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  Hot Zombie Babes

Well, it's Friday and Halloween. So if you haven't got a costume yet (and you're slutty), here's a good illustrated list of ideas for tonight. Oh, yeah, and I have candy at my place.


Slutty Halloween Costumes

So many to choose from... but here's a nicely illustrated poll.


COED Magazine - The Worldâ..s Sexiest Sex Position - You Decide!

  Will Smith possibly gay

I guess she couldn't guarantee discretion after all.

Will Smith Gay, Hired Male Prostitute from Hollywood Madame?

According to a former Hollywood Madame, actor Will Smith is gay and hired her two male prostitutes. The Madame, who moved her business to New York, tells Ian Halperin that Smith â..has swung both ways for yearsâ. and was one of her regular clients.

The unidentified woman claims that Smith, who has two children with wife Jada Pinkett Smith, â..placed his orderâ. for a man after he trusted that she could â..guarantee discretion.â.

"I had to reassure him over and over that I could guarantee discretion,â. she said. â..Once I convinced him I could, he placed his order. It was for a man. I had 14 women working for me and two guys. Youâ..d be surprised at how many Hollywood stars requested the services of the guys.â.

  Origins of the "Cougar"

Oh great, so it's a Canadian term. I guess that makes about as much sense as anything.

COED Magazine - Origins Of The Cougar

A little trivia for you: The origins of the term â..cougarâ. dates back to the 1980â..s when members of the Vancouver Canucks used it in the locker room as a derogatory name for the teamâ..s older groupies. But the concept has been around much longer.

Hot, tight-bodied older women have always fueled younger menâ..s sexual fantasies since our fathers were our age. (Just watch 1967â..s The Graduate to see Dustin Hoffman seduced by pop-cultureâ..s first cougar.) But now that every â..The Viewâ.-watching wildcat is lusting after boy-toy ass, a new breed of sexed-up older ladies is upon us - and no man is safe.

  Hot Nerdy Girls

Because it's Friday, here's an awesome picture of Kristen Bell in a Slave Leia costume.


But there's more at the link.

Top 7 Girls That Can Help With Your Homework | My Chill Pill

  Head O State

Oh, guess what this is...


Head o' State: You love your candidate... Let him love you back!

With a golden color and firm, smooth feel, the Head O State will stand upright and last all night!

Won't this be embarassing if he doesn't get in? Heh.

  PG Porn

Apparently for those of you who love porn, but hate the sex parts. Checkout their website for a clip starring Nathan Fillion and Aria Giovanni.

Yes, it's SFW.

James Gunn explains:

YouTube - PG-PORN: James and Aria

Reminds me that I need to go buy some candy.


COED Magazine - Sexy Halloween Costume-less

My girlfriend tells me I've got lousy gaming reflexes.

Bad News: Scientists Find Gene That Makes You Good at Halo Also Makes You a Premature Ejaculator

After a study of 200 Dutch men, scientists found that those with a premature ejaculation problem all had a version of a gene that controls the release of serotonin. And, unfortunately for all of you awesome Call of Duty players out there, those affected seem to "have very quick reflexes. They may be excellent at playing tennis or computer games, for example." Oh, cruel fate!

Well, at least now you have an excuse, both for your lousy performance in the sack and your awesome performance on Xbox Live. The only problem is that now you can expect a whole new barrage of insults coming over your headset every time you take down an opponent.

  SFW Porn

Well, sort of.



SFW Porn - Featured Video on BuzzFeed

A 70â..s porn video doctored to be Safe For Workâ.¦somewhat. The video is to promote Dieselâ..s â..Dirty 30â. anniversary party which is being thrown in 17 cities around the world.

  The vibrator/shaver

For women (or men).

Mixing Business With Pleasure: A Vibrator and Shaver All-In-One

Shaving the "hair down there" is a very popular, grooming option for many. In fact, you can have a whole bunch of fun with it including coloring it, and stenciling it etc. if you're a busy woman however, you may want to consider this evolutionary gadget that gets the job done in more ways than one (lol).

  New Canadian Porn Channel

I never thought I'd be pleased about Can-con, but here's one notable exception. This could be a big break for fledgling Canadian pornographers.

