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Oh. Your. God.

I caught myself rewinding just to check the release date. Damn it! I have to wait until December?

YouTube - Tron Legacy Official Trailer 2 HD

  What Would Penis Do?

  Evolution made easy

Another awesome video from Thunderf00t.

YouTube - Evolution for IDiots (remix)

  Tim Burton's New Movie

  OMG, FOX remade 'Spaced'

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

YouTube - Federico Dordei - Spaced

From Topless Robot.

  Oh, there's my jetpack!

Ah, the future is strange indeed.

YouTube - Ray flys Martin Jetpack for a VIP

I always figured biathlon should be like this. You've got skiing and guns.

YouTube - 13 eme Rue Deadly Skiing commercial

  Don't mention Macbeth

  Just Look Around You

Math is really hard. I mean really.

YouTube - Look Around You - Playlist

  Mmmmm, Calamari

YouTube - Ackbar's Order

Also: Mmmmm, imitation crab meat.

YouTube - Admiral Ackbar Cereal

This was much more exciting than the actual Bill-O show.

YouTube - O'Reilly Exposed - What Jon Stewart really said at Fox-news

Here are some of the recent best.

Fallout 3:

Mirror's Edge:

Little Big Planet:

Duke Nukem Forever:

Batman Arkham Asylum:

Who knew Hitler was such a humanitarian? And a humanist?

YouTube - Hitler finds out christians are sending solar powered bibles to Haiti

  Bioshock 2 Looks Awesome

I may have to upgrade again, just so I can get this.

YouTube - Bioshock 2 launch trailer

And can kill aliens (well, predators).

Predator Mentos Commercial - CollegeHumor video

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