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Sexy starlet Scarlett Johansson has stunned Hollywood by confessing to having sex in a lift with actor Benicio del Toro.The 19-year-old star shocked onlookers at the Chateau Marmont hotel before the Oscars ceremony in February by snogging the Traffic star.She then grabbed the 37-year-old Puerto Rican actor by the hand, and led him to her hotel room.

But Johansson - who got a crush on Bill Murray while filming Lost in Translation - admitted passion took over and they never made it out of the lift.

  "But I want it now..."

Fast, rather long-lasting results are more important for many men using anti-impotence treatments and Levitra, a new rival to Viagra, can work in just 10 minutes, researchers say.

The drug made by GlaxoSmithKline produced results in 10 minutes in some men and worked within 25 minutes for most participants in a study of 724 impotence sufferers in Europe and North America.

"It is a very, very fast acting drug," said Professor Francesco Montorsi, a professor of urology at the Universita Vita Salute San Raffaele, in Milan Italy, lead author of the study.

"Ten minutes is very short. The drug is given by mouth and it takes time for absorption," he added.

Montorsi, who will present his findings at the 7th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology in Brighton next week, said the drug was also well tolerated and safe.

  Chromium Blue

Weird, trippy, erotic soap opera, co-starring Ian Abercrombie (Mr. Pitts from "Seinfeld"). This is a really weird show on Showcase which could only appeal to horny and stoned individuals who lost the remote while looking for some kind of sexual content on TV at 1am on Friday nights. Of course it suits my demographic.

"To fuel his passion for life while recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle accident Henry Brooke beseeches his bride-to-be, Vivian Vadim, to bring guests aboard the Chromium Blue and do whatever it takes to help them live out their deepest, most erotic fantasies. And then to tell him about it in excruciating, intoxicating detail."


Strangely refreshing page with an alphabetical index of female actors, and the possible movie or TV nude appearances they had. (worksafe)

  Why we long for a thong

I hate thongs. The thing about thongs is that they hurt. They irritate and chafe and feel like you've got a shoelace caught between your buttocks. A dastardly invention . no doubt the brain-spurt of some lisping misogynist . they are too cruel a price to pay for avoiding the ignominy of visible panty lines. Memorialized in hip-hop song ("thong th-thong-thong-thong''), they are nevertheless a, well, crotchety piece of apparel. Further, thongs were the bloomers of choice for a certain White House intern who infamously snapped hers at the President in the Oval Office, reason enough to eschew them, says I.


  Dalai Lama misses sex

The Dalai Lama has admitted that, in a lifetime dedicated to celibacy and non-violence, he has missed out on sex and that he shoots at hawks in anger.

Asked in an interview what experiences he had missed that ordinary people had not, he pointed towards his groin and laughed, saying: "I obviously missed this.",4057,6829444%255E13762,00.html

A police officer arriving at a bachelorette party because of a noise complaint was mistaken as the entertainment.

The partygoers thought Gainesville Police Officer Jamie Hope was the stripper, and they didn't realize he was legitimate until he drove away with the bride-to-be in handcuffs.

--A word from the National Association of Pornographers--

The human body is a disgusting, sweaty, hairy, germ-laden mass. Human skin is often pockmarked with scars, warts, pustules and worse. Do you want that rubbing against your tender young flesh? Certainly not!

Many young people today are turning to sex as a recreational activity. As you have probably heard, sexual intercourse is the number-one cause of orgasm in this country. This must stop!


Since 1833, it has been a crime in Georgia for unmarried people to engage in sex.

But a decision issued Monday by the Georgia Supreme Court voids the controversial and seldom-used statute when applied against people in private, consensual sexual relationships.

The court threw out the fornication conviction against Jesse McClure, who was 16 when he was found having sex with his girlfriend in September 2001 at her Fayette County home. The girl's mother caught them in the act at about 3 a.m.

The past decade has been a boon for Utah's sex industry. Shops in Midvale and Roy offer tantalizing lingerie and sex aids. Topless maids tidy up in Davis County. Male and female escort services find a niche market.

But recent years have also been sprinkled with restrictive city ordinances and retaliatory lawsuits. South Salt Lake bans nude dancing. Provo moves exotic dancers to the outskirts. Midvale fights its sex-gadget shop.

At least three Utah cities -- South Salt Lake, Midvale and Ogden -- are entrenched in First Amendment litigation headed for appellate courts.

Flesh is our indisputable commonality. Whatever our race, our religion, our politics we are faced every morning with the fact of our bodies. Their frailties, their demands, their desires. And yet the erotic appetites that spring from - and are expressed through - those bodies, are so often a source of bitter dissension and division. Acts that offer a glimpse of transcendence to one group are condemned by another. We are pressured from every side - by peers, by church, by state - to accept the consensual definition of taboo; though so often what excites our imaginations most is the violation of taboo.

THIS WEB SITE does not contain offensive or sexually suggestive material, and is not classified as "Adult". It is acknowledged however, that the "Mooning" of a public conveyance may be considered objectionable to some. The photos presented here are not "revealing" and are quite safe for all age groups to view.

  Museum of Menstruation

Discover the rich history of menstruation and women's health on this Web site - MUM for short - devoted to menstruation and selected topics of women's health!

  No breast too large

Titian had a thing for redheads. Rubens fancied fat girls. For Russ Meyer, it.s tits. He.s a jugs guy. A melon man. Meyer.s women have aureoles that are bigger than Calista Flockhart.s headlights.

In 1993, Anthony Summers, in his book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, claimed that Hoover did not pursue organized crime because the Mafia had blackmail material on him. In support of that, Summers quoted Susan L. Rosenstiel, a former wife of Lewis S. Rosenstiel, chairman of Schenley Industries Inc., as saying that in 1958, she was at a party at the Plaza Hotel where Hoover engaged in cross-dressing in front of her then-husband and Roy Cohn, former counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy.

  Semen = Antidepressant?

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