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I don't rightly know what this was supposed to translate to, but I'll assume it was some kind of fan mail...

"You should drive rear Matze,
with the parts really only occasionally on the runway.... The sugar dad, he is trace-more stable and faster is stop ' ne whole corner more rigidly than the Stomp. Carving? What is....? With the radius (approx. 40 m) you will not want to really try it, or? There you lie again with the Stomp richtig(er). There nevertheless at least a certain Taillierung suggests itself. Sugar dad is probably not for it in the area (nearly) to toppen... and with all conditions, in the Pipe however to forget (again much too rigidly). But stop of the Stomp is made, which does not go off so correctly for it in the area (however only in the direct comparison!). Actually you must only know, what exactly you want. Both does not go to stop (unfortunately).
Bye, Guido"

Nothing like a nonsense post now and then. Actually, this was some kind of letter to a German ski website, which had "zuckervati" in it several times. I tried to make sense by running it through the Altavista translator, but, as you can see, it doesn't work well with jargon.


  Spam the spammer

Got spam today, from a spam filtering company. Weird. Ironically, it somehow slipped past all the spam filtering software we already have...

"Dear Mr. Zuckervati,

The Spam epidemic has gotten out of control, and MailWise, LLC is doing something about it.

To fight this problem, MailWise, LLC has released MailWise Filter, a service that works with any E-Mail system. This solution requires no hardware or software to provide Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Content Filtering for your entire E-Mail system. Proven to stop 99% of Spam before it reaches your organization, it can improve Internet response times and allow more bandwidth to be used for your business.

Please plan to join us for our free Webinars entitled: "I Know Spam When I See It" to be held in January on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00pm EST (9:00am PST) and again at 3:00pm EST (12:00pm PST). The Webinar will discuss the recent trends of Spammers and how to combat them, as well as give and overview of products designed to help eliminate Spam from your company. To register, please visit [URL REMOVED]

At MailWise, we take your email privacy seriously. If you would rather not receive any more invitations from MailWise, please reply to this email and asked to be removed from future announcements."

  Nosey Poll People

Wondering where I was the past couple of days? Did some werk on the website, including putting in a new web poll. This time, the question of the day is "What is the worst family sitom?" and there are some pretty bad ones on the list, let me tell you.

The other poll turned out to be no contest. The winner for "Favourite Erogenous Zones" was "the Nose" with 36 votes, or 56%. Some interesting people out there....

Corporal Punishment sent these my way. Just another reminder of what this world's coming to. It's all about the kooky Japanese Pop Culture tunes. And what's all this about Colin Mochrie?

A wee little kitty singing about love:

Not sure what the hell this is:

  HUZZAH! World Cup!

I'm not much of a soccer fan, but I know you are!

  Dancing legos of death

Here's a couple of really great sites from Corporal Punishment!

My favourite is where the guy is being forced to dig his own grave:

Here is Paul. Make him dance. Who is Paul? Who cares?

  Disaster Prone Guy

Heh. Friend sent me this link. Remember the so-called "unfortunate tourist" who got in a snapshot just before the World Trade Center disaster? No? Well then, here's the link:

  All your Smurf...

Heh. Really great link. Check it out.

Hey check out this interesting link:

Actually, the above link is a so-called "deep-link" to an article in, a site owned by the Belo media corporation -- currently locked in a battle with Avi Adelman, an individual who linked to the article and not the site's main page. Checkout the Wired article here.

Fight the power.

  Jack Prick

As you may or may not know, I, along with millions of others, am horribly embarrassed and disgusted by the shoddy works of Jack T. Chick. Recently, I have come across a delightful parody of this insane motherfucker person and all the weirdness he stands for.

Now it's no secret that I am not an X-tian, but I'd like to point out that I believe everyone's religion is their own, and is as valid as anyone else's, but I have to draw the line when it comes to defaming other religions, creeds, races, and sexual preferences. I want to commend these stong souls on their work, and wish them well on all their future works. Check out their body of werk here at

  Happy Pervert Personals!


It's funny 'cause it's true.... My favourite is the "BEEFY BUTCHER MAN". Check out these Happy Pervert Personals!

  Six Beer Theory

Heh, pretty good link here, the scientific study of the difference between straight and gay men. The Six Beer Theory is an interesting alternative to some of the more conventional theories of nature versus nurture.

  Hello Pussy

Well, I think I've seen almost everything now -- everything to do with Hello Kitty, that is. Saw this little gem advertised in the Onion. I thought the pinnacle of pop-culture domination was the Hello Kitty minivan, but this one takes the cake.


See it here.

  Mod Movies

Aaahhhh! Had to get in a quick post before midnight! Bought "Quadrophenia" on DVD today, and it had a list of "Mod" movies of the Sixties, including "Beat Girl" (1960), "Blow-Up" (1966), and "A Hard Days Night" (1964). It had a great link to Check it out!

  Killer New Cell Phone

Had to replace the antenna on my cell phone. It was pretty expensive, and I feared it might just be cheaper to buy a new phone. With all the advances in cell technology -- all the different options available -- there are so many choices for one who's looking.

This model looked pretty nice:


  Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto is a tool. A Micro$oft whore. His appearance in a recent Windows XP advertisement only furthers this statement. Discuss.


A friend sent me this guy's page. He rules.

I haven't laughed so hard since Tim Robbins died in "Mission to Mars".

  Fan Mail

Got some fan mail today! HUZZAH! Kind of unusual to get fan mail, especially since no one ever comes to this site, but pretty neat anyhow.

So what is it with online journals anyway?

  1. Why do so many people out there have online journals or "blogs"? Do they think that everyone cares what they're thinking or feeling? Do they think that they are somehow influencing or directing culture by their reviews, opinions or rants?

  2. Why do they say things that they would never tell their closest friends? What is that all about? Personal thoughts, stuff that would never be told in close quarters is now broadcast to millions of
    people like a radio interview.

OK sure. Handle, this is Pot here. Dude, you're black.

All I know is it's a strange phenomena, and it's getting really popular. Not sure what else to say. Can't tell you why other people do it, but I can observe others (and myself) and talk about what I do see.... It's another way to communicate, like art or music, or poetry. We've got another medium in which to release our thoughts or feelings. Journals, like fiction, can be spontaneous, introspective, or even completely overdone -- so far removed from truth as to make it fantastic.

No doubt that, in some cases, online journals are there to give the person more life than they have -- an attempt to make them more popular; make them larger than life. That's my goal, at least.

This came out of a discussion with a friend tonight -- about how everyone and their cat has a "blog". Luckily my cats don't speak any English, so they can't put anything on paper. Lucky for me. These guys have seen some pretty weird stuff.

I thought I might try something different with my site. Been thinking about adding a news feed or something to it.

Does this make me a sell out? I don't know... it's not like I see any money coming from this. I know I should really ditch all this extra crap, but it's the Internet, for crying out loud...

Just so you know, even I don't use this page as a start page.


I need to get a softer light in here. These compact fluorescents are not kind to my image.

  Polling for Dollars

I'm thinking of putting a web poll on my site, but now that I'm working on it, I can't think of anything to ask. There's nothing I want to know about any of you (heh). But is that what a web poll is all about? Aren't these things for you, the surfer? Don't you want to know what others think about when they're online? Don't you want to see the opinions of others when they fill out the poll on Zuckervati's site?

Then perhaps the poll shouldn't be for me. I am merely the ringmaster, and you are the teeming millions who have come to my circus for some entertainment, and you are the ones who want, nay, crave, the interactiveness of this place. You want the visceral experience, the smell of the popcorn and animals, the roar of the crowd, and the dim lighting, punctuated by the bursts of flame and smoke.

Well then, if that's what you desire, then I am obliged to get this poll online. I am your servant. Thank you.

  Revisionist Approach

Cripes! I'm running out of paint! I've taken to repainting some of my old and unwanted boards, sort of a revisionist approach to the Zuckervati art history course: "No, that painting never existed... instead, have a look at this lovely new one painted just this year..."

Actually, it's not that bad, but I've been trying to paint whenever I watch TV. Of course, this is a good indicator of how much I've been painting. Really. I even have my own .tv domain: (note: I no longer have this domain)

I don't know why I picked this domain up, but now I have it. I'm still not quite sure what to do with the darn thing, except maybe have some kind of TV Guide listings and some kind of modern commentary on the state of television in the post-modern pop-culture world. Maybe I'll just make it a link to

Updated the Missing Links! page with some new and interesting articles. If I were you, I'd want to check them out. Also re-did the ASCII pR0n page, but you should find it on your own. Now you can actually see the characters, making it more of an item.

Tried to get some sleep in earlier this evening, but with the windows open and the breeze coming in, me knees kept getting cold. That's got to be one of the worst feelings: to be continuously yanked out of sleep with some kind of disturbance or irritation.

I received a newsletter from, this online "virtual community", which seems like just a complete joke. The interface is crappy, the movement choppy at best, and the world mostly empty, with the occasional shoddy structure. I have the weird feeling that someday you'll be able to completely immerse yourself in a world like this, and I'll be this crotchety old man, saying: "Back in my day, Virtual Worlds were totally crappy, unless you were playing some kinda third-person shooter, like Unreal Tournament III, or Quake 6."

Hee hee hee (I try to regain control while wiping away tears of laughter)...

As someone who is constantly plagued by ICQ spammers and weirdoes I have to share this with you... Lowtax from does these great pranks on ICQ spammers, and I was doubled-over, clutching my kidneys in laughter... The cats think I've lost it.

I fully understand the dangers of playing jokes like this, so I am reluctant to do it (for very long). However, when people keep inundating you with requests to be their Mistress, some things need to be done. Mistress, you ask? Long story there, but people are quaint when they're unsure of your gender on the internet, like that makes a difference.

I'm all for spreading rumours and hoaxes on the internet (my hobby is trying to debunk stupid hoaxes, while my other hobby is starting hoaxes), but I try to stop before someone calls it "mail fraud". That's where I draw the line. I would never be so "Capital-E" evil to take advantage of some poor sap on the net, and steal their money. Take, for example, the odd case of leukemia-victim, Kaycee Nicole, whose mother lost her job caring for her stricken daughter. Turns out it was just a hoax, and a friend tuned me into the news story.

  "Missing Links!" Page

Added an Missing Links! page for those with unnecessary time on their hands and who like to read internet news articles. I try to post those articles that interest me personally, and which are unusual -- those articles which might not be easily found by the casual surfer. Have a look; if you're not interested, don't go there again. Simple.

Everything is working properly on this end. Let's hope it stays that way for a little while. DNS, ShoutCast, website, even ICQ seems to be working. Added a couple of sweet little Leader Station ID tracks to the playlist, so they'll come along occasionally. Discovered a neat little app, Acid Music, so now I can pretend I'm a real music arranger. Hee hee.

Ecogrrl sent a neat link to this company which designs chat, IRQ, and avatar software. You can even create yourself as an avatar. Makes me think about creating an avatar page, specially for all the avatars I collect off the web. Check out the latest "Me".


  Goofing on website

Well this seems to be going rather well. Just getting this page put together.
Did some tweaking on a few site images, and got some colors picked.


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