Canadian porn channel may benefit society

Alberta-based Real Productions Inc. has won CRTC approval to launch Northern Peaks, billed as "Canada's first adult video channel offering significant Canadian adult content."

Of course, this being pornography, not everyone is happy. Social conservatives have pounced, with one organization labelling the CRTC's decision as "detrimental to Canadian culture," claiming that "many studies have shown the negative effects of pornography."

You know when you work in a coffee shop, and by the end of the day you think you'll scream if you see another cup of coffee?

Well, imagine your wife spending eight hours a day getting plowed by guys.

Details Blog on

While you toil away at a conventional job during the week, your wife spends eight hours a day getting plowed by guys with nicknames like Thug of Porn. There are the indelible mental images. There is the awkwardness of explaining to friends and colleaguesâ..let alone to your parentsâ..what she does. And then there's the fact that you don't even get to have sex with her all that oftenâ..intercourse is off-limits before a shoot, and afterward she's too tired and sore.

  You look like a cheater

Or do you? A recent study suggests you can't hide your sexual intentions.

Sexual Intentions May Be In The Face - Psych Central News

According to the study, men who were most open to casual sex were generally perceived as being more masculine-looking, with facial features that generally included squarer jaws, larger nose and smaller eyes. This finding confirms that women see masculine men as more likely to be unfaithful.

The research also showed that women who were open to short-term sexual relationships were usually seen by others as more attractive. These women tended to have wide eyes and large lips, and were usually viewed as more attractive by men.

Men generally prefer women who they perceive are open to short-term sexual relationships, while women are usually interested in men who appear to have potential to be long-term relationship material.

... or for regular people using glamour shots, or for people with webcams.

More like it's for people with seriously damaged egos. They have a height and weight listing for user profiles, but which are only ranges of heights and weights (i.e. people are 5'7"-5'11").

The weight system is even more baffling, since most of the guys are either 5 or 6kg. What does that even mean?

Only the beautiful people need apply

Like a gated community for hotties, is an elite Canadian club with "a strict ban on ugliness." Officially launching today, the controversial site -- versions of which have been introduced successfully in 15 other countries since 2002 -- is only open to men and women who are easy on the eyes, with members rating the photos of new applicants to determine their eligibility.

If you look like Charlize Theron, you're in. If you look like Charlize Theron in Monster, you're out.

Calling BeautifulPeople elitist but fair, the site's operators say they're "separating the hippos from the cheetahs" in the social networking jungle.

Ah, so that's why I never got the most girls.

That's it, I'm switching alignments.

Bad guys really do get the most girls - sex - 18 June 2008 - New Scientist

Nice guys knew it, now two studies have confirmed it: bad boys get the most girls. The finding may help explain why a nasty suite of antisocial personality traits known as the "dark triad" persists in the human population, despite their potentially grave cultural costs.

The traits are the self-obsession of narcissism; the impulsive, thrill-seeking and callous behaviour of psychopaths; and the deceitful and exploitative nature of Machiavellianism. At their extreme, these traits would be highly detrimental for life in traditional human societies. People with these personalities risk being shunned by others and shut out of relationships, leaving them without a mate, hungry and vulnerable to predators.

But being just slightly evil could have an upside: a prolific sex life, says Peter Jonason at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. "We have some evidence that the three traits are really the same thing and may represent a successful evolutionary strategy."

Oh god, does this mean I'm too big? I have to buy a small car?


The Authentic Women's Penis Size Preference Chart - Featured Image on BuzzFeed

Also check out the Actual Distribution of Male Penis Sizes graph.

  Age of Conan: FFF to AA

Oh noes! My avatar's breasts shrank! I'm cancelling my subscription!


Age of Conan: Gamer fury as breasts reduced - Telegraph

"Funcom did reduce the size of the breasts. There is almost no cleavage, just a flat area between them. And YES they do sag," a player called Krystal wrote.

Amid growing anger at the sudden change in the game, which was only launched last month, Funcom decided to act.

In a message posted on a gamers' forum, it said that the maximum breast size had been reduced in error during a programming alteration carried out to fix other bugs.

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