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Very very cool. Makes me want to see the film again.

This was apparently a school project. The song is "Machine" by the Buddy Rich Band off the album Big Swing Face (1967).

YouTube - Star Wars vs. Saul Bass

A very cool list. I especially agree with getting the Maxx and Downtown on DVD. I would also add the Centurions to this list, as it was one of the only kid cartoon shows that featured science segments at the end of each episode:

Topless Robot - 10 Awesome But Obscure Cartoons that Desperately Need to be on DVD

Most of our treasured childhood cartoons were awful. Some people refuse to admit this. Youâ..ll see these people commenting on YouTube videos of Bravestarr or My Little Pony Tales or Tom and Jerry Kids, proclaiming them to be â..awes0me!!!â. and asking why the hell they donâ..t make good cartoons like this anymore. These people are insane.

There are, of course, genuinely good cartoons from our youth, and most of them are available on DVD at our local consumerist outlets. Yet a few series are left foundering in obscurity or in the hands of bootleggers whoâ..ll charge $80 for a season of M.A.S.K. Below, weâ profiled ten cartoon series of our youth (a lot of them involving the word â..Mightyâ.) that should be preserved in DVD box sets so we donâ..t have to rely on grainy YouTube and Google Video encodes. And no, M.A.S.K. isnâ..t one of them. Have you watched M.A.S.K. lately? Itâ..s crap.

I think he does that old handshake induction technique at the beginning.

YouTube - Derren Brown "voodoo"

Very cool, and if they come up with a multiplayer deathmatch version ... on the PC? Even cooler.

YouTube - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trailer

I can't imagine it being much of a deviation from his regular stuff. I wonder if there's any Kung Fu in it.

YouTube - CJ7 - Trailer (english subtitles)

  How to eat sushi

I'm having sushi for lunch today. Good to know these tips ... I started becoming skeptical at 2:28 where they explain what "Toro" was, and then even more so at 3:26, where they sterilize the "footwear", and then I was full-on laughing by 3:42: "This is 'gari' -- Nobody knows what it's made from."

YouTube - How to eat at a Sushi Bar

Dude tells it like it is.

YouTube - Henry Rollins - Evolution

I loved this ad. It made me feel like a chump when I threw bags of garbage out of my car window.

Check out the straight dope on him here.

YouTube - RETRO Anti-Pollution Ad with Native American - 1970s

  Space Food

Cool video segment on the production, packaging, and use of food on the international space station. All they have to do now is make it look appetizing.

YouTube - Space food

Nominated for an Academy Award. Some kid from Toronto gets an audio tape interview with John Lennon.

YouTube - I met the Walrus. Trailer

Parts 1-3. While we were in Cancun, they kept playing Bolero over the P.A. system during cocktail hours. I joked about the marching dinosaurs, but no one understood what I meant. So I mentioned the film, "Allegro Non Tropo," its premise (that it was an Italian knock-off of Fantasia), and how they used to play it all the time on First Choice/Superchannel when I was a kid.

They thought I was on drugs.

YouTube - Allegro Non Troppo Animation Exerpt by Bruno Bozzetto.

I like David Lynch, but here's something to consider... maybe the experience is lessened, but it does nothing either way to help people understand Lynch's films.

Your mission: put this on your cell phone and show it to people.

YouTube - David Lynch on iPhone

  jPod TV show promo spot

But where is Evil Mark?

YouTube - jPod

Neil Gaiman on Lovecraft. How many of you tried writing Lovecraftian short stories when you were a teen?

Cynical-C Blog - Neil Gaiman Discusses H. P. Lovecraft

  Cool Trailers, Part 1

Mostly of upcoming films. This is my first try at posting a YouTube playlist, so I thought I'd try putting together a show of some cool trailers.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Speed Racer (2008)

We Are the Strange (2007) - a weird and cool-looking feature film by M dot Strange

The Dark Knight (2008) Teaser

Astérix aux jeux olympiques (2008) Teaser

  Pixar's Wall-E Trailer

Looks excellent. Can't wait.

YouTube - Wall E

Yikes. What kind of crazy person does this?

YouTube - Christian Scare Tactics Invade Health Class

Brings back memories. Not good ones. Just memories.

YouTube - Channel 4 'Get set for digital'

  God's Cool Designs

  Daft Punk dancers

Nothing says sexy more than two chicks with aluminum foil boxes on their heads. No seriously.

Ah, classic SCTV comedy. Just in time for X-mas -- I mean Halloween.

YouTube - SCTV - Count Floyd's Scary Little Christmas Promo

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