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  Trunk Monkey

A compilation of Trunk Monkey ads. Cool.

YouTube - Trunk Monkey Compilation

  Dr. Zaius

  Touched by an Atheist

Funny bit on MadTV with George Carlin.

YouTube - George Carlin on MAD TV - Touched by an Atheist

Interesting closure to the classic but cancelled series of my youth.

From Wikipedia:

Filmed August 29, 1999 "Message From Moonbase Alpha" was first shown at Space: 1999 Breakway Convention in Los Angeles, California on September 13, 1999 -- the day the events in episode 1 of the series were supposed to take place. "Message From Moonbase Alpha" is on the "SPACE: 1999 Bonus Disk" which is available in the US, Canada. "Message From Moonbase Alpha" is also available on a DVD bonus disc in France and in Italy. It is also on the UFO Space:1999 documentaries DVD produced by Fanderson.

The seven minute clip features only Zienia Merton reprising her role as Sandra Benes delivering a final message to Earth as the only crew member left while a massive exodus to a habitable planet takes place with the rest of the crew. This basically gave the series the finality it never had in its initial run.

YouTube - Space 1999 : Last transmission

Buddy, I think it's time I moved on.

Uncle Sam & 911 // Current

  Quantum of Solace trailer

It's the first I've heard of this. We'll miss you, Don.

The man did over 5000 movie trailers.

YouTube - Don LaFontaine: The Voice

This is a pretty cool shot-for-shot mashup of the Battlestar Galactica intro.

YouTube - Battlestar Galactica Intro / Star Trek DS9

  Star Trek does Dallas

  Star Trek A-Team mashup

I would watch this every day.

YouTube - Star Trek as The A-Team

  The Camp Counselors

Excellent way to get started on a camping trip.

YouTube - Upright Citizens Brigade - Camp Counselor

Oh great, now this is going to be in my head for days.

YouTube - Habanera

  Cool BMW motorcycle

I'm looking at buying a motorcycle for commuting to work in the summer. This terrific-looking replica BMW is for sale on Kijiji. And it's only $7k.

So what do you think? Should I get this?

YouTube - BMW R65-Replica of WW II Motorcycle with sidecar

  Requiem for a Borat

Very cool trailer mashup.

YouTube - Requiem for Borat (russian text)

  Awesome Star Wars film

No, not that terrible Clone Wars movie. This one was done by a guy from Windsor; episode VII of Star Wars, wherein a little Sith boy sets out to kill his gifted sister.

More pathos, better writing, and (strangely) better acting than in the first three prequels. It's the cutest little Star Wars spoof I've ever seen. Also, just a little more tragic than Revenge of the Sith.


The Clever Sheep: Last, but not Least

As a teacher in Windsor, Ontario, my brother Mark (brother number 4 by birth order), has always found ways to engage the power of media tools in the classroom. Whether leading his class to create unique 'graduation presentations', 'music videos', or 'schoolwide multimedia screenings', he has always sought to employ the most powerful apps available. One of the ways he builds upon his repertoire of rich projects, is to complete special assignments on his own.

Filmed using his children in lead roles, and edited on his Mac, Star Wars VII may be destined for cult status once the YouTube fans find it...

  It's the Benny Hinn show!

You've seen this before. But it's always funny.

YouTube - Benny Hinn: Yakety Sax

  Star Wars in SF

Awesome video (yes, video) of the Death Star and other Empire forces flying over San Francisco.


Death Star over San Francisco // Current

  Fallout 3 E3 2008 Trailer

Oh my god, why wasn't I notified about this? It looks excellent!

Fallout 3 E3 2008 Trailer

As a bonus video, here's a PSA for those of you looking for love in the vault:

You may remember Brian Sapient, who uploaded an excerpt from a documentary that critiqued Geller's performances and abilities (it was a clip from the Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson). In an attempt to stifle criticism, Geller claimed copyright infringement, and had the video removed.

EFF joined in the fray, and a little lawsuit took place.

Sapient and Explorologist Settle Lawsuit | Electronic Frontier Foundation

As part of the legal settlement, Explorologist has agreed to license the disputed footage under a non-commercial Creative Commons license, preempting future legal battles over the fair use of the material. A monetary settlement was also reached.

I'm including the video here for reference, and also because it's cool.

Well, no surprise there. Only surprise is just how racist Fox is...

YouTube - MSNBC Slams Fox News For Being Racists "Akin to KKK" 3/22

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