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  Der Schlangemann

Der Schlangemann is a seven-minute short film in pseudo-German made by Andreas Hansson and Bj�rn Renberg in Ume�, Sweden, 1998-2000.

LONDON (Reuters) - Two policemen have been suspended from duty after a newspaper reported they had been filmed enjoying the attentions of porn stars while they were supposed to be on patrol.

The News of the World reported on Sunday that the two policemen, aged 30 and 34, had been called to calm down a crowd who spotted a pornographic movie being filmed in a street in London's Soho district.

But the officers talked their way into the film crew's van and allowed the two female stars to perform a sex act on them, while the crew secretly rolled the cameras, the paper said.

A series of blogs used in a cross-linking strategy to boost the Google page ranking of three porn sites run by adult site operator CyberQuest was the unauthorized creation of an affiliate, the company said Wednesday.

CyberQuest owner Fade Saab told Wired News that he had, until Wednesday, been unaware of the blogging strategy. He also said that the effort -- in which dozens of cross-linked Blogspot blogs were set up to directly promote three CyberQuest porn sites -- was in fact the brainchild of a Vancouver, British Columbia, affiliate partner.

Saab said he has demanded that the affiliate immediately remove any links to the CyberQuest porn sites, as well as any images from those sites. He also said CyberQuest will likely attempt to reclaim any profits the affiliate gained from the use of the blogging strategy.,1367,64468,00.html

"Rick," a 20-year-old Krispy Kreme employee from Washington, says he has a serious problem: He masturbates.

He recently befriended several other Christian men who share his belief that masturbation is sinful, and together they've pledged not to "defile themselves" for 40 days -- the same amount of time the Bible says Satan tempted Jesus in the desert. They encourage each other to remain steadfast by e-mail and instant messages.

"I'm only a few days into it, but I'm really seeing how used to it that my body really is, and how I am addicted to it," Rick writes in a blog chronicling his quest. "As difficult as it is, I'm contending not only for myself, but the men that are on this fast with me, to be strong, and beat this addiction. Let's do it guys! We can be holy.",1284,63502,00.html

A Malawian court convicted a Catholic priest and a nun of disorderly conduct Thursday after they were caught engaged in a sexual act in a parked car with tinted windows.

The Malawian priest, 43, and the 26-year-old nun from neighboring Zambia spent the night in police cells after being caught in the act Wednesday, police said.

A court in the capital Lilongwe handed down suspended jail sentences of six months with hard labor after the pair pleaded guilty to charges of idleness and disorderly conduct.

Claiming some hotel workers are being urged by guests to do more than turn down the bedcovers, a Norwegian union wants X-rated pay-per-view programming turned off for good.

The Norwegian Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union, which represents most of Norway's 10,000 workers in the industry, says many of its female members have complained they're being propositioned by amorous guests aroused by what they order on television in their hotel rooms.

"Porn must be removed from pay TV because of our members, who regularly work alone, are being harassed," union leader Elin Jjunggren told state radio P4 on Monday.

The potting shed, the kitchen and the stairs are just some of the more unusual places the sex-hungry over-50s choose for their passion, it has been revealed.

A new study says most over-50s (54.9%) believe they are having the best sex of their lives.

And a fifth of all people over the age of 50 have sex two or three times a week, while 7% claim they make love four times a week or more.

The survey, commissioned by the chocolate bar company Complan Active, quizzed 8,000 people over 50 about their romantic habits.

A third of all those questioned confessed to having sex outside, a fifth said they made love in the car and 2% claimed to have joined the Mile High Club.

The U.S. Army has long lured recruits with the slogan "Be All You Can Be," but now soldiers and their families can receive plastic surgery, including breast enlargements, on the taxpayers' dime.

The New Yorker magazine reports in its July 26th edition that members of all four branches of the U.S. military can get face-lifts, breast enlargements, liposuction and nose jobs for free -- something the military says helps surgeons practice their skills.

