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  Leader Camping

Just got back today. Ended up going to Elora instead of Algonquin. The neat thing about Elora is that it's less than a 1/2 hour drive from my place, so if something goes wrong, or we're not having fun, we just drive back to my place. It was cool. Not "camping" per se, but still sleeping outdoors and freezing your ass off at night.

Called a friend tonight, left a message. They never called back.


I know, I know. Still looks like I'm in a bunker with that stupid red light... Truth is, I can't find the other light bulb, and I'm too lazy to go out and buy a new one. Maybe I'll find something else tomorrow.

  Going camping!

Finally going to go camping! Leader's finally agreed to go somewhere on Friday, but it's unlikely we're going to get up to Algonquin Park this year. We almost decided to rent a yurt (just because of the name). What I would like to do is to rent a ranger's cabin for a week and take a bunch of friends up with me for some skiing and snowshoeing and such. That would be a real neat camping trip.

Well, I missed my turnoff to go to Cambridge, so I ended up going to Hamilton to search for the elusive Converse All-Stars. Note: I like to drive, so this wasn't as obsessive as it now seems. What kind of city is Hamilton anyway? What, did they think bi-directional streets were some kind of taboo? I got onto Main St, and was swept along at about 80km in six lanes of traffic. This makes me wonder about what kind of public works and city planning meetings (if any) take place over there...

"I think we can fit one more lane in that street. Let's just change the lane markers, and we can increase the number of cars by 15%."

"I don't like your thinking. It is my belief that we can fit in two more lanes."

In any case, I was able to track down a store which had one pair of All-Stars left. It wasn't my first pick in colour, but since they seemed to be the only place on the continent which still sold them, I figured I'd better pick up a pair. They also agreed to order a pair of those cewl black monochrome hi-tops in my size. If I can remember the name of the place, I'll post it.

  Need to take vacation

Need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation ... need to take vacation

A friend told me that you can't have enough weirdness in your life. I think this is his link, but I'm afraid to ask him... It's probably the funniest thing I've seen in a long time and it even has Colin Mockery in it.

I'm wondering what to do for a vacation... I really really need to take one, but haven't got any idea of what to do... I think I've got it narrowed down to a few hundred ideas, six of which are probably the most realistic:

  1. Hang in my parents' condo in Florida
  2. Sit in front of my computer for a week
  3. Visit N'Awlins for the Cinqo de Mayo
  4. Drive from one end of Yonge St to the other
  5. Drive to the east/west coast and see what's there
  6. See my brother in San Francisco

But I really don't know. Truth is I'm a little lazy. Also, there's something about going on vacation alone, which bothers me. CP and I used to always plan our vacations together, and now I just don't like the feeling of being by myself.

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