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The scribes that penned this masterpiece are to be praised for their subtleness and quality.


via Topless Robot

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Neat video showing how one makes a stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars.

Found at Topless Robot. Check the comment thread out to see the discussion on the original helmet designs.

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Bill Bailey, during rehearsals for Sonisphere UK.

YouTube - â.ªBill Bailey's message to Metallicaâ.¬â.

  Cookie Monster Rocks

Your Friday Cookie Monster, folks.

YouTube - Cookie Monster Metal

  Wishery (Disney Remix)

Remix of Snow White by Pogo (or Fagottron, that unfortunate YouTube account name).

YouTube - Wishery (Disney Remix)

  Mitchell and Webb - Art

I wish I had an art teacher like this.

YouTube - Mitchell and Webb Situation

  Cowboys and Aliens

So this is kinda awesome. Came in right under the radar.

Topless Robot - The Cowboys and Aliens Trailer Features Both Cowboys and Aliens

Check out this trailer for L. A. Noire. All the footage is pulled from in-game action.

YouTube - LA Noire First Trailer [HD]

  Selling "Psychic" Stones

I'm kicking myself for not getting in on this racket.

YouTube - The Real Hustle Undercover - Psychic Stones

This looks pretty awesome. Pretty damn awesome.

YouTube - TRON LEGACY - Official Trailer #3

Michael Shermer talks about skepticism, pareidolia, hidden lyrics in Led Zeppelin songs, and Katie Melua's cute nerdiness.

Michael Shermer on strange beliefs | Video on

  Superman II Ending

Isn't this how it ended? My memory's pretty fuzzy. It's been a while since I saw this film.

YouTube - Superman II Recut Ending

Insane Clown Possee's new syrupy video paves the way for their transformation to an X-tian cult.

The Posse is about to transform into a Christian cult.

Seriously, if you take the curse words out of the video and wipe that ridiculous clown makeup off the jackasses rapping, these dudes could make a (second) mint off touring the mega-church circuit with this song. But they don't need to, because they've got a big enough audience of incredibly and inexplicably devout followers start their own mega-church -- which is precisely what they plan to do.

That's right, we're calling it. Let the conspiracy-theorizing start here: ICP is turning their marketing savvy and army of dedicated followers into the next big Christian cult. Step aside Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons -- the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Clown is on the rise.

Moving Pictures: Is "Miracles" paving the way for ICP's full-blown Christian cult? - Denver Music - Backbeat

This book can be useful for so many people.

YouTube - Amazon Book Reviews The Secret

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