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  The TV Show

The latest super fantastic Japanese thing to come out of a TV set.

YouTube - The TV show

Oh my god. Can't stop laughing.

It's apparently an exercise in dubbing random phrases to lip sync a video clip.

YouTube - Happy in Paraguay

This reminds me of my family when we lived in the 1950s.

YouTube - MST3K - A Date With Your Family

  Picasso's Guernica 3D

  This is an Orangina ad

Probably a little NSFW. Kind of fun and also disturbing to watch.

YouTube - Shake that ass - shake that Orangina


Epic. I wonder if they have paintball.

  Amazing Parkour Action

  Texas Bans All Marriage

  Time for a Coffee

I'm thinking Starbucks or something in a paper cup.


  Flintstones Garden Shears

Yikes. Where's the baby elephant vacuum cleaner?

YouTube - Piranha-bite test

  If Movies Had Cell Phones

People should really use their cell phones properly.

If All Movies Had Cell Phones - CollegeHumor video

  75/11/10 Never Forget

The anniversary of the Andrea Doria Gordon Lightfoot Edmund Fitzgerald disaster.

Here's what everyone else is showing today:

Watch out, or he'll put an indestructible bullet through your indestructible skull.

Man was this film crappy.

YouTube - I'm Canadian

Neat interpretation of short Lovecraft story.

YouTube - The Terrible Old Man

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