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Why Microsoft's Courier - their secret booklet device, of course.

Microsoft's Courier - Their secret booklet device â.¢ VideoSift: Online Video *Quality Control

  Spock in Pain

The man's a tiny little firestorm.

YouTube - James Randi the ADE651 aka Quadro Tracker

  Friday Boot to the Head

Classic Frantics - Last Will and Temperment

YouTube - The Frantics - Last Will and Temperment

  Japanese Robots Scare Me


But, at least she's not spinning leeks...

  Female Gamers Needed

Good analysis on how to get more female gamers into the mix.

YouTube - Video Games and the Female Audience

  Set Yourself Free

Makes the comparison between God and an abusive boyfriend.

YouTube - Set Yourself Free

  She and Her Cat

Cute little anime story. Worth a watch.

YouTube - She and Her Cat

  Teach the Controversy

Philosopher A.C. Grayling explains that teaching alternate theories of evolution are stupid counterproductive.

YouTube - RDF TV - "Teach the Controversy" - A.C. Grayling

Looks like he's going to do all three films! Awesome!

Attack of the Clones Review Trailer

  Phantom Menace Review

Awesome and surprisingly detailed 70 minute review of Phantom Menace. Also, killing hookers.

A little late in posting, but wait till you see what's coming next...

Phantom Menace Review

  Symphonies of Science

4 great videos from melodysheep. You can download them from

YouTube - Symphonies of Science

  Welcome to Black Mesa

I was looking at getting a Black Mesa coffee mug from ThinkGeek:


... when I stumbled across this awesome trailer for a Half-Life 2 mod. Get to revisit the Black Mesa research facility from the first Half-Life.

YouTube - Black Mesa Official Trailer

The sad part about this is that it wouldn't have been a problem in Canada. The criminal charges part. I know a few people who have eaten brownies and gone a little nuts.

YouTube - Great 911 phone call

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