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P. Z. Myers blogs about his experience during an angiogram, while on drugs at the time.

Then someone else appeared on my right side and shaved my pubic hair. Not everything -- he left me a short wide rectangular patch for a landing strip that looked like Hitler's mustache...and then I noticed that Hitler had a very large nose and two big pink hairy eyeballs, and that kept me amused for about 10 minutes. I think that was my last lucid thought. (Well, it seemed lucid at the time.)

The Jawas came in. They might have been doctors, but they were all covered in robes and hoods and speaking animatedly in some language that wasn't Englisth -- it was very buzzy and abrupt. They didn't talk to me anyway, but sometimes told Phil things that he would translate for me. They descended on my right thigh and proceeded to build an airlock so they could crawl inside and party on my left ventricle. I tried to tell them that the Left Ventricle was not some trendy nightclub -- it's just a storage unit where I keep my Jesus-shaped hole -- but I think what came out of my mouth was a kind of mumbly moan in Ewok, and everone knows Jawas don't understand Ewok.

A fistful of stents : Pharyngula

She's no longer an X-tian.

Unfortunately, I think she still believes in Jebus. Ah well... baby steps.

In a dramatic series of Facebook posts, novelist Anne Rice declared that she is no longer a Christian.

Check it out: "I quit being a Christian. I'm out. In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life. In the name of ... Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen."

Anne Rice: 'I Quit Christianity' - GalleyCat

  Bad Universe Trailer

Finally, a good show about a bad universe. Starring everyone's favourite bad astronomer, Phil Plait.

YouTube - Bad Universe - Sneak Peek | New Series

Another excellent bit with Carl Sagan.

YouTube - Carl Sagan: Consider Again That Pale Blue Dot

I'm offended by this. Porn is so much better than god.

To an atheist, God is like porn. And as you might imagine, God is everywhere online. At times, God's e-presence becomes quite overwhelming to the individual who is attempting to live a God-free life.

Now atheists can live a pure godless life online. No longer will you be led astray by the Holy Spirit or the Dalia Lama while doing Internet searches. You can overcome. And we can help. Why not take the temptation away from your computer and block all-things God from showing up in your online searches?


But this is the best part:

Order today and we'll throw in our BlockBono device absolutely free.

Are you an atheist? Block God online today! | Jesus Needs New PR

Well, assuming Jesus did exist ...

Any evidence that Jesus was left to die after being nailed to a cross is strikingly sparse - both in the ancient pre-Christian and extra-Biblical literature as well as The Bible.

Mr Samuelsson, a committed Christian himself, admitted his claims are so close to the heart of his faith that it is easy to react emotionally instead of logically.

Mr Samuelsson said the actual execution texts do not describe how Christ was attached to the execution device.

He said: "This is the heart of the problem. The text of the passion narratives is not that exact and information loaded, as we Christians sometimes want it to be."

Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar - Telegraph

There's no God in the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance. At least, there wasn't any God reference prior to 1954. To illustrate, here is Porky Pig:

YouTube - No "under God" in Porkys Pledge of Allegiance

  Jesus as a Protohuman?

Maybe, but the more likely conclusion is that the Shroud of Turin is a fake. But we've known that for years now, right?

Although suspiciously tall, the total height and weight of the shroud figure are not abnormal. The dimensions of the head are. It has long been noted that the body is overly long relative to the head. Joe Nickell pointed this out in his 1998 Inquest into the shroud of Turin. The disparity is readily visible once one is aware of the incongruity. It has been less noted, however, that this is primarily because the head is too small in height as well as width--the cranium being quite narrow relative to its height--both in absolute terms, and even more so relative to the body.

That the shroud head is too small is visually obvious when it is compared to normally proportioned humans on the same scale. The dimensions of the small and narrow head of the shroud are about nine-tenths the male norm. This may not sound like much, but because of the square-cube law modest differences in dimensions result in big changes in volume, so the capacity of the cranium was at least 30 percent below expectations.

Secular Web Kiosk and Bookstore :: The Shroud of Turin: The Great Gothic Art Fraud -- Because If It's Real the Brain of Jesus Was the Size of a Protohuman's!

  James Randi vs. India

  Restore Joss Whedon

Yeah! Who the hell cares about Stephen Baldwin?

YouTube - Ignore Stephen Baldwin - Restore Joss Whedon

Or some other euphemism for being gay.

Well, here goes. I really resent the term, but I use it because it's recognized and accepted.

I'm gay.

From some seventy years of personal experience, I can tell you that there's not much "gay" about being homosexual. For the first twenty years of my life, I had to live in the shadows, in a culture that was -- at least outwardly -- totally hostile to any hint of that variation of life-style. At no time did I choose to adopt any protective coloration, though; my cultivation of an abundant beard was not at all a deception, but part of my costume as a conjuror.

Gradually, the general attitude that I'd perceived around me began to change, and presently I find that there has emerged a distinctly healthy acceptance of different social styles of living -- except, of course, in cultures that live in constant and abject fear of divine retribution for infractions found in the various Holy Books... In another two decades, I'm confident that young people will find themselves in a vastly improved atmosphere of acceptance.

How To Say It?

  Larry David on Religion

Agreed. Keep it to yourself, lest someone think you're crazy.

YouTube - larry david on religion

  Jim Jefferies On Religion

What? Jesus wasn't a tall white guy with western features? Good day sir! I said good day!

YouTube - Jim Jefferies On Religion Horrible Blasphemy Panda

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