A Toronto couple is seeking what is believed to be Canada's first same-sex divorce.

The women, known only as M.M. and J.H., tied the knot on June 18, 2003, a week after the Ontario Court of Appeal legalized same-sex marriage, but separated five days later.

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BT Group is blocking over 23,000 attempts each day to access child pornography Web sites, the company said on Tuesday, offering a rare glimpse of the extent of demand for such sites.

"We've been taken aback by the number of attempts," said spokesman Giles Deards, adding the rate at which the telecommunications company is stopping access has increased steadily as it continues to fine-tune its filtering software.

Many men feel there's something missing from their sex lives. And they are likely wholly unaware of some options they may have for improving their -- and perhaps their partners' -- time between the sheets.

Forget therapy. Forget sex toys or role playing. Build thee a foreskin, young -- or old -- man. Men who have been circumcised, who account for about 63 percent of the U.S. male population (the highest rate in the world), have been stripped of some significant sensory ability, say some groups that oppose circumcision.,1284,64254,00.html?tw=rss.TOP

A teenage couple, apparently having sex as they sped along a New Jersey road, are recovering from crash injuries and facing possible charges.

After their swerving Mitsubishi Mirage slammed into a utility pole near Vineland, injuring both teens, earlier this week, police said they found the driver, Carl Nunez, 18, naked from the waist down.

The passenger was identified as Nicole Dougherty, also 18. Her underwear was found on the passenger seat, police said. A beer bottle allegedly also was found in the car.

Police said neither was wearing a seat belt.

Nunez was initially cited for driving without insurance, TheSmokingGun Web site said.

Hollywood's biggest earning actress, Cameron Diaz, is hot under the collar over a soft porn video that has been leaked onto the Internet.

Lawyers for the furious Shrek star have sent a letter to the distributors demanding that they stop selling the tape.

The film was was shot before she became famous in 1992.

Diaz and photographer John Rutter have been locked in a legal battle since he allegedly asked the actress for a pay-off in return for keeping the leather fetish video under wraps.

It was a true clash of cultures. Stephen Nock, a gay man from London, assumed it would be a matter of routine to book a double room at a remote Scottish guest house for himself and his long-term partner.

But Tom Forrest, owner of the bed-and-breakfast accommodation in the Scottish Highlands, where a sometimes stern Presbyterian spirit remains strong, had other ideas. He would be happy to rent the couple a room with twin beds at the guest house in the village of Kinlochewe, "but we will not condone your perversion" with a double bed, he wrote in an e-mail, the Times newspaper said Wednesday. Angry at the response, Nock replied by suggesting that Forrest was bigoted. "Bigot? No. Respect for other guests," came the reply. "Homophobic? No, I have no hatred or fear of poofs, etc -- I just do not approve of unnatural acts being performed in my home." Nock in return asked the Scottish tourism board to remove the guesthouse from a list of recommended accommodation on its website, saying that the prejudice had "depressed" him, the report said. The tourism board asked the guest house owner to act differently, but he has refused to back down, saying he ran a "respectable" establishment. "I have had bent people coming to stay, but they have had a twin room and respect our wishes," Forrest was quoted as saying.

You can find the Bed and Breakfast on this page:

Transvestites and transsexuals at a private Thai college have been given their own restroom after being humiliated by classmates, a school administrator revealed.

Chiang Mai Technology College has designated a "pink lotus" bathroom for use by about 15 of its 1,500 students after the group encountered difficulties using male and female bathrooms. "We are not supporting them to become transvestites or gay, we merely wanted to solve their problems and make them happy when they are at college," Thodsaporn Promprakai, the assistant director for students affairs, told AFP.

A German sociologist Werner Habermehl says regular sex can help university students pass exams and get better grades.

Habermehl from the University of Hamburg said he and his team had tested students before and after sex.

They found that regular sexual activity significantly increased mental capability, but they found celibate students found it harder to make the grade.

A Danish IT company has given all its employees free subscriptions to internet pornography sites.

LL Media in Nordjylland introduced the idea to stop staff accessing adult material at work.

The company's director, Levi Nielsen, believes access to porn is a natural fringe benefit, like a free phone or a company car.

What would you give for a simple injection that would stop your lover from cheating?

Well, at least it works for meadow voles.

A single gene inserted into the brain can change promiscuous male rodents into faithful, monogamous partners, scientists said on Wednesday.

It may not be quite that simple to rein in human philanderers -- many genes as well as other factors are probably involved in relationships among people.

Women are significantly more likely to have sex during the fertile part of their monthly cycle, suggests new research.

"If you're a couple trying to get pregnant, that's great news. There's a hidden biological process working in your favour," says Allen Wilcox, a reproductive epidemiologist at the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Durham, North Carolina, and lead researcher of the study.

"If you are not trying to pregnant the news is not so good," he told New Scientist . The work indicates that having unprotected sex once is more likely to result in pregnancy than previously thought.

The underlying reason for the coincidence of intercourse and heightened fertility is not clear. Previous research suggests women feel sexier in the days before ovulation, which may increase their own libido or make them more attractive to their partners. And men have been found to be more attentive to their female partners around ovulation.

However, those studies did not determine whether these loving feelings actually resulted in more sex. And Wilcox's group have some evidence that sex may actually act as a trigger for ovulation, and not the other way around. "But that would need to be confirmed in a larger study," he says.

A policeman with a fetish for lady's handbags has been jailed for two and-a-half years in Germany.

Judges in Gera heard that the officer found handbags "irresistible" and got a sexual thrill from pinching them when he was on duty.

The 48-year-old policeman was accused of stealing more than 1,000 bags over the past six years and was sentenced on a specimen 15 charges of theft.

A "sexual fetish" was the driving force behind the crime, said prosecutors in the eastern German courtroom.

A day before the sentencing the policeman, who had been suspended from duty, admitted to the court that he was irresistibly attracted to women's handbags and their contents on account of an "abnormal sexual urge."

A court doctor confirmed that he had detected an advanced sexual disfunction in the defendant, but said that it couldn't be used to absolve the man's crime.

Porsche drivers are more likely to cheat on their wives than men who own other car brands, according to a German survey.

The survey of 2,253 men and women, commissioned by a one-off glossy publication, Men's Car, found 49% of male Porsche drivers admitted to adultery.

The rate for BMW drivers was 46% while 44% of Ford drivers admitted straying. The survey was conducted by the Gewis market research agency.

Among women, Audi drivers appeared most prone to adultery, at 41%, followed by BMW drivers at 39%.

Vauxhall drivers were the most faithful for both sexes.

A German couple who went to a fertility clinic after eight years of marriage have found out why they are still childless - they weren't having sex.

The University Clinic of Lubek said they had never heard of a case like it after examining the couple who went to see them last month for fertility tests.

Doctors subjected them to a series of examinations and found they were both apparently fertile, and should have had no trouble conceiving.

(In Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22, Doc Daneeka reminisces to Yossarian about his days in private practice, and he talks about a couple who once came to him because they were unable to conceive a child. Despite the couple's claims of regular sex, the doctor discovered upon examination that the wife was still a virgin. He used plastic models to demonstrate to the couple how to have sex the "correct" way, and a few days later the husband returned and punched him in the face.)

  No more crack

A legislator in Louisiana wants to make it illegal for people in Louisiana to wear low-slung pants that expose underwear -- or more.

The bill, sponsored by Democrat Derrick Shepherd, would make it a crime to wear clothing in public that "intentionally exposes undergarments or intentionally exposes any portion of the pubic hair, cleft of the buttocks or genitals."

In recent years many American young men have begun wearing belted jeans several sizes too big, exposing a sizable swath of their boxer shorts, as a fashion statement. Women too have been pushing the boundaries with increasingly lower hip-hugger jeans.

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