, allowing so many of our high-school graduates (and those who come close) to launch prosperous careers in the fast-food, bartending and service sectors of the economy.

This is stupid. I didn't even know people were required to pray in council meetings... They should be stopping this behaviour for secular taxpayer-funded jobs.

Ontario councils refuse to drop prayer

Municipal councils across Ontario are defying a call for them to stop reciting the Lord's Prayer before their meetings.

An advocacy group called Secular Ontario sent letters to 18 municipal councils in November claiming the recitation of the prayer violated a 1999 Ontario Court of Appeal ruling. Since then, only Middlesex County has abolished the prayer. Meanwhile, many others -- including Durham Region, Oshawa, Peterborough and Grey County -- have either ignored Secular Ontario's warning or voted to maintain their current practice.

"I'm really quite surprised we stirred up such a hornet's nest," said Secular Ontario president Henry Beissel. "I thought that once government officials discovered they were breaking the law they would hasten to correct it -- but that doesn't seem to be the case."

Is anybody really surprised about this?

US military accused of harboring fundamentalism

Since his last combat deployment in Iraq, Jeremy Hall has had a rough time, getting shoved and threatened by his fellow soldiers. The trouble started there when he would not pray in the mess hall.

"A senior ranking staff sergeant told me to leave and sit somewhere else because I refused to pray," Hall, a 23-year-old US army specialist, told AFP.

Later, Hall was confronted by a major for holding an authorized meeting of "atheists and freethinkers" on his base. The officer threatened to discipline him and block his re-enlistment.

"He said: 'You guys are being a problem and problems can be removed,'" Hall said. "He was yelling at us and stuff and at the very end he says, 'I really love you guys, I want you to see the light.'"


Awesome. Click here and break a commandment. Or something.


JEEEBUS - that's with three E's

The image - the "graven image" if you like - on the right is a statue, affectionately known by many Cincinnati/Dayton locals as "MC 62ft Jesus", by others as "Touchdown Jesus", (and by comedian Heywood Banks as the "Butter Jesus")

Located in front of the Solid Rock Church - on the east side of I-75 near the Monroe exit in Southern Ohio - it has become an modern day icon for many.

For us folks at jeeebus it has become both a thing of beauty and a target of some ridicule.

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