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  Ah Pook is here

A fascinating film based on the work of William S. Burroughs and Malcolm McNeill. I thought I'd posted this a while ago.

YouTube - Ah Pook

  Making McCain Exciting

The Cobert Report's been airing these for a while, green-screen remixes of McCain's speech loop, trying to make him seem a little more exciting.

These are some of the best entries so far:

YouTube - Making McCain Exciting

Update: Looks like something's seriously foobarred with YouTube's playlists. If you follow the link instead of using the embedded player, you'll get a page showing the ones I've picked out. The embedded player only shows the first one on the list, along with 15 "related" videos.

Saw this guy at Just for Laughs in Montreal last week. It was pretty fantastic. Plus, this guy could be the next Jack Sparrow if Johnny Depp were hit by a car or something.

YouTube - David Letterman - Russel Brand May-15-2008 -- {High Quality}

  John Stossel is no hero

But the other guy totally is.

YouTube - Stossel and Oil Heroes

Here's how to make a praying mantis.

YouTube - Spore Advanced Creature Creation

  The MySpace Intervention

Funny follow-up to the Internet Party video.

The best is when he gets RickRolled by YouSendIt and 4Chan.



Excerpt from the Jon Stewart show. Stick around until 5:00 where they discuss plaigerism.

"of to we" (sigh)

YouTube - ** Baracknophobia ** - Is it real???

  Old Labatt 50 Ads

A tribute to that classic Labatt beer. Would have been cool to find more of them in English, but frankly, I don't remember there being that many ads for 50. I guess it was more of a Quebec beer.

YouTube - Old Labatt 50 Ads

  Hula Hoop Man

Wow. This guy is awesome. And he looks like such a loser. Yes, I'm aware of the irony of that statement, given that he's in socks, spinning a hula hoop.

YouTube - Hula Hoop Man

Am I the only one who thinks that weird psycho cult leader Yisrayl "Buffalo Bill" Hawkins sounds exactly like loveable deceased comic actor Don Knotts?

You decide:

  Bad Tattoos

Oh, don't get me wrong; some of them are quite funny. But maybe that's not what the people had in mind when they had them done. Everything from corporate logos to animals with bellybutton anuses.

YouTube - Tattoos - Funny

  Futurama Preview

Coming to PS3, X360. Hope you don't get vertigo. - Mirror's Edge - SCEE PlayStation Day Trailer

Awesome "Hinterland Who's Who" spoof. You really need to have seend these when you were young to fully appreciate them.

YouTube - Spiders On Drugs

I remember seeing this ad at the tail-end of an international commercial festival. I believe it won as a PSA, or was a runner-up. It's heart-wrenching to see this poor woman suffer through her love life. But also very funny.

YouTube - Aides Commercial

Batman was everything: cowboy, samurai, ninja, ass-kicker. If only he was part ghost-pirate ... man, that would be really cool.

YouTube - Batman: Gotham Knight

Is this a real commercial, or just a spoof? You decide.

YouTube - Dungeons n Dragons commercial

It does appear to pitch a real product from Wizards of the Coast:

Overwhelmed? Just want to play? Learn the ins and outs of D&D and start playing right away with Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies. Book produced in partnership with Wizards of the Coast and written by D&D game designers!
  • Topics include:
  • Finding a game
  • Learning the rules
  • Choosing a character
  • Creating a character
  • D&D etiquette
  • Becoming a Dungeon Master...
  • and much more!

  Crazy Danish Reggae

... or at least that's how it was described to me in a link today. Fun song by Natasja Saad of Enur. She apparently died in a car accident in 2007.

YouTube - enur feat natasja - calabria 2007

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