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Netcosm is one of many technology projects underway in the NetQoS Performance Labs and is one example of research on advanced visualization techniques to make complex network performance data simple. The NetQoS Performance Labs is a leading-edge R&D center staffed by network and application performance experts. The groupâ..s mission is to bring these projects to fruition through research, documentation, prototypes, and Alpha releases. The team includes Ph.D.â..s renowned for their network performance management expertise.

You can see it here.

YouTube - Netcosm Network Monitoring Clip

  Dick Dale vs. the RIAA

Useful words of wisdom from guitar legend Dick Dale.

"And that's why the system hates Dick Dale."

YouTube - Dick Dale Interview

  Napoleon Bollymite?

  Rare Exports part 2

More fantastic video from Finland. At 4:56, it becomes brilliant.

YouTube - Rare Exports part 2

  Rare Exports part 1

Fantastic video from Finland.

YouTube - Rare Exports part 1

Nothing like disproving science by analogy.

YouTube - Peanut Butter, The Atheist's Nightmare!

  Mario Bros. Lego

Helllllo lawsuit....

YouTube - Indian Superman Part 2

The Dr. Who intro used to scare me as a little kid. Now the fans scare me.

YouTube - Making of the Doctor Who theme (full)

The most haunting music I've ever heard associated with MS Paint.

YouTube - Maburaho @ MS Paint

Cool stuff. Should have been left in.

Luke's Original Intro

Anchorhead/ Biggs's Return

Biggs and Luke

Great show....

Now closed... kind of a boring video too.

YouTube - Kent and Us - The Lost World of Dinosaur Adventure Land

  The Versatile iPhone...

  Super Bass-O-Matic 76

Heh. Nice lyrics.

  3 Simpsons movie trailers

Looks a little like they managed to cram every single episode into one film...

This is pretty cool, and weird....

YouTube - Beatboxing flute inspector gadget remix


More "Whaaa?" from the U.S. In this case, it's CNN's "discrimination against atheists" segment -- without any atheists present. Biggest bullshit segment I've ever seen.

Update: Put Debbie Schlussel's name this post somewhere so she can find the YouTube video of her on CNN.